French cut mustache. Best Grooming Tools For Beard and Mustache

Keeping a well-groomed beard and mustache depends on choosing the right tools for creating and maintaining your look. Some of them are commonly used regardless of the length or style of your facial hair. Well groomed mustache.

Other tools may be useful for one type of facial hair while others might work better for some beard or mustache styles.

Here is a look at the different products for beard grooming as well as brief reviews of the most popular ones in each category:

Beard and Mustache Trimmers

Anyone who has grown a beard knows that there are really only two ways to keep that beard and mustache trimmed and looking well groomed.

You either need to use a pair of good barber scissors or a beard and mustache trimmer. While both devices will give you the look that you want, beard and mustache trimmers require a bit less skill and they are easier for most people to use.

There are many dedicated beard and mustache trimmers on the market and even all-inclusive body trimmers that do a good and even great job of whipping your beard and mustache into shape and keeping it looking great. So, you really should spend a little bit of time researching to determine which of these trimmers will best suit your individual needs.

However, since this is a beard and mustache trimming guide, we are going to discuss three of the best-dedicated beard trimmers for general use:

The Wahl Professional 8685 Peanut Classic Clipper/Trimmer

The Wahl professional peanut trimmer is an extremely streamlined and portable trimmer. It is only 4 inches long and weighs a mere 4 ounces, but it packs a big punch when it comes to trimming the beard and mustache.

It has 4 cutting guides, which helps to make this trimmer extremely efficient for both beards and mustaches. Users find it easy to use as well as to clean and suitable for keeping their facial hair neat and well groomed. They also like the trimmer’s portability.

Andis T. Outliner Trimmer

The Andis T. Outliner Trimmer comes equipped with a close blade that makes it perfect for not only keeping your beard and mustache trimmed but also for edging around the ears and cleaning up your neck area.

Great for outlining and creating fades, this trimmer comes with an extra long 8-foot cord that makes it extremely easy to use and you don’t have to worry about your battery going dead in the middle of your trim.

The Remington MB 200 Titanium Mustache and Beard Trimmer

The Remington MB 200 Titanium mustache and beard trimmer comes with 9 adjustable settings which are great for just about every length of beard and mustache imaginable.

It also has a powerful battery and self-sharpening blades which most users feel is a huge plus. Users like the fact that this trimmer holds a charge extremely well and is easy to clean.

Safety Razors

As important as it is to keep your beard and mustache neat and tidy, keeping them well groomed also means maintaining those parts of your face that are not sporting a beard or a mustache as bare as a baby’s bottom.

To keep those upper cheeks, neck area and other spots of skin completely hair free, and present the sharp well-groomed contrast to your beard or mustache, you will need a safety razor.

Safety razors may be considered by some to be old-fashioned, but there is no better way to get a close shave than with one of these razors. Here is a look at some of the best safety razors on the market:

Merkur Long Handled Safety Razor

The German-made Merkur long handled safety razor is an extremely popular razor with its extra-long handle designed for larger hands and its quality construction.

Designed to give you an extra close shave, this safety razor is considered to be of a high quality. Users feel that it is extremely well balanced and gives an incredibly close shave.

Feather Double Edge Safety Razor

Another popular and well-made safety razor is the Feather double edge safety razor. Built with a nicely sloped cutting head, users find it great for sensitive skin.

This razor is extremely lightweight but when paired with the right blade, it gives an incredibly close smooth shave that is exactly what you are looking for.

Parker 96R Long Handle

The Parker 96R has a twist to open butterfly door razor and textured handle in a genuine brass frame and solid construction.

Users find this razor incredibly comfortable to use, having a solid build and great weight. They also love the close and smooth shave they get with this razor.

Beard Trimming Scissors

Some men prefer to forgo the beard and mustache trimmers altogether and trim their beard and mustache the old school way with just a beard comb and pair of beard or mustache trimming scissors.

Whether you want to trim the entire beard with scissors or use a beard trimmer, having a decent pair of beard trimming scissors on hand to clip those occasional rouge whiskers or to help shape that facial hair is a good idea.

Here is a look at some of the best beard trimming scissors on the market:

Tweezerman Stainless Steel Facial Hair Scissors

Equipped with rounded tips so as not to scrape sensitive skin under your beard or mustache, and a sharp along the entire length of the cutting blade with free lifetime sharpening, these scissors should last for years of efficient grooming.

