Famous horseshoe mustache. No Shave November 12 and Our Boys Beards Are Now History

Dallas can’t wait to shave his off (although he’s going to let it stick around for another two weeks), and JP wore his until the end as a show of support for his uncle, who is a prostate cancer survivor. Mustache and soul patch combo.

Earlier in the month we reported the story of our two AMS Vans heroes who participated in “Noshember”—the month-long, ‘stache-sprouting event (See: “ No Shave November: AMS Vans Faces a ‘Hairy’ Month “) to raise awareness of prostate cancer and encourage all men to live healthy lifestyles, which includes getting regular prostate exams.

And now with November coming to a close, you can see in the results below that Dallas Crum went above and beyond with a beauty of a beard-and-moustache combo:

…while JP Jackson sported a moustache and soul patch in honor of his uncle’s battle with prostate cancer:

Movember moustache styles

Funny thing about JP’s chosen facial-hair fashion. We asked him if he knew its official name, and he said, “Fu Manchu.” Wrong. Fortunately, JP knows wheelchair vans far better than he knows his mustache styles…

It took us a while to discover the official name of the Fu Manchu/soul patch combo; we started with the home page of the World Beard & Moustache Championships, which didn’t show it as a standard style. Eventually, we came across the chart below, and there it was, à la Frank Zappa:

For those of you unfamiliar with Zappa, he was an offbeat, iconic American composer, singer-songwriter, guitarist, recording engineer, record producer and film director who named his kids Dweezil and Moon Unit. Zappa was huge in the ’60s and ’70s, and he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995.

How to grow long moustache

JP was surprised to hear his ‘stache/soul patch combo was officially the “Zappa,” and we were all amazed at the irony–Frank Zappa passed away in 1993 from prostate cancer.

Both men say they’ll not only participate again next year, but they’re committed to recruiting other AMS Vans employees, (both men and women, who refrain from shaving their legs and underarms) for the November event.

We invite you all to join us during next year’s Movember/Noshember to spread the word about prostate cancer and its prevention. Meanwhile, ladies, does this sound like the excuse you’ve been looking for to quit shaving your legs, even though it only lasts a month, or are you shuddering at the thought?

How to shape up your mustache

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