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A shiny, glossy, and macho-looking beard and mustache. Sexy. Masculine. Suave. Aahhh…

Who among beard-styling-obsessed men doesn’t want one of these? While having both will put you up to a notch on the scale, maintaining both can mean double the effort!

There’s no need to riddle it- you have to have the best beard and mustache wax!

Fortunately, there’s 15 of them here.

So keep scrolling down, mate!

5 Greatest Advantages Of Using Beard And Mustache Wax

Beard and mustache wax is a widely used grooming solution. But did you know most users don’t actually know the breadth of its benefits? Even experts admit that there’s so much more the beard and mustache wax can offer.

The prospects of the beard and mustache attract so much attention of the grooming-bound public. It naturally does so because of its rich ingredients. Rich, in this context, means healthy.

Made from organic essential oils, herbal scents, beeswax (for the hold) and butter, the beard and mustache wax reigns as one of the best grooming secrets among men.

Today, however, it’ll no longer be a secret!

Meanwhile, to address the public’s under-knowledge on mustache and beard products, manufacturing hubs promulgate further research about it. Fortunately, researches heeded the call.

So, voila- we’ve scoured them all here for your taking.

Take ‘em all- the 5 greatest advantages of using beard and mustache wax!

1. Styles and holds beard and mustache effectively

Because of its natural stick, the wax holds even the most obstinate beard hair types. While it’s holding length vary per solution, it’s generally known to keep hair in place for a long period of time.

2. Relieves beard and mustache of itches

Itches are caused by varied factors- infection, skin irritation, and dryness among others. While cheap waxes dry out the beard and mustache, the beard and mustache waxes instead, hydrate the hair and skin.

3. Exfoliates the skin

This part here doesn’t need further explanation. For a skin-nourishing solution like this, it’s impossible to deny its wonderful effect on the skin.

4. Glosses hair

Since it’s got the necessary ingredients for nourishing the hair, it should be able to turn the beard and mustache into a glossy, shiny, and brilliant facial features.

5. Leaves off a great and relaxing scent

Did you know that bearded men who use the best mustache wax turn out to be happier, relaxed, and more confident? And the secret- the scent, of course! Obviously, the scent plays closely on the senses so that it can turn your mood either upside down or right-on-spot. Now, you know it.

Are you ready to get a hold of the top 15 highly recommended beard and mustache waxes?

Wait no more for they’re finally here!

Top 15 Highly Recommended Beard And Mustache Waxes In 2019!

High-quality beard and mustache waxes are certified natural. These products, as you’ll discover in this beard and mustache wax review, don’t need to be expensive to grant a worthy grooming result.

As you go further in, you’ll get to know these top brands. With that said, we hope that you’ll be able to juice out the ultimate standards for picking today’s best brands.

Such selective ability is most pivotal in ever-changing product qualities. By all means, brands have the least influence on either improvement or deterioration of a beard and mustache wax quality.

Only then, can you be able to do the selection by yourself- an empowered, calm, and hassle-free process.

So, what are you waiting for? Indulge in our list now!

Here are the top 15 highly recommended beard and mustache waxes in 2019:

Earning the “Best Choice” title in this list, the mustache wax by Live Bearded brand is truly a pleasure to use!

The Live Bearded brand, earning the top position in the list! A big hand, please!

But, what really earns the product a quality mark? It’s extreme lightness, I’d say. Very light and cool to the beard and mustache, this product holds and keeps the hair in place. Not only does it hold, but it also maintains edgy beard and mustache shapes.

What I mean about edgy shape refers to experimental and, incongruent beard mustache styles. Frustrated users refer to these as extreme beard styles, or simply, handlebar mustaches. If you happen to be a highly creative gentleman, you won’t have to be frustrated anymore with this product!

This product can instantly turn your facial hair into art!

This kind of ability is not that much exhibited by most waxes. So this for me proves to be the product’s quality mark.

Another unparalleled quality mark by the product is its fresh scent. Its repertoire of scents is composed of cedar, honey, and lemon. All these elements undergo a natural process and are of course, natural by acquisition.

The product’s light sensation is almost heavenly on the skin. Albeit having a concentrated oil solution, it doesn’t feel greasy on the hair and skin. By all means, the product is not sticky at all.

