Cowboy handlebar mustache. Things to do in Ghost Town Alive! 2018 - Knott s Berry Farm

One of the highlights of the summer season at Knott's Berry Farm is Ghost Town Alive! Fans of Ghost Town Alive! wait all year long to immerse themselves in the interactive event. And for good reason! Old west mustache.

Ghost Town Alive! is all about becoming a citizen of Calico and being one of the townsfolk. Being sworn in at the Town Hall makes it official. From gold strikes to bank robberies and town elections, to the Founder's Day Celebration, everyone can get in on the fun. Step back in time to live a day in the wild west!

Ghost Town Alive! is a delightful experience for long-time fans and newbies alike.

The Ghost Town Alive! story changes every year AND is ever changing on a daily basis. In other words, you simply don't know what exactly will happen. Daily outcomes totally depend on the guests: you, me and everyone else visiting Calico for the day. How the story all unfolds depends on how citizens vote and how they react to what's going on.

First: come prepared to have a rip-roaring good time!

The day's festivities begin on the edge of town on Main Street at the entrance to Calico. Arrive early so that you can gather with the Mayor and other townsfolk of Calico. The rousing welcome to Calico is like no other as the official Knott's Berry Farm entrance rope drops and you're able to begin your day back in the wild, wild west!

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Be sure to pick up the day's timeline at either the Assay Office, the Town Hall, or the General Store. It's also available on the back of the daily newspaper that you can grab at the Calico Gazette next to the Livery Stables.

Some activities are planned and are listed on the back page of the Calico Gazette. But other happenings and activities are spontaneous and ever-changing. You just never know what might be going on right around the corner. Best bet is to follow the crowd and listen up to what the townsfolk are saying. Believe you me... they want everyone to know everyone else's business. So be ready to get an earful!

One of the delightful things about Ghost Town Alive! for the kids are getting down to basics and having fun outdoors.

Like the Hoop and Stick Race. Kids get plenty of practice time to hone their skills before the big race. They send their hoops down the road and run along beside while using sticks to push theirs along. Old West high tech! Such a fun game to keep kids active while having fun outside in the fresh air and sunshine!

And those pony races! What a kick in the pants. No need to worry about your little one being thrown from a fast-moving horse. These adorable ponies are kid-powered!

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Calico's Founder's Day celebration is full of delightful interactive experiences. The people of Calico are quick to welcome you into the fold and include you in their activities. In fact, you might just find yourself being quoted in the Calico Gazette by staff reporter Izzy Malloy.

Be sure to stop by the Barber Shop to get your very own old west mustache. There is a whole slew of styles to choose from to personalize your 'stache. The barber's a pro at giving you exactly what you want!

Get in on the story for the day. Follow the crowd and talk with the townsfolk. Find out how they feel about the day's happenings. Get involved. It's easy peasy and so much fun!

Sometime during the day, there will be a big election. Be sure to cast your vote! Your vote will make a difference. The rest of the day will teeter on the results of the election.

The whole town joins together at dusk for the Founder's Day Hoedown. Everyone! Sheriff, Mayor, bankers, train robbers, saloon girls. Everyone! And you need not have a dance partner to participate. You may just find yourself dancing with the Mayor's wife! Or any one of a number of options!

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We loved dancing and watching as townsfolk and visitors joined together for a whole lotta fun! Even our teens got in on the fun. And they haven't stopped asking to go back again.

Ghost Town Alive! will be welcoming all new or returning citizens on select days through September 3, 2018.
Overall rating page: 4.3 / 5 left 688 people.

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