Beard without mustache name. 33 Best Beard Styles for Round Faces You ll Want to Copy - Part 2

The Bandholz beard for round faces is an “urban beardsman lifestyle” beard that was created by Eric Bandholz. It’s a longer style of full beard with a connecting mustache. It’s particularly helpful in masking a weak chin while giving you a modern hipster look at the same time. Best beard styles.

10. Medium Stubble Beard

The medium stubble beard for round faces creates an anchor by giving the illusion of a shadow under the face. This serves to draw attention upward toward the eyes and away from the jowls.

11. Long Stubble Beard

A long stubble beard for fat faces is another way to minimize the amount of skin that shows. One way to reduce a large round face is with an easy-to-maintain long stubble beard. Adding a mustache and messy hairstyle adds to this sexy, scruffy style.

12. Defined Full Beard

A defined full beard for round faces is a long-standing tradition. It’s popular with the academic, and intellectual crowds to give them something to stroke as they think.

Thin line moustache

13. Extreme Long Full Beard

An extreme long full beard for round faces (pictured left), adds tremendous visual weight to the face. This is an effective way to elongate a fat face. The expense is that it is more difficult to clean and maintain, and it isn’t so well accepted in the corporate world.

14. Extended Goatee

The extended goatee for round faces is a stylish way to make your face appear longer.

15. Patch Goatee

The patch goatee for round faces works best when paired with a short buzzcut hairstyle. The minimal length hair adds color and style without weight.

Movember styles

16. The Half Goatee

The half goatee for round faces is another variation of a minimal beard style. It’s just enough of a visual effect to draw the eye’s attention away from the face, but not enough to be distracting.

Coming up next, the crusader beard style.
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