Ultimately, the product is also lightly and simply packed, so that carrying it around for travel takes no effort at all.

There are a few issues though for the product to address before it fully emerges as perfect!

As you can see, no matter how much I apply- it just couldn’t hold the hair long enough. This inability truly disappoints, especially if you knew how much oil concentration the product has.

Lastly, despite being a light solution, it still manages to leave residues in the hair.

Here’s a bigger picture of the best beard wax. Check out its pros and cons, and do your own math!

Small tube size for light traveling

Light effect on skin and hair

Best for shaping and styling beard and mustache

Cool and relaxing scents

Doesn’t hold hair long enough

Leaves residues in the hair

Earning the “Premium Pick” tag in this list, this fiery beard and mustache wax will truly set your senses in motion!

Truly a firehouse of quality, this updated product by Firehouse has been proven by users to deliver a medium and long hold on the hair!

As reviewers claim, its expensive rate is many times marred by its priceless quality! How? It’s simply packed with high oil concentration. But even with its concentration, it’s very easy to apply to the hair. Undoubtedly too, it’s known to hydrate the skin.

This is further signified by its dense and dark shade. This very shade also tells of organic concentrations present in its solution.

In addition to that, such trait by the product warrants a “handmade” seal. Consequently, any handmade materials are guaranteed to have undergone a natural and induced process.

Part of the benefits of it being naturally processed is the fact that the wax doesn’t melt even under extremely hot and humid conditions. This proves to be most rewarding for users living in such conditions. It allows them to move around and sweat heavily.

The wax certainly holds beard and mustache for the longest time possible. It nevertheless, allows high creativity based on beard and mustache designs.

Tinged with fresh tangy, sweet, and olive scent, the wax is almost odorless in the face of humid exposures. And a major factor that guarantees such advantage is the absence of chemicals.

This product by Firehouse is a truly priceless gift to all gentlemen. Despite some minor drawbacks like its awkward dark color, its pale effect on some coarse hair and the annoying stickiness, its overall quality still deems unquestionable.

Here’s the product vis a vis our balancer beam.

Heat and humidity-resistant

Styles and shapes (beard and mustache) hair best

Has a light scent that it’s almost odorless

The dark color appears awkward on beard and mustache

Doesn’t hold on some coarse beard and mustache hair qualities

Can be very sticky on dry fingers

For a wax with a grip no other waxes can hold, this product by Vintage Beard Company truly deserves the “Best Choice” title on this list!

Cheer out a “Q” for quality to Death Grip Wax- the best grip ever present in a beard and mustache wax. It’s proven and tested too. Users and experts agree on its reputable command.

This product truly delivers on serious grooming engagements. And if you’re looking for a great styling agent to give your mustache a great curve, you’ll be pleased with this product.

Equipped with the hand-crafted merging of pure beeswax, lanolin, wood scent, essential oils, and a lot more (kept secret by its manufacturers), it holds and shapes hair for more than 24 hours. More so, it doesn’t easily melt despite the heat and changing temperatures.

But what experts highlight about the product is its ability to detail out grains. With this, the wax facilitates high absorption of nutrients by the skin. The users are right to be overjoyed by this fact because the wax is drowned with all known nutrients and antioxidants.

As mentioned earlier, this product commands a serious and hard-bent grooming quality. It can be very hard and heavy on the hair though that you’ll literally feel its weight in your face.

The high concentration of beeswax in the product requires that you wash it off every night before sleeping. Washing it off keeps residues out. Things obviously are strong and in-the-face in this wax (including its scent).

But make no mistake- it’s all pure and organic. So you don’t have to worry that much. With zero allergens and zero side-effects, the product is still, after all, a king!

Complaints about the product include a heavy and awkward tin can container, a tendency to slightly react to cold temperature, a very sticky and heavy grain, and a greasy after-effect.

See the product in a bigger picture. Here are its pros and cons.

Has the longest and most-natural grip on the hair

Encourages curve in the mustache

Cruelty-free ingredients

Very high oil concentration

Heavy with nutrients and antioxidants

Can be annoyingly sticky

Slightly reacts to cold temperature

Leaves off residues if left unwashed after 24 hours

The product that will surely cast a spell on every grooming gentlemen, this Seven Potions Beard Wax promises your beard and mustache with a grand makeover.

