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If your new haircut is feeling a little lonely, it may be because you don’t have some stylish facial hair to keep it company. When it comes to creating a great look for men, it’s all about seamlessly blending that hot new cut with a fashionable beard. Beard and mustache combo.

We talked to Great Clips Design Team Master Michael Mealey who is an artist in the realm of beard/hair combinations. His advice: Think of facial hair as a form of makeup for men. Now, before you cringe, read on.

According to Mealey, “I would say to think of facial hair as makeup for men, contouring like a woman would with her highlighter.”

The key, Mealey says, is blending the sides of the beard with the hair, especially if the sides are short. This keeps the transition between facial hair and your haircut smooth and natural. So no matter what length your hair is, focusing on the sides is a simple way to make sure the combo is natural.

“If it’s a really tight fade and they have a really long beard, you need to transition the sideburn areas, so it’s not just cut off,” Mealey advised.

Mustache and beard styles names

According to Mealey, “I would say to think of facial hair as makeup for men, contouring like a woman would with her highlighter.”

Just like women’s contouring, using facial hair strategically can add a slimming effect and balance to the face. For example, tightening in the hair around the cheeks and leaving the hair long under the chin is great for elongating the face, according to Mealey. But, he notes, “Remember the shorter your hair, especially on the sides, the longer your beard will look! Do the haircut first and finish with the beard.” Don’t put the cart before the… haircut?

Other considerations to keep in mind when choosing a beard to match your cut include:

Your face shape. What are areas you’d like to highlight? Tone down? Take a look at your facial proportions and think about where you’d like to draw eyes to.

Mustache and sideburn styles

Your lifestyle and the amount of maintenance you’re willing to undertake. If you can’t stand the idea of shaving three times a week, a goatee, mustache or undercut may not be for you. Instead, consider a full or scruffy beard, both of which are a bit more forgiving if you can’t get the clippers out for a few days.

Your willingness to experiment. Try out a few different styles. Remember: hair always grows back!

Once the cut is done, remember that the fun doesn’t stop there. Maintenance is crucial, but we promise it’s simple! Facial hair tends to not be quite as soft and silky as the hair on your head, and we’re sure your significant other has pointed that out. Great Clips salons sell a wide variety of beard oils, balms and other moisturizing products to keep the hair on your face looking GREAT, just like the hair on your head.

Bed Head Lion Tamer Beard Balm is available at Great Clips salons. Conditioners like these can be used in the shower to add moisture. Great Clips salons also carry a great variety of beard oils, like Redken Brews Beard Oil, that are especially handy post-shower.

New look moustache

Ready to move your new look from good to GREAT? Check in online at a Great Clips salon near you where stylists are ready to create the perfect combo.
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