Mustache not thick

While some users feel these scissors are a bit on the small side, others like the size, stating it makes for better precision cutting. They also like the rounded tips, feeling they offer a measure of protection.

Tweezerman His Moustache Scissors and Comb

These scissors are small but have extra large finger holes to better fit a man’s fingers. With lifetime sharpening, these scissors are meant to last for years.

They also come with a complimentary beard and mustache comb that while it’s not of the best quality, it gives a nice added touch.

While most users like these men’s grooming scissors, not everyone feels they are sharp enough to meet their needs.

Also, almost all users agree that the accompanying comb is poorly made and not worth using on your beard or mustache.

Sally Hansen Mustache And Beard Scissors

They have stay sharp blades and come with a small mustache comb. Users feel that these scissors work well on both their beard and mustache.

Beard and/or Mustache Combs

Just like the hair on your head, your facial hair needs to be groomed in order to help it lay correctly and remove tangles and snarls.

A beard or mustache comb should have rounded tips to prevent scratching the skin underneath all that facial hair, and be sturdy enough to untangle and straighten your beard or mustache regardless of its thickness.

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of well-made beard and mustache combs on the market to choose from, but here are your three best choices of those that happen to be available:

Kent the Handmade Moustache and Beard Comb

Kent handmade Comb is handmade and sturdy enough to make its way through thick mustaches and beards. It is also quite small to fit easily into your wallet and pocket.

Most users like this beard and mustache comb although some users feel that the small size of this comb makes it better for mustache and short goatees than full beards.

However, they do find the comb to be of a high quality and extremely sturdy.

Swissco Tortoise Handmade Mustache and Beard Comb

This Swissco comb is quite sturdily made and is long enough to easily comb through all lengths of beards and mustaches.

Users state that the comb is well crafted, good for thicker and longer facial hair and works well on mustaches as well.

The only complaint is that some men find that the longer length prevents them from carrying this comb in their wallet.

Kent 20T Folding Comb

The Kent 20T folding comb bridges the gap between a comb that will easily fit into your pocket and one long enough to really comb a beard well.

By folding in half and coming with an attached clip, this comb is considered to be useful for most men.

Users find it to be elegant and stylish. It keeps their beard tidy and the clip on the comb is quite useful.

Beard Shampoo

One of the first questions men ask when growing a beard is whether or not they can use a regular shampoo to clean and maintain their beard. The answer to that question is yes, you can use a common shampoo for cleaning your beard and many men do.

However, if you tend to find that your beard is extra coarse, hard to manage, or that the skin beneath your beard has a tendency to become irritated, itchy and dry, then using a dedicated beard shampoo may help to reduce or eliminate some or all of these problems.

In many cases, specifically formulated beard shampoos often contain ingredients that are meant to keep the skin under the beard healthy while at the same time giving your beard or mustache a healthier shine, a softer feel, and helping to make those longer and fuller beards more manageable.

Here is a look at the three best beard shampoos on today’s market:

Bluebeards Original Beard Wash

Bluebeards original beard wash is a gentle beard shampoo that is not tested on animals and designed to clean your beard without drying the skin underneath.

It has a nice lime scent and leaves your beard soft and more easy to manage. This is an extremely popular beard shampoo and users report that it leaves their beard soft and more manageable.

Beardsley Ultra Shampoo for Beards (Wild Berry)

Specially formulated for beards, this shampoo contains Cocamide Dea, a natural oil from coconut kernels that is used for its foaming and cleaning abilities.

Small handlebar mustache

Quillaia Extract is a bark extract that helps to promote healing, reduce irritation and keep excessive oiliness at bay, leaving you with a fresh and clean looking beard.

Users state that this shampoo leaves their beard looking healthier and feeling softer.

Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo with all Natural oils from Tasmania.

This shampoo comes in a bar form and contains both castor and olive oil as well as beeswax, honey and other ingredients, like lavender and kungea that help to soften the beard and keep the skin underneath healthy.

Users state that this shampoo leaves their beard amazingly clean and soft as well as more manageable. They also say that it has an extremely nice smell.

Beard Conditioner

While beard shampoos help to give you a softer and more manageable beard, often times the shampoo alone is not enough to give your beard the manageability you are seeking and you may want to use a beard conditioner as well as a shampoo.

Beard conditioners are pretty much like hair conditioners, only they contain specific ingredients to improve the overall quality of those coarser and more prickly beard hairs.