Known for its tri-power effect which is to hold, to style and to condition, this product has undergone major upgrades through the years. And each year, its manufacturers add more and more essential oils to it.

It equally delivers when it comes to holding the beard and mustache, but stands out in its ability to deeply nourish the hair. Meaning, it pours out nutrients to the hair from its root, up to its tip. It hydrates the skin, nevertheless.

Users refer to these nutrients as the significant potions the wax has in store for all grooming gentlemen.

Featuring palm-free vegetable glycerin, cocoa butter, cedar wood, peach kernel oil, avocado butter, flower fragrances, beeswax, sandalwood, coconut oil, and Vitamin E, the wax guarantees a certified organic spell for the hair and skin.

Moustache top

The product’s powerful scent has also been certified to rejuvenate the senses. Its sandalwood aroma fairly blends with other applications. So the act of applying wax together with other solutions no longer poses a threat to the nose.

You may, however, encounter slight issues with the product though. These issues include its tendency to easily melt in your hand, a tendency to leave residues in the beard and mustache, a lack of holding consistency, and a dry wax texture.

See how its spell works both ways.

Natural and organic tag with a natural and soft hold

Vitamin-filled solution

Tri-power effect- style, hold, and condition

Made with premium oils and butters

Leaves residues in the beard and mustache

Lacks holding consistency

Scent reacts to extreme temperatures (sours up)

This high-quality product by the Mountaineer brand is a tool for all meticulous groomers.

A classic brand, this wax by the Mountaineer evolves ceaselessly. Probably part of its evolution is its ability to heal the skin. So, beyond moisturizing the skin, this product has had gained a therapeutic reputation to the delight of many users.

With its cool aloe vera feel, it relieves the skin from the effects of mosquito bites, venom infiltration, and allergies. Given all these, one can hardly deny that it’s safe for ultra-sensitive skin.

Known also for its undisputable command in holding the curliest hairs, the product can surely give you a full makeover! Thus, it earned the reputation for being the meticulous groomer’s tool.

Although you’d be needing to apply a generous amount of it into your hair, you’ll still be pleased by its scent.

Ultimately, the product is also known to aid you with shaving. In fact, it’s the only brand in this list that also works as a shaving cream. It only further requires 5 drops of clean water to lather. Then, voila- you’d get yourself a shaving cream!

All-in-all, the product remains a promise in today’s disappointing brands.

Certified handmade, the product rules with a confident row of organic essential oils. Emerging as a naturally-processed wax, this product works with a super-safe, no-side-effect command.

While it’s almost close to perfection, it still has to catch up from its few minor downsides.

Well, as I mentioned earlier, it won’t take effect unless consumed or applied generously. And the consequence? Yes. You guessed it right- it’ll wreak greasy havoc on your skin.

Adding insult to injury, the product can pull out hair if you’re not careful enough. This is because it can instantly dry up in your hair. Users recommend that you avoid applying the product in a heavily-ventilated room. Or, you can simply follow each application with quick comb strokes after. This again, in a way, makes a meticulous groomer’s aid.

What’s your say on the product? Check it out through our balancer beam.

Cool Aloe Vera effect on skin and can relieve skin irritation

Can work as a shaving cream

Can hold and style even the coarsest hair

Has a fine and natural scent

Easily dries up in hair due to heavy ventilation

Needs a generous amount to take effect

Can grease out beard and mustache

Easily hardens under cold temperature

This product by Fisticuffs fits tough men who like tough cigar scents and tough beard and mustache styles!

Fist. Nay, an iron fist! It’ll definitely send you on a wild ride!

Reviews have been dropping about the intense cigar effect spelled for by Fisticuffs Cigar Blend Mustache Wax.

Also known to give gentlemen high holding capacities for extreme mustache curves, this product, as a result, earns what most users utter as the “wax of the century” moniker.

What most men like about this product so much is its high resistance to sweating. Unlike other wax products, this one gets to be the toughest in the list. Yet, it’s kind of toughness does not leave greasy, dry, and oily marks on your beard and mustache.

It’ll stay in your beard and mustache for as long as you want. It’ll resist extreme factors, even sweats. But washing it off manages to be easy and light.

So, what’s the deal with it, then?

