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So you’ve chosen to keep what god gave you, and grow your facial hair. What style best represents you? Here is a list of the most common styles rocked all around the world. To touch on a few of the possible beard and mustache styles, these are some of our favourites. Simple mustache styles.

Short to medium stubble – This style is a popular one that adds more definition to the face than being clean shaven, and doesn’t require very much maintenance. Depending on the person, this look is achieved by leaving the facial hair to grow for two to five days before trimming or re-shaving.

Goatee – Shave the mustache area as well as the hair on your cheeks and sideburns and grow out the hair on your chin. You can grow the hair to desired length and make trims as you see fit.

The common beard style – This look is easily achieved by letting the hair grow and making trims to clean up the lines around your sideburns, on your cheeks, and underneath your chin. Once again, depending on the person, beard oils and other products promote hair growth that will help speed up the process of growing the desired length of your beard, as well as softening and shining your beard. Variations can be made to attain a more unique look.

Imperial Style – This style is almost dagger-like in appearance, making it a head turner. The curled mustache and straight forward patch of facial hair make it a simple yet effective look.

Modern mustache

Mutton chops – Hard for most individuals to pull off, but if you can, good on you! This style typically includes growing the hair out on your cheeks, sideburns, and mustache, and shaving the hair on your chin.

Garibaldi/Bandholtz/Dutch Style - Styles like these are longer style beards and take some time to grow, but often the longer the beard the more of a statement, provided it is well kept. See pictures for examples of these works of art.

Your beard style is ultimately decided by you, whatever you feel comfortable with and what suits your face shape. Some people like to keep it basic, and others are more adventurous and attain a more unique look. With the pictures included in this article, feel free to give a new style a chance. You never know what may suit you better than the way you’re rocking your facial hair right now!

It’s also good to change things up as you mature, or have different outlooks on life. Your perspective on life or different aspects of life may change, and you may find yourself more open to changes in your appearance.

Different types of mustaches

Just like the haircut you choose, beards are equally as significant when it comes down to the way they make you look and feel.

There are many products on the market that promote facial hair growth and also improve the shine and smoothness of the hair as well. So if you’re not too sure about growing something longer because of this, remember you may just need to work in one or two quick and easy products that will help complete the look.

Hopefully this inspires you to try a new style!
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