Beard conditioner ingredients often have cleaning and softening properties, help the beard hair lay down better and provide the skin with both astringent and softening properties.

Here is a brief look at the three best beard conditioners:

Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-In Conditioner

Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-In conditioner is an organic beard conditioner made up of a number of different botanical oils and ingredients that are known to soften your beard, help relieve itchy skin under the beard and make that facial hair much more manageable.

Users give this conditioner good ratings while almost every review does state that it is quite oily so that a little bit goes a long way.

Some men love the smell while others do not, but unless you literally coat your beard with the conditioner, the scent goes away after a short time.

Even users who dislike this conditioner, admit that it leaves their beard softer, more manageable and gives it a nice shine.

Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Care Gloss and Conditioner with Organic Oils

Users describe this conditioner as leaving their beard well groomed, keeping curly beards from becoming tangled and leaving behind a nice masculine woodsy scent.

Users do caution that a little bit goes a very long way and advice that if you put too much of this conditioner on, you are left with a greasy looking beard rather than a healthy one.

Almost all users state that this conditioner actually helps your beard to look better groomed.

Botanical Skin Works by Men’s Bay Lime Beard Conditioning Oil

This beard conditioning oil is designed to help you control those rogue beard hairs as well as soften your beard and leave it looking shiny and healthy.

Users state that this beard oil works great at helping to control their beard, leaving it more manageable and with a nice shine while also helping relieve their beard dander as well.

They even like the scent of this oil, stating that it is nice and woodsy. Most men also mention that their wives or girlfriends find their beards softer and less scratchy.

Beard Oil

Once you have the perfectly cleaned and styled beard and mustache, you may still find that your facial whiskers and the skin underneath could need a bit of extra conditioning which is where a good beard oil comes in.

Beard Oils can help soften and condition those facial hairs while reducing the itching and dandruff that often accompany beard growth. Here is a look at three of the best oils on today’s market:

Botanical Skin Works Men’s Bay Lime Beard Conditioning

The Botanical Skin Works Men’s Bay Lime Beard Conditioning Oil contains sesame oil, jojoba seed oil and other oils as well as vitamin E that helps to soothe dry skin.

It quickly absorbs and conditions your beard and mustache and only takes a drop or two to keep your beard looking and feeling perfect.

Most users really like the woodsy scent and the added shine this oil gives their beard. They also say that it helps to eliminate beard dander.

Natural Beard Conditioning Oil by Jenulence

Natural Beard Conditioning Oil by Jenulence is an all natural beard oil.

It fights flaky skin and dandruff and gives your beard a very soft and shining appearance.

Old time mustache

Users do say it doesn’t have the best scent but it does leave their beard soft and manageable.

Beardbrand Tree Ranger Beard Oil

Beardbrand Tree Ranger Beard Oil not only contains a mixture of oils that are easily absorbed by your beard and the skin underneath, but it also has a nice manly scent that is a unique blend of Eucalyptus, cedarwood and pine combined.

Users really like this oil and find that it helps condition their bread, keeping it soft looking and feeling as well as more manageable.

Mustache Wax

If you are going to sport a mustache of any length or style, then finding a great mustache wax will help you to keep it looking good and hold its shape all day long.

The problem is that some of those waxes leave your mustache looking and feeling as though it has been set into stone while others tend to melt, leaving it to drop in warm weather.

Here are three great mustache waxes that hold your stache firmly in place without making it rock hard:

Clubman Mustache Wax with Brush/Comb Natural

The Clubman Mustache Wax is a classic styling wax that comes in different colors to help match your natural hair color.

It goes on easy, provides for solid long lasting mustache styling and then washes out easily.

Users feel this is a great working wax that keeps all those errant hairs in place and lets you create the style you want.

Firehouse Mustache Wax Wacky Tacky 107

The Firehouse Mustache Wax Wacky Tacky 107 is a dark mustache wax that is easy to apply and offers superior hold even in hot humid weather.

Users find this mustache wax to be incredibly easy to apply while it also gives their stache a nice firm hold and has a great manly scent.

Stache Bomb Stache Wax

Pine scented stache bomb stache wax is for those men who prefer a lighter wax for not only their mustaches but also for beards, goatees and sideburns.

Users state that the Stache bomb helps to hold the hairs in place lightly and it is easy to apply.

Keep in mind that this beard and mustache grooming guide will help you grow and groom your facial hair in a manner that is becoming of you while introducing some of the best grooming products on the market to help you achieve and keep that desired look.

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