It’s filled to the tin with highly concentrated natural oils and herbs. With over 35 different sources, the product easily sweeps through the coarsest beard hairs, leaving dense nourishment to the skin.

And, what about its cigar scent and feel? Well, I can say, as per gathered reviews, that it’s a twin of good and bad. Others are extremely pleased by it, while the other half are deterred by its intrusive scent. It works more as a stimulant for adventurous men.

Obviously, this very effective by the product catapults it to instant fame.

Because of its high cigar concentration, it easily hardens on the fingers when hit with the breeze. Applying it on the beard immediately upon scooping with fingers is the only smart solution.

It also takes time before absorbing in your skin and hair. You’ll have to wait longer to experience its effects.

See the product in a bigger picture through its pros and cons.

Added quantity and volume

High holding capacity (perfect for styling the stache)

Dense essentials concentration

Intense cigar effect and scent

Easily hardens in the fingers when hit with a breeze

Scent can get too strong and intrusive

Leaves residues in the hair

Takes time before absorbing in the skin and hair

Becomes a mess at contact with the hair dryer

An all-natural, well-scented, beard and mustache hair-strengthening wax- this product ranks among the most popular ones on this list!

It just couldn’t get any wilder with its close-to-nature charm.

There mustn’t have been a single grooming gentleman that hasn’t heard of the Wild Willie beard and mustache wax. And It’s garnered a reputation through the years because of its certified all-natural essentials.

But, its wildest treat yet is its propensity for treating flaky skin and dry hair. The skin underneath the beard is highly prone to drying up. But the problem with most men is that they assume that oils will deal with it for them. Well, not necessarily!

You see, there are methods to observe for applying oil on the beard and mustache. That consideration must, by all means, include the skin in the equation. Because applying oil is a meticulous process.

To avoid counter-beneficial consequences, one is to observe the density of the oil that is to be applied, the frequency of the application, and the whole manner of application per se.

Fortunately, the natural essential oil concentration in the beard and mustache wax has already had the skin considered in the equation.

So applying a generous amount of Wild Willie wax into your face guarantees a safe beard and mustache grooming. No wonder it’s so popular then!

The biggest problem regarding the product though, is its texture. Its oil can be too thin so that you won’t feel anything from it. And other downsides of the product include an awkward motor oil scent, a tendency to grease out hair, a not-so-strong-hold, and a solution that reacts badly to sweat and alcohol.

See the product in a bigger picture through our balancer beam.

Handmade organic quality

All-natural ingredients

Therapeutic effect on hair and skin

Great mustache styling wax

Great for designing unruly beard and mustache and features a medium-hold

Has cool relaxing effect

Rough and brittle wax texture

Oil can be too thin (despite high concentration)

An average holding capacity

Reacts to sweat and alcohol

This product, because of its strong grip and waterproof quality, boasts of a golden reputation among other brands on this list!

It may sound secondary, but it’s second to none when it comes to holding the beard and mustache in place for the longest period of time. And since it’s all-natural, it feels natural in the skin and hair too.

Here lies a product that doesn’t have to be washed off because of its natural feel!

But, make no mistake of it- it’s got one of the highest essential oil concentrations on this list. Promising a zero-mess grooming routine through its waterproof wax quality and a strong grip, there’s no way it can’t earn a golden reputation.

Also made by a classic brand, this wax easily absorbs in the skin.

But it doesn’t end there. Because, it’s packed in a stainless steel tin can, making it a premium traveling tool. While it’s very light and ergonomic, it can be carried around without any worries of crushing it.

Some users who encountered problems over scooping the wax out (because of its extremely hard texture), recommend that the container be heated up to easily juice out the wax.

Whether manufacturers of the product had or hadn’t had this in mind, its stainless steel tin appears to be a genius commodity!

Drawbacks of the product include a wax quality that quickly cools down despite heating, a tendency to pull out your beard as it extremely hardens with just a few seconds, an in-your-face scent, and a tendency to react badly to extreme temperatures.

Check out the product, in a nutshell, to see if it truly delivers!

