This is what a real mustache looks like. Seasonal Employment Pechanga Casino Resort Temecula

Our Lifeguard staff will help Pechanga Casino Resort staff their aquatics complex this spring and summer beginning April 15th. Hours will range from 20-40 hours per week from April 15th until Labor Day weekend, September 2nd. There may be availability to stay on staff in the off season for stand out Lifeguard staff. Sideburn styles.

Beginning Memorial Week, May 27th pool hours are from: 8 AM - 8 PM

If you are interested please read the following requirements:

Must have a high school diploma and be over the age of 18.

Trim mustache over lip

Any and All Tattoos must be covered up by the uniform or a sleeve

Women's hair must be neatly maintained at all times. Extreme or eccentric haircuts or hairstyles are not permitted. Haircuts and styles shall present a balanced appearance. Lopsided and extremely asymmetrical styles are not authorized. Hair may be pulled back and complementary accessories can be worn. Accessories should match hair color or be color coordinated with attire.

Men's and women's conservative braided hairstyles, without beads or ornamentation are acceptable provided the style is not distracting or extreme. Shaved designs into head or eyebrows are not permitted.

Indian style mustache

Extreme hairstyles (spikes, tails, etc.) are unnatural hair colors (pink, purple, blue, etc.) are never permitted. Dyed hair color and highlights should be of natural tones. Artificial hair is permitted if it meets all established hairstyling requirements.

Men may wear sideburns provided they do not extend below the earlobes. "Mutton chops" or other extreme sideburn styles are not permitted. Mustaches must not extend onto or above the upper lip; they should extend to the corners of the mouth.

$19-$22 per hour depending on Certifications, Experience Levels and Commute Time.

What type of moustache should i grow

If you are interested in this position, please let us know.
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