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Men’s shaving preferences tend to become ingrained as a teenager. Often they’ll prefer one brand of electric shaver over another, or even choose to shave with a razor blade. Men may prefer going clean shaven, or choosing to have a mustache or beard. Some men don’t mind going the weekend without shaving. Occasionally men may choose to change their look, depending on convenience, or the latest style trends. Grooming styles tend to change depending on the fashion runway, and even what celebrities, musicians, and male actors are wearing. Narrow mustache.

Some men look great in a beard and mustache while others look like they’re hiding from the authorities. A beard can make a man look younger or older, depending on the amount of gray hair. Some men are willing to spend the extra time in the morning carefully tending to a new look. Other men can’t be bothered and simply grab the best electric shaver and shave it all down. There are a few notable shaving style trends that have come forward in the past couple of years. Increasingly we’re seeing male actors at awards events wearing a beard. It may be for a role, or their own personal styling choice. A futuristic styling can require a great deal of maintenance. You can see these styles on the citizens of Panem in the Hunger Games movie, or on rapper’s faces, such as Ludacris. These beards are intricately detailed, with lace, geometric, or flowing patterns along the sides of the face and chin. This intricate detail can’t be done with the best electric shavers, it must be done by the most talented barber, and will need to be touched up at least twice a day. The handlebar mustache may have been an iconic style for detective Hercule Poirot, but it’s also making a modern-day appearance. The handlebar also looks good with a goatee, for men who don’t wish to make a full commitment to facial hair. A handlebar mustache is also easy to maintain with some styling wax.

Not all men can pull off a scruffy looking beard, but many can. This offers just the right amount of facial hair to skin. It can be easily trimmed for special occasions, or shaved off quickly if a man so desires. A scruffy beard is a great choice for one who hasn’t decided whether they really want a beard or not, or for one who doesn’t wish to spend a lot of time on their face. Many men sport a slim goatee with a narrow mustache. The goatee is carefully trimmed down to the jawline. Sometimes you won’t notice a man has a goatee until you’re up close. Many men may have a slim goatee, but choose to skip the mustache part. In fact, a goatee alone may be one of the easiest facial hair styles to maintain.

Beard n moustache styles

Whether men choose to have a smooth look or try one of the latest facial hair trends, they’re going to need to have the best electric shaver on the market. A good electric shaver will keep a man’s face trim, no matter what his personal style is.
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