Very strong hold on beard and mustache

Mustache style chart

High density essential oil concentration

Ingenious stainless steel heat-able tin can

Light and easy pack for traveling

Reacts badly to extreme temperatures

Can hurt by strongly pulling out hairs

Too difficult to remove from the container

Requires tremendous effort to be applied on the beard

Can ultimately dry out hair (with immoderate use)

This product couldn’t be more honest about its effects! It’s a premium grooming tool for all types of beard and mustache hair!

In the line of classics, this product stands out as the oldest wax brand, if not ancient. Bearing a formula older than any other wax products, the Honest Amish beard wax has gained the trust of more than a million users.

Beyond its formula, its manufacturing process appears to be a trustworthy business, involving home-grown beeswax, organic essential oils, and natural herbs for fragrances.

Both its process and product are proven and tested. Thus, its totality remains a hallmark through the years!

Highlighted by its raw beeswax ingredient, the product guarantees bold, black, glossy, and shiny beard. It also gives the mustache a very manly curved shape!

Maintaining even the messiest beard and mustache hair is no problem with the product because it keeps the strands along the grain. And it has such a special capacity of hydrating the hair to remain in direction.

Part of its package too is an awkward scent, but not necessarily bad.

The product would’ve been close to perfect if not for its lackluster grip, hard wax texture, the greasy feel on hair, weak conditioning capacity (despite claims), and a tendency to leave residues in hair.

What’s your judgment on this classic brand? Check out its pros and cons to help you decide.

Beard-controlling capacity (but not for holding and styling). It has a soft hold

Natural process and ingredients like home-grown beeswax and essential oils

Guarantees shiny, black, and brilliant facial hair

A classic reputation (brand)

Lackluster grip and styling capacity

Weak conditioning capacity

Takes time to absorb in hair and skin

Another Fisticuff entry, this latest wax product guarantees sufficiently strong and relaxing aura!

That’s another Fisticuff on our list!

A powerful styling agent according to expert users, this product also very effectively maintains the curliest beard. And it’ll guarantee to keep you manly for the last many hours.

Its 8 organic ingredients not only secures a grooming success, but it also supports hair growth. But, that hair growth (promised by the wax) is not any regular growth, for it entails a corrected one. So your beard’s got a big chance of growing properly with constant use.

Armed with a wealthy presence of biotin, Vitamin E and B-Vitamin variants, the wax coats the follicle with fast-absorbing layers. This should help you avoid beard itches caused by folliculitis.

Like its brand counterparts, this product also earns the reputation of being strong-scented. In the case of this product, the citrus scent rules out as a unique feature.

Users and experts agree that this product is both naturally-made and processed. Its 8 organic ingredients speak much about it.

Like most of its variants too, the product easily hardens in the fingers when breezed. In fact, it tends to be the worst!

Its fast-drying quality requires that you heat it up in order to scoop out a portion of it. Thus, the product implies a difficult application process so it’s not for busy and impatient users.

The only assurance it holds is when it’s finally spread out into the beard. How? Quite simply, it’ll hold the hair longer and harder than you can imagine.

On the contrary, many users find the product problematic when it comes to its oil concentration, overall product density, and tendency to heat up in the skin.

Fortunately, though, it’ll warm you up before taming your beard (even the facial zone) to a relaxed aura.

See the product in a bigger picture through its pros and cons.

Citrus scent warms up the facial zone before relaxing it

Guarantees a medium hold and styling capacity

Promotes proper hair growth

Naturally made and processed

Quickly hardens (cools down) in the fingers

Takes time to absorb in the hair and skin

Leaves residues in the hair

This unmistakable product forever proves that Fisticuffs’ place among the greats is and has never ever been coveted!

Are you ready to pamper your beard with the sweetest pine scent of a Fisticuffs product?! As you can see, Fisticuffs waxes are known for their wild and strong scent. But now, you’ll be enticed by a different scent a sweet and heavenly one!

As per reviews, the product also boasts of an average grip needed for taming wild beard. It supports the hair by conditioning it.

Having done its conditioning effect, the product’s long-absorbing nutrients penetrate into the pores. This, in the long run, keeps the beard in shape without necessarily stiffening it.

With its natural ability, the wax would feel light in the beard. Even the thickest gentlemen will feel sheer lightness through the wax.

Very discreet and thin, this one has been proven to work with the expected Fisticuffs magic. So you can still be assured of healthy facial hair even with a seemingly sweet-toned wax.

