How to trim a short mustache. 4 Types of Facial Hair that you must avoid at all Costs – Seriously

Beards can make or break your look. One look at these four types of facial hair and you’ll see all the many reasons why they’re just plain wrong and awful. Here are four examples of beards that you must never, ever wear, if you know what’s good for you. Types of facial hair.

Facial Hairstyle # 1

When it comes to beard growing, there really is such a thing as too much beard. If your beard affects the way you speak, the way you eat and drink, the way you kiss or please your woman, and all the other basic and regular things that should not be a problem for able bodied men, then your beard is totally out of control. There is too much hair on your face. Too much hair. Like your head just sprouted on your beard, and not the other way around.

Nobody knows why some men will choose to grow their beards in such a fashion. No one can really determine what makes men choose certain types of facial hair. We like beards big and small, but big doesn’t always mean good-looking or impressive. Sometimes it’s just scary, impractical, and plain ridiculous.

Beards as long and as thick as this take years to grow out. If you can use that same kind of commitment to growing out your facial hair but keeping it looking neat and decent, that would be perfectly fine. But letting your beard grow into something like this is a big no.

Do you want to lose your friends, your girlfriend, or your wife? Do you plan to live inside a cave and avoid people altogether? Do you have a cause that you’re fighting for that’s why you’re growing a beard like this? If the answer is no, please find yourself a more proper, more presentable, and less terrifying beard style that doesn’t look at all like this.

Facial Hairstyle # 2

Colored hair is acceptable, but a colored beard? Excuse us while we bang our heads on our keyboards. We can understand if you color your beard as a gesture of solidarity, or a sign of support for a certain cause or event. And then you will just go home and wash it off right after.

Mustache fashion trend

But it’s a totally different thing if you just wake up one day and decide that you want a green beard, even if you’re not Irish, and even if it’s not St. Patrick’s Day. It doesn’t even have to be a specific color. Just the thought of a colored beard makes us cringe. It’s a pretty off-color (pun intended) move, especially when there are so many men out there who work hard each day to keep their beards nice, clean, and respectable looking.

As a rule, your beard should match the color of your hair. Should the colors differ, it should only be either lighter or darker than the hair on your head. We don’t care if there’s a merman hair trend going on in your part of the world. This just goes to show that not all trendy types of facial hair are good, and most of them are just embarrassing and laughable.

Facial Hairstyle # 3

When you wear a beard, you should clearly see where the hair on your face and the hair on your head begins and ends. They should not look like one single entity. You should never grow a beard that looks like the beard on this guy. Especially if you’re just a regular guy with no skills in mixed martial arts like Roy Nelson.

There are so many problems with this kind of beard. But first of all, why? Why will you let your beard grow this way? Second of all, why will you wear this mullet hairstyle when it simply does not do anything to improve your entire look? Why the mullet when you can choose to wear other classic and more flattering hairstyles? Hairstyles that are nicer and more proper and not all over the place?

What’s more, the beard is as bushy as the hair. Comb it in a certain way and you won’t even know which hair is from the beard and which hair is from the head.

Mens mustache styles 2016

Do yourself and the rest of us a favor. Handle the hair and the beard situation because it certainly isn’t winning you any favors. And it’s just not a beard that a man who values how he looks should wear.

Facial Hairstyle # 4

There are some beards that should not even be called a beard, but a joke. Just like this beard. If you want to live your life looking like a leprechaun, then by all means, wear these types of facial hair. If you want to become a meme that will break the internet, no one’s stopping you from recreating this awful-looking beard.

But still, no. This type of beard just doesn’t make sense. Why even grow a beard if you’ll only leave a thread of it hanging just around the corners of your mouth? Not only does it not make sense, but it looks like an overgrown mustache with a badly shaved clump of hair. It looks good enough for a costume party, but terrible for real life. Seriously.

It’s much better to wear a fake beard than to grow something like this. You’ll be dealing with hair growing out of your face for the next couple of weeks or months. You might as well make the sacrifice worth it by wearing a really handsome beard that will elevate your looks and not make you look like a fool. If you care about your looks and your reputation, you will listen to good advice and avoid this type of facial hair at all costs.

There are so many types of facial hair that will look flattering and normal on most men. We understand that you want to stand out from the crowd, but there are other less embarrassing ways to do that than wear awful types of facial hair.

The walrus mustache
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