Man hair mustache. 3 Reasons You Should Grow a Handlebar Mustache

Dear reader, I have a confession to make. I have a handlebar mustache. I’ve had one casually off and on throughout the past few years but I would only keep it for about a month or so before chickening out and clipping off the ends. I just wasn’t ready yet. Only recently did I decide to really commit to growing “a hirsute appendage of the upper lip, with graspable extremities”, in the words of The Handlebar Club (Which is, in fact, a real organization ). I am not quite sure what spurred my decision on except for maybe noticing a few more men sporting the ‘stache throughout my facial-hair-friendly city of Austin, TX. Perhaps I was afraid of growing one and being alone in the universe with my cultivated curl. Whatever the cause, I one day looked in the mirror and said to my mustache, “Let’s do this.” How to grow curly moustache.

It may be a bit of a stretch to call this a life-changing decision, but having a handlebar mustache has certainly affected my day-to-day routine in unexpected ways. Some of these ways, unfortunately, have been negative. The handlebar mustache is viewed with some disdain by society because it is often associated with the vaguely defined “ hipster culture.” The word “hipster” has never had a concrete definition but if you ask almost anyone to describe the visual appearance of a hipster, the handlebar mustache will usually be cited. Comedian Marc Maron once wrote, “I have no patience for contemporary handlebar mustaches. They anger me. They look indulgent and ridiculous. If you have a handlebar mustache, that is pretty much all you are. You are a delivery system for a handlebar mustache.”

So there are times when I have walked into a room and felt slightly judged for having this on my face. If you decide to grow one, you have to be prepared for a bit of resistance from some of the people you come in contact with. You may also start fearing that people are making fun of you behind your back. And yet, I absolutely believe that the positives outweigh the negatives. If you want to grow one and your face is capable, absolutely do it. Life is too short to not pursue your interests. But if you’re on the fence, let me clue you in on some of the benefits.


Do you think your nose is too big? Are your cheeks wrinkling at speeds you’re uncomfortable with? Is there a weird-looking mole on your forehead that you should consult a doctor about? Well, if you grow a handlebar mustache, you can distract attention away from whatever makes you wince. People’s eyes will naturally be drawn towards your curly mustache because it will be the most stylish thing on your face. It can even serve as a natural conversation starter when you meet new people because you will be asked “So how long did that take to grow” instead of “So what do you do for a living”.

Sure, this is a pretty vain reason to grow a handlebar but if I am being completely honest, so much of my self-esteem is tied to my visual appearance. I am sure it is probably the same for you too, unless you are blessed with the gift of absolute contentment. This is definitely an embarrassing thing to admit but when I am displeased with the way I look on a particular day, that entire day will feel “off”. Since growing this mustache, however, bad hair days or oily skin days are a thing of the past. Sure, I still comb my hair and look presentable, but merely as a formality now. Okay, just kidding on that last part. I still take pride in my personal appearance but I no longer fret about it for fear of being judged on something I can’t control.


You are the auteur of your mustache and you get final cut (except don’t cut it). To my eyes, a truly beautiful handlebar mustache can hang in a museum. They contain an inherent elegance. The length of the ends, the shape of the curl, the thickness of the hair. Do you brush all the hairs out to opposite ends or do you let some hair hang over your upper lip? Do you keep the curl big and wide or do you twist it tightly so that it’s small and subtle? There are endless ways to shape, grow, and maintain your mustache and, like jazz, there is always room for experimentation. In fact, I would argue that trying out different looks is essential to getting it just the way you want it. For me, it took months to get it into a shape that I was happy with and, during that time, I felt like I had a new mustache every day. It kept things lively and slightly dangerous, as I wasn’t quite sure what the response would be from people once they realized what I was doing. But we all need a little danger in our lives.

The only thing to be aware of is that it will be very easy to get too caught up in what your mustache looks like. Any time you walk past a reflective surface, you should fight the urge to look at your reflection and search for imperfections. Oh no! There are some hairs out of place! Egads! The ends are slightly lopsided! This is a trap. If you try to be too meticulous with it, you will end up standing in front of the mirror waxing and twisting for hours. You’ll also be tempted to fix it throughout the day, perhaps carrying a tin of wax with you in your pocket. I kindly urge you to not do this. Let the mustache do what it wants throughout the day. It will look better and it will feel better. Do not let the mustache control you. You control it.


“Jeremy,” I hear you say. “Why are you encouraging people to grow handlebar mustaches if one of the perks is that they make one distinctive? If everyone had them, that would go away.”

