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Posted by AJ's Elixirs on 25th Sep 2015 Well groomed moustache.

Most know that we are proudly immersed within the amazing beard community. This is a community of amazing men and women, facial hair fanatics, who band together in pursuit of hirsute happiness and bestowing greater good upon their fellow mankind. The community is extremely close knit, and regularly support each other while bringing a world of philanthropic good to their fellow man/womankind. With this, comes beard competitions. They are eagerly anticipated events where men and women compete to see who has the best looking, most well groomed, or wildest styled moustache or beard.

We were recently made aware of a blog post by Lily Butler over at Studio@Gawker on Kinja. Seemingly, Hanes was sponsoring an online beard competition in an effort to promote their new Hanes X-Temp line of clothing. The winner will represent their groomed beard, or styled moustache on stage in New York at the National Beard and Moustache Competition. Always being one to join in anything fun and worthy, one of our Founders, Aaron Leff, dropped his name in the hat. He was selected by the Hanes and Gawker staff to compete in an online bracket-style competition a la March Madness. If he clears the brackets, he will have the opportunity to compete on the National stage in Brooklyn, New York.

How to draw a moustache on your face

Below is an excerpt from the blog post. Jump through the following link for the full story, and to follow along and vote for Aaron.

"Do strangers stop you on the street and ask to stroke your beard? Does your signature moustache get double-takes everywhere it goes? Does your beard have a name? A birthday? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the opportunity your facial hair has been waiting for. No, it’s not a calendar featuring twelve different beard styles, I’m talking about a full on Facial Hair Face-Off. It’s time to put your moustache where your mouth is. Because if it’s somewhere else, it’s probably not a moustache.

Men with mustaches

If the invaluable prize of beard bragging rights doesn’t entice you, the chance to rub moustaches with the nation’s most inspiring facial hair probably will. Yes, I’m referring to the most anticipated event of the beard season: the prestigious National Beard and Moustache Championships presented by Hanes X-Temp™ technology. On November 7, the Facial Hair Face-Off champion will get to mix and mingle with elite beards and incredibly styled moustaches as they compete for national glory at the historic King’s Theater in Brooklyn. Did you hear that? It’s your beard begging to see its facial hair heroes in action."

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How would i look with a mustache

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