Its sweetness doesn’t conclude weakness for it’s got a high oil concentration. You can thank its 20-plus organic essentials for that. As a result, it won’t grease out the hair despite extreme temperatures.

While it has gained the trust of many users, the product, however, also poses a number of disadvantages- small product quantity, lengthy absorption time, a tendency to react to beard balms, a not-so-strong grip, a crush-able tin can, and a scent that easily expires.

What’s your verdict on the product? See it in a bigger picture to know if it truly delivers!

Has superior conditioning ability

It has a high oil concentration and features a soft hold

20-plus essential ingredients

Lengthy absorption time

The tendency to react to beard balms

An average grip on your beard

Crush-able tin can container

It has a tendency to react to beard balms

While it may not bear the totality of its brand quality, this product stands out as a unique grooming tool for any man!

With strong Citrus and Rosemary aroma, this addition to Fisticuffs madness tools out all grooming means known to man. Bearing a proud classic touch by its brand, this wax smartly deals with handlebar curls.

And, it isn’t going anywhere. Such is the dedication of the wax so that it easily conditions the beard and maintain a macho profile!

It sure isn’t going anywhere with its soft texture, making it an effective coating for keeping the mustache away from the mouth.

Touching down, the product is known to work with acceptable quality. That includes its holding capacity, oil concentration, and skin-oriented performance.

It stands out as a unique product in the Fisticuffs canon because of its unique mustache-layering film. Outside its thin oil concentration, bulkiness, incomplete grooming kit, and small product density, it should satisfy your grooming needs.

Check out its pros and cons to gain your conviction.

Mustache-layering film (for keeping mustache away from the mouth)

Strong Citrus and Rosemary scent

It has a soft waxy texture. And boasts of a natural hold

Incomplete grooming kit

Despite its inorganic, clumpy feel, this product gives you the strongest grip so far, deserving it a place on this list.

Any Fisticuffs product, even with its shortcomings, should manage to please users in varied standings.

What I’m very much sure about it is that it doesn’t fail. In fact, it even impresses at certain levels. Let’s take its very strong grip, for instance.

That should overpower the rest of the grips in this list! Yes. It may stiffen your beard, but it’s sure to keep the hair neat for more than 24 hours or so.

It does all its gripping command through a sandalwood-borrowed element. Consequently, its characteristics follow suit.

Looking at it in a general frame makes it faulty though. But there’s no way we can blame it nor its manufacturers for it. It just doesn’t work well with a course and wild beard and mustache. Period.

Other positive claims made by its manufacturers do not reveal even a tinge of truth about it in the face of actual use.

Therefore, in dealing with this product, you are to keep your expectations low.

Check out its pros and cons here.

Can be too tough on hair and skin

Doesn’t work well with coarse beard hair

How to wear a moustache

Underperforms despite claims

Instantly cools down in the fingers

With its multi-purpose and all-season effect, this product by Stache Bomb covers its weaknesses spectacularly!

It’s got a strong grip, an all-season charm and a hand-made solution, naturally processed in the vicinity of the home, this product can seemingly offer you everything. But it’s all up to that when you use it on your beard.

While it’s so effective on the mustache, it’s flatly unfair on the beard, especially the coarse ones.

Bannering a classic tag, the product disappoints its own standards even more. It only succeeds sufficiently though, according to reviewers, in the context of styling. And boy it does!

It can hold your mustache to its curliest shape (handlebar), giving it a remarkable gloss. But that’s just it.

So far, in scent and texture, it’s an average. Most certainly, at least, it’s never a failure!

High styling capacity for mustache and features a medium hold

Undesirable bias to mustache (not beard)

Lacks oil concentration

Easily cools down on fingers

A promising wax for desperate situations, this product boasts with usual stronghold capacity. And, despite its downsides, it still earns a place on this list!

Ridiculous? Yeah. But, not so much! It’s just ridiculously promising. It manages to get its name halfway to success. Truly promising, ain’t it?

What most users find great about the product, however, is its sheer flexibility. Powered-up to work on all facial hairs, it delivers with downright simplicity. You won’t even feel it in your face because it’s so light and thin.

If only its conditioning prowess could thicken up a bit, then it’d stand out as a premium product! It might also mark up from a few adjustments in its essentials solution, awkward scent, and low oil concentration.