My response is that all mustaches look different because everyone’s face is different. Everyone’s hair (Or lack of hair) is unique even though styles will sometimes overlap. It is certainly the same with mustaches and beards. Even if you grew a more commonplace mustache, it will still have your own naturally unique spin on it. But with a handlebar, you can really add some personality to your overall facial aesthetic. The curls can change the feeling of your face in any way that you want. You can adjust it so that you look a bit mysterious, with your eyes poking out from behind the curls. You can have a more surreal flavor, by going full-on Salvador Dali and growing out the ends so long that they reach up and over your head. Or you can go in a direction that nobody has ever gone before. A handlebar mustache makes the world your oyster.

Another interesting thing about handlebar mustaches is that there are very, very few living famous people who have one. The only person who comes to mind is the baseball player Rollie Fingers, who could hardly be considered a household name. There is also comedian John Hodgman, but his mustache comes and goes. Probably the biggest recent inspiration for a new generation of handlebar growers is Daniel Day-Lewis’ portrayal of Bill the Butcher. While this was, indeed, an actual person, Day-Lewis only had the mustache while playing the character so it probably does not count. What this means is that if you choose to grow this mustache, there will not be any celebrities who you will be constantly compared to.

Or you could go with the pencil-thin mustache, which are pretty much synonymous with both Little Richard and John Waters. The choice is yours.

I know I spend a lot of time raging against the beauty machine, but it’s not all bad. With the rise of male specific skincare and cosmetics, guys have discovered that taking a little extra care of themselves can be nice. That said, there are things that are worth trying and things to avoid.

Some things worth trying:

Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells from the top-most layer of your skin. It makes your skin look fresh, and can help prevent zits and in grown hairs, especially if you exfoliate before shaving. You can exfoliate by scrubbing, like using an exfoliating cleanser or a washcloth, or a chemical exfoliant like a low-dose alpha-hydroxy acid lotion. Exfoliating too much will piss off your skin, so remember that less is more. (Those plastic microbeads are horrible for the earth, so avoid those too.)

Chemical exfoliants work better to prevent ingrown hairs from shaving if you use them regularly, but not immediately before or after you shave unless you want to feel like your face is on fire. Also, they make your skin more sun sensitive. Yes it sounds annoying, but for some it’s their anti-acne holy grail.

As far as exfoliators go, it’s best to get one with natural seeds to remove the dead skin cells, for plenty of reasons. One, you don’t want to kill our planet. Two, they’re more gentle on your skin, which is a good thing. St. Ives Natural Apricot Scrub and Blemish Control is bomb, and has a great price, too. Plus it can be found at most drugstores.

Another option for exfoliating is getting a facial toner. Facial toners are helpful for people with oily or acne-prone skin, as they remove excess dirt and oil. A lot of toners contain strong chemicals, which again sounds scary, but it can actually be good for acne. You can buy your very basic Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel, which is at most drugstores, or you can spend just a little more and get Pixie’s Glow Tonic, which is like, the Jack Daniels of facial toner.

Unless you live somewhere with prolonged periods of darkness like a never-ending LAN party, you could benefit from a moisturizer with sunscreen. It’s a one-step way to moisturize your face and protect against sun damage. Considering the prevalence of skin cancer in every race, age group, and gender, a bit of daily sunscreen will do you good.

Moisturizing makes your skin more resilient to damage and feel less tight and itchy. It can also prevent the over production of face grease and make you look more dewy and less hungover.

Thick moustache

Moisturizers with sunscreen are relatively inexpensive (no need to pay more than $15) and easy to use, so you might as well do it. Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer has SPF 15 and will actually make your skin look, uh, radiant. This isn’t one of those bullshit buys, Aveeno knows what they’re doing. Plus it’s less than $10. Win.

If you have oily skin you may want to avoid super thick moisturizers. Unfortunately, SPF is kind of a thick substance that doesn’t exactly make you look less shiny, but Clinique’s Superdefense Daily Defense Moisturizer with SPF 20 is perfect for oily skin types, and will also protect your skin from that giant ball of fire in the sky. While it’s a little more costly than the drugstore options, you’ll see that you really get what you pay for with this product.

No. Not that kind of facial. The kind you pay an esthetician for.

Sometimes you want to look really good for an event: your wedding, your enemy’s funeral, accepting your Nobel Prize, whatever. Getting a facial makes your skin look awesome by removing dead skin cells and the face gunk in your pores, and adding moisture.

You could do this at home, but it’s a pain, and you’ll probably mess up your face. When a professional handles it, you get to relax in a dimly light room for 30+ minutes listening to whale song or Enya. You can turn off your phone and just bliss out while someone else grooms you.

