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Beard styles have gone from conventional to extremely chic, bold and daring. The goatee is a style that is not entirely dependent on your face cut and most men can experiment by trying out one among the different goatee styles. The goatee requires does you to take into account the angle of your jaw but is not restricted to it and can be customized according to your preference and the curve of your chin. Goatee styles.

These are a few goatee beard styles that are versatile, edgy and enhance your style quotient. They will give definition to your face and add personality to your overall look.

The Classic

This is a beard style that does not essentially require a mustache and with your neck and cheeks shaven, this look can be achieved. Sometimes also referred to as the pure goatee, this is a beard style that covers your chin and gives your mouth definition.

Full Goatee

Men with thick facial hair can easily opt for this version of the goatee. Growing your beard under the chin followed by a mustache that continuous downward and joins the beard is the easiest way to style a full goatee. Forming a circle around your mouth, this is one the trendiest beard style of all times.

Landing Strip

If you wish to opt for an unconventional style that is rarely seen then the landing strip is a good option. This is one of the easiest beard styles to maintain considering the minimal effort that goes in achieving this look. Simply shave off your mustache and beard making sure you leave behind thin, vertical strip of hair just below the center of your mouth. More of a style statement than an actual beard, this is one goatee beard style that looks hip, fashionable and sophisticated.

Goatee styles without mustache

The Van Dyke

This beard style is the ultimate saviour for every man who faces a problem with beards being patchy. If your beard takes time to grow and patchiness is the biggest of your worry, this is a beard style that will be a great solution to that problem. A mustache, a soul patch and a chin beard all combine together to form this cool goatee style.

The Anchor

The name says everything about this style and the goatee is kept wider than usual resembling an anchor. A longer version of the previous beard style, the beard on the chin is allowed to grow in close proximity to the sideburns.

The Soul Patch

Popularized by Aamir Khan in Dil Chahta Hain, the soul patch is one of the best goatee styles that are easily recognizable. For the uninitiated, the soul patch is bunch of hair beneath your lower lip trimmed in a V shape. The size of the soul patch varies from person to person and goes well with various mustache styles.

The Thin Goatee

This is a variation of the full goatee but without most of the fuzz. The primary characteristic of a thin goatee is that the hair is trimmed to the bare minimum to create an outline that connects the mustache and the beard. It is one of the beast goatee styles to sport for a formal occasion as well as a casual meeting.

Good shaving styles

The Rockstar

Commonly sported by metal lovers, this style involves a full goatee with the beard grown long and clean-shaven cheeks. The grown beard can then be either shaped into a sharp V shape or braided like Rockstar Kerry King, lead guitarist of metal legends SLAYER.

Billy Goat

The name is inspired by a typical hair growth found in goats. The style involves shaving away all hair from the face other than a patch on the chin which is then grown and groomed. Scott Ian has been enthralling music lovers over the years with his music as well as this style.

Vintage Goatee

Often seen in pictures from the 19

century, this is one of the best goatee styles that have endured the test of time. The style involves growing a long flowing mustache as well as a billy goat style goatee.

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