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Well-groomed facial hair has always had some level of prestige attached to it and this is even more prevalent now because there are various products and services available for gentlemen looking to grow facial hair and achieve that distinguished look. Styling your mustache.

Having a beard is a symbol as masculinity unfortunately not everyone is genetically blessed to grow one but if you are, then beard grooming is essential if you intend to look great and stand out.

Growing a beard is one thing but grooming and attention to detail are the essential factors that result in achieving the look you’ve always dreamed of.

Having a beard is like owning a sports car. Before you get one, you have to do research and make sure you’re getting the right brand with the right interiors and performance but in the case of a beard, you have to ensure that you’re picking a style that’s suited to you and makes you look your best.

In this issue, we will be looking at the different beard style options a proper gentleman can sport. We will break it down and provide the fundamentals of combing, brushing, washing and styling.

It is important to point out that the ultimate goal of your beard style is to add contrast and dimension to your face. Every beard type doesn’t suit every man because face shape differs from man to man. The beard style should be selected based on facial features. Here’s how to choose the right style for your face.

Shave or trim with sharp, precise lines near your cheekbones. Keep your beard short on the sides and fuller on your chin to take advantage of your square jawline.

Circle Beard: A chin patch and a mustache that forms a circle

Goatee no mustache look

Royale Beard: A mustache anchored by a chin strip

Goatee: A small beard that elongates the chin

Petite Goatee: A small beard that elongates the chin

Slim your face with an angled shave along your cheekbones. Keeping hair full on your chin will also help.

Van Dyke Beard: A full goatee with detached mustache

Short Boxed Beard: A short beard with thin, neatly trimmed sides

Balbo Beard: A beard without sideburns and a trimmed, floating mustache

Great men with mustaches

Anchor Beard: A pointed beard that traces the jawline, paired with a mustache

An oval face is considered to be an ideal and more versatile option as it’s not too angular. It is also known as a wildcard format as it combines with various beard styles. You can choose short or long beard and can change the type anytime if you wish. That means with your oval face you can modify the beard by simply changing the style.

Chevron: A mustache that covers your entire top lip

3-Day Stubble Beard: A closely trimmed beard that simulates 3 days of stubble

Horseshoe Mustache: A mustache with long bars pointing downward

Original Stache: A trim mustache that sits just above the top lip

Keep your beard shorter on bottom and longer on the sides to show off your strong facial structure. A rectangle is a longer face shape. so having your beard styled long, triangular or pointy at the chin will most likely look good on you.

Types of mustaches

Mutton Chops Beard: Long sideburns that connect to a mustache

Gunslinger beard and Mustache: Flared sideburns paired with a horseshoe mustache

Chin Strip: A vertical line of hair across the chin

Chin Strap Beard Style: A beard with no mustache that circles the chin

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