Keep in mind that face gunk removal (extraction) may leave red marks, so either ask the esthetician not do it or get your facial about week before your big day. The effects of a facial aren’t permanent, but it’s worth it once in a while.

So if you feel up for calling your local spa and penciling in a facial, go for it. But for those of you who want to have what the ladies call a “spa day”, here are some products that you can lather on your face in the privacy of your own home.

Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque is a gift sent by the gods to make us nicer to look at. Kiehls can be a bit more pricey, but this is another case where you really do get what you pay for. This stuff cleans your pores gently, and you get to leave it on and look like a green lake monster for fifteen minutes. What more can you really ask for?

If you’re looking for something a little less expensive, Garnier’s Skin Renew Clinical Dark Spot Overnight Peel is rad because it’s not too expensive and you can leave it on overnight so it takes little to no effort. You’ll wake up feeling prettier (manlier) in no time.

Lady skin care practices can be rad, but a lot are bullshit, and companies are trying to sell that bullshit to men too. Here are some things to avoid.

You’d think with all the claims manufactures make about wrinkle creams that there would be evidence to back it up. Well, kind of.

Manufacturer studies are like skewed poll questions, choosing very specific contexts to get the answers they want. For example, comparing the use of their product to using nothing, which proves that their cream is literally better than nothing, but that’s not how they market it.

They package a couple tablespoons of moisturizer and buzzwords in a chic looking bottle, give it a luxurious scent, make their “proven” claims, and charge $60 or much more. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll put some on and feel fancy AF, but it’s not substantially different from regular moisturizer. It’s a waste of money, and you and your face will continue to age because that’s how shit works.

But if you still feel like your face really needs some youthfulness, maybe try Estee Lauder’s Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-aging Creme. It’s not too terribly expensive (as far as anti-aging treatments go) and you’ll feel better knowing it’s in a gold bottle.

Do you know who can make a supplement?

Do you know who is responsible for the safety and effectiveness of supplements?

The FDA monitors supplements and prohibits the inclusion of known dangerous substances, but they often rely on consumer reporting. Supplements don’t go through the rigorous process of testing like drugs, and we often find out about dangers after they’re on the market. Remember Hydroxycut? Weight loss with a side of liver damage?

As for effectiveness, manufacturers can say things like “promotes clear skin” or “supports skin health” because when correctly worded they don’t need solid evidence to back up their claims.

How to cut moustache

That’s not to say supplements don’t do anything. Supplements can negatively interact with medicines you take, or just make you sick. (And some, I hear, are harmless.) When it comes to beauty supplements, your best-case scenario is throwing money away.

I’m not even going to give you some suggestions for supplements even if you’re into that sort of thing. Just don’t.

Unlike anti-wrinkle creams and supplements, cosmetic Botox works as advertised: a neurotoxin paralyzes perfectly healthy parts of your face to diminish wrinkles. It’s becoming more and more popular with men.

Potential side effects include droopy eyelids, headaches, trouble speaking, bruising, drooling, and more. But hey, at least you can’t move your face, right?

A round of Botox requires a professional to administer, but the skill, credentials, and cost of said professionals will vary wildly. Your dentist can be licensed to administer Botox in a weekend.

Yes, some people swear by Botox, and a skilled hand can make it much more natural than the uncanny valley flesh mask you sometimes see. But there are people and things that deserve your frowns, scowls, and derisive laughter to the full extent your face can make them. One of the perks of being a guy is being able to visibly age and have your anger taken seriously. Why would you ever trade that?

Gone are the days when men who spent too long in the bathroom in order to groom themselves are looked down on by society. People used to think that men who do that are “too vain” and are “like women.” Over the past decades, people have realized that there are various advantages that can occur when men also decides to look neat. They can make use of the Go-Comb in order to comb their hair whenever they need to. While most men have short hair, the hair may sometimes go out of place from time to time.

Times have definitely changed but men now are more confused than ever regarding the different things they should do to improve the way that they look. There are so many tips and advice available. It can all get very confusing. Some men think that they have to spend a lot of money just to look well-groomed, but actually you do not have to spend too much. You can just develop a routine that you can follow diligently.

These are the various reasons why you need to look well-groomed all the time:

You can make a better impression with the people that you meet. If you are trying to secure deals or you are trying your best to get a promotion, looking neat can increase your advantage over the others who are also vying for the job.

You can look sharper than other men which can make ladies more drawn to you.

You appear to be more trustworthy which means that there are better opportunities that may be given to you.

There are still different reasons why you need to look well-groomed but some of these reasons may be personal to you. Make sure that you always have your Go-Comb so you can be ready every time you need to comb your hair.