View the product in a bigger picture through its pros and cons.

Average holding capacity and features a medium hold

Light and thin feel, scent, and effect

Re-defining Beard And Mustache Wax Holding Capacities ( Strong, Medium, and Natural)

It’s hard to put up a manly touch on your facial hairs without the holding capacity of the wax. Waxes are specifically designed to hold facial hair. The facial hair refers to all hairs that grow in your face- sideburns, mustache, beard, and seldom-strayed whiskers.

You should’ve noticed, from the product review I listed above, the frequent use of the standards strong, medium or natural hold and grip. Yeah. We hear you! And as you can see, the holding ability works as the main characteristic of a great beard and mustache wax.

While standards- strong, medium, and natural seem like comparative degrees, each one has a specific advantage!

And, believe it or not, it’s almost always the mustache that highly benefits the wax. But, it doesn’t mean it won’t work on the beard. A great wax works on both, by all means!

Why does it focus much on the mustache?

Because the mustache tends to be the most shapeable portion in the face. It’s easier to curve in and out through the wax. The beard, on the other hand, may just benefit from a mere neat grip by the wax.

Yet, again- we’re not talking about priority here. I’m only referring to which portion benefits the most.

This further implies that in order to complete a macho makeover, one has got to tap the help of a complete, comprehensive grooming kit- wax, balm, oils, and even shaving creams (should you shave).

Now, let’s get back to defining (or, in this case, re-defining) the three degrees of hair grip and hold:

Stronghold wax

Stronghold wax works best on maintaining the mustache, or in certain circumstances, the beard. The handlebar mustache is difficult to maintain. Thus, you’d be needing a stronghold wax for that! Stronghold wax products include Live Bearded Mustache Wax, Mustache Wax by Mountaineer, and Fisticuffs Cigar Blend.

Medium hold wax

Medium hold is a degree of wax hold that promotes styling of the mustache and beard. Such ability satisfies your creativity, enabling you to maximize all extreme possibilities of shape for your mustache. It more than maintains the handlebar, it also styles it. Products with this holding degree include Wild Willie’s All Natural Mustache and Beard Grooming Wax for Men, and Fisticuffs Strong Hold Mustache Wax.

Soft, natural, and light hold

Soft, natural and light hold refers to the holding capacity of the wax that works on short beard and mustache. Products with this characteristic include Fisticuffs Mustache Wax and Honest Amish Original Beard Wax.

So the next time you come across these characteristics, holding capacities, and holding degrees, look at yourself in the mirror.

Will it work for your beard and mustache type, quality, and length?

Only by knowing so, can be fully aware of the right beard wax to buy!

Spotting The Best Beard And Mustache Wax Brands ( A Buying Guide)

Yes! It may all look the same, but they don’t feel the same. The experience greatly defines top-quality beard and mustache waxes. With that being said, we understand that you’d not risk purchasing ahead.

Fortunately, we’ve discussed above the realities surrounding the three main holding capacities of the beard and mustache wax. These should already give you a solid buying idea about the product in question.

At this point, let’s sink our combs into the rest of the buying standards:

All-Natural ingredients

It’s very difficult to know if the wax product is truly what its manufacturers claim of it to be! This is most particularly true in promises with the likes of an “all-natural ingredient.”

So how do you really know on your own? Firstly, referring to trusted reviews is a grand idea. Then, testing a small portion on your skin would tell much. Does it itch? Does it feel dry?

Why you can even nose it up!

How’s the smell? Does it smell strong enough to give you a good feel, or does it smell too strong and bad that you’re instantly deterred by it?

These tell-tale signs should, in their face value, tell you with utmost genuineness of the ingredients.

Feeling the density of the oil (oil concentration) should also reveal to you the amount of essential oils poured in.

Here’s how simple the picture is, mate. Let me tell you- the more essential oils, the better! And the stickier the wax is, the heavier the oil density!

The presence of natural ingredients in the wax is very detectable in its scent. When the going gets tough, you’d have to get going with your nose.

So you should be able to tell which smells better. Even animals can.

Holding Length

A wise gentleman ensures grooming that lasts long. He can’t excuse himself in the middle of work just to retouch. That’s out of the question.