Your main goal is to look neat, right? There are some habits that you will not be able to follow-through after some time. You can choose some methods that you know you can do whenever you need to without feeling that you are making it too hard on yourself to look neat and put-together.

Regularly trim your hair or have a haircut. Short hair has the tendency to grow very fast. After a month, you will definitely see the need to have a haircut but you may try to avoid it. Always have an appointment with your barbershop every 4 weeks. Finding the right barber shop can be hard but once you find it, you know that you will never let anyone else touch your hair. Of course, the use of your Go-Comb can be efficient whenever your hair becomes exposed to too much wind.

Find a scent that will smell good on you. The scent you are going to choose will be your signature scent. You do not want the scent to be too strong that people may start getting allergies or will start coughing while you are in the same room. You may choose scents depending on the season. There are some perfumes and aftershaves that work better depending on the weather.

Pay attention to your smile. There are different things that women notice about men immediately. The first thing that women will notice is men’s smile while their shoes may be the next thing depending on how fashion conscious women are. After eating, make sure that you brush your teeth. You do not want to miss one spot wherein a piece of meat or vegetable may be. It can be embarrassing for sure.

Find the right hair products that work for you. There are various products you can use in order to keep your hair in awesome condition. You can use hair gels and other hair products but how will you know if these hair products are right for your hair? Read reviews and look at the opinions of other people. It will make a lot of difference for sure.

Make mustache look thicker

Manage your facial hair. No matter what type of facial hair you would like to have, you need to keep the hair trimmed and neat so that it will look amazing with your hair. You can use the right razors and other facial trimming products. There are different ones you can choose from in the market.

You know that your Go-Comb is essential for your needs but the tips mentioned above are meant to help you become the well-groomed man you have always wanted to be.

If you grew up looking at Pamela Anderson nude then you are not the only one. Even if there are a lot of hot and sexy ladies who have also stripped in front of the cameras, the nude pics of Pamela Anderson are still very hot. Looking at her pictures back in the 80s and 90s will just make you reminisce about those times. You will realize that life isn’t as complicated as it is now. People lived with a carefree abandon. The rules are not yet that imposed. It was a great time for a lot of people’s lives.

A lot of men know that Pamela Anderson is not completely a natural. She has had a boob job but nevertheless, she is still one of the hottest women in her prime. Even if she is already 50 years old now, she is still someone that you would like to be with, even for a short while.

One good thing about the internet now is it makes it possible for various Pamela Anderson nude pics to be easy to search. There is no need to check out different ones and to find the pictures that you want to save. They can all be on one website and you will not be disappointed. She has a lot of nude pictures back when she was still doing nude photo shoots for various magazines. Some are saying that she could have been a porn actress but she did not push through with that route. In a way, this can be a good thing because at least, her nude pictures are more cherished.

Just how much do you know about Pamela Anderson? You may see her more now because of her obvious distress about the death of Hugh Hefner whom everyone knows is the founder of Playboy. Aside from that, there are still some facts that you should know about the hot actress:

She was sexually abused as a child. She has gone through molestation from her babysitter. She was also raped by about 8 men before she reached the tender age of 15. She has gone through a lot of things but she proved that she was resilient and she pushed through with it.

She has first increased her breast size to 34D but probably because she wanted to improve her figure further, she decides to get a 34DD. Even if men knew that her breasts were fake, they still like her a lot.

She has appeared in Playboy more than any other model. Pamela has revealed that Hugh Hefner has told her that she is that one person who embodies Playboy. She was told by Hugh that she is his favorite and this is something that she will always hold close to her heart.

She became well known internationally because of her role as C.J. Parker in Baywatch. She has appeared in 5 seasons of the show and this is still considered to be her best role so far.

It seems that in the year 1999, she grew tired of her breast implants and she had them surgically removed again. Men are not complaining about it though because her natural breast size fits her current body.

There are a lot of people who may think that all she does is look sexy but during her spare time, she is active in campaigning for animal rights. She has been active in stopping people from doing seal hunting and so much more. She also feels strongly about using animal fur. She will never wear a fur coat and she is campaigning for people from wearing fur as well.

She and Tommy Lee experienced love at first sight when they first saw each other back in 1995. They got married a few days later and the first marriage lasted for 3 years. They still reunited with each other through the years.

She has a famous sex video with Tommy Lee and she has always said that this is not something that she regrets doing because at that time, they were truly in love with each other and they wanted to document their love. This may be one of the videos wherein you can see Pamela Anderson nude.

Are you surprised with some of the facts that you have learned? If in case you have not seen some of the Pamela Anderson nude pics yet, you are missing out. They are plenty enough pics to turn you on.

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