He can only achieve this with the help of the beard and mustache wax that stays in the hair for the longest period. Regardless of extreme temperatures, sweats, heat, and even the intrusion of external elements, a strong beard, and mustache wax persists.

Lastly, a long-holding capacity by the wax should immediately feel heavy on the fingers!

High Product Integrity

If you’re ever expecting us to go through the standards, on by one- then, you ought to leave off this part right here. Because we won’t be listing them down without first emphasizing this standard. Ultimately, this feature would serve as the ultimate determinant of the best beard and mustache wax!

And that’s the product integrity!

But, how do you measure it exactly? Well, it comes with a three-step process: read, test, and junk. Simple, right?

While this might come risky because it might mean that you’ve already purchased the product. But it doesn’t really hurt a few dollars if you bought one that may not serve up. Just think of it this way: a slight mistake teaches us a big lesson!

Rest assured, however- once a product is already proven good, it should be good!

Reading entails going through the product descriptions or perhaps, researching points from product reviews.

Testing means literally using the product. And that’s just as simple as it gets.

Junking, in this matter, means you’ll have to abandon the product when proven to not deliver as promised.

Detailed Steps On How To Apply Beard And Mustache Wax

Apart from the quality, the manner of applying the beard wax plays another crucial role in securing a shiny, glossy and macho-looking beard and mustache.

Finally, here are detailed steps on how to apply beard and mustache wax!

Heat the wax. It would be easier if you purchased a stainless steel tin can because it allows you to directly heat up. And remember that the purpose of heating it up is not to liquefy it but to render it easier for scooping.

Let it cool for 2-3 minutes. Then dip your fingers into the wax immediately. Once, you’ve scooped a pleasant amount, rub the wax between your palms right away. This’ll keep it heated.

After rubbing, don’t take much time. Apply it immediately into the preferred area to avoid cooling down.

In applying for the mustache, do a center-outward direction. This should be easier if you use both hands. With both your point fingers, distribute the wax from the center going to the sides. Since your preferred mustache style depends entirely on the direction of your strokes, we encourage you to improvise over this one.

When applying for the beard, it’s best that you use a specialized beard comb. Do the usual bottom-chin-upwards stroke. Ultimately, this process properly distributes the wax throughout the grains of your beard.

To keep out grease, you can wipe your mustache and beard with a clean towel afterwards.

Keep it steady for the next 8-10 minutes. That should dry it up.

For the post-application, we recommend, regardless of the wax quality, that you wash off your beard and mustache before going to sleep. Better so, apply beard conditioner.

Clear off beard and wax from residues using a clean towel. But here’s the thing: you only have to dab it, not wipe it forcefully.

A word of caution- avoid drying up your beard and mustache with a dryer.

For further information on the matter, read:

Top FAQs About the Best Beard And Mustache Waxes

Is It Okay To Apply Hair Wax On Beard?

Yeah. It should be okay. But, don’t expect your beard to get the same attention it gets from an intended beard wax.

Is Beard Wax A Necessary Item In A Grooming Kit?

Am I Required To Wash My Beard Clean Before Applying Beard Wax?

Yes. Cleaning the beard with water clears it off from external elements that potentially interfere in the grooming process.

How Regular Should I Use Beard Or Mustache wax?

You’re not really required to do it regularly because it’s a per-need tool. But if you want to enhance your coarse beard and mustache quality, maintain this routine for at least once a week. And you should pair it up with beard balms and oils.

Can I Apply Beard Wax On My Mustache?

Yes, of course! They’re technically the same.

Quick Summary

Sure. There are a lot of wax products to choose from. And, we’ll never really run out of the best beard and mustache wax. As long as there are gentlemen who desire for a handsome get-up, the industry of the beard and mustache wax shall have to persist!

Looking at it on another perspective- the overcrowded status of the beard and mustache wax industry can come as a challenge.

Our best choice on the list, Live Bearded Mustache wax is one treatment for your beard and mustache. Style your facial hair whichever way you want and enjoy it for the entire day!

But no worries, you’ve got the buying guide to do the choosing. And of course, don’t ever forget the main advantages of a beard and mustache wax- to style and hold beard, to relieve it off itches, to exfoliate the skin, to gloss hair, and to relax the senses.

With these in mind, nothing can go wrong!
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