Spanish moustache style. The Best Wooden Beard, Hair, Mustache Comb For Men

When it comes to combs, there are a lot of options. Facial hair mustache.

Most people settle for a cheap, plastic, drug store comb, and never think anything else of it.

Unfortunately for those people, they’re unknowingly damaging whatever hair they’re combing, thanks to the fact that these combs are injection molded.

That doesn’t seem like a big deal, since a load of plastic parts and items are injection molded, but when it comes to something as small and delicate as a comb that is designed to pass through hair properly, any little defect can be a hazard.

So, when you take into account the fact that the molds are not going to be 100% perfectly smooth all the way along, you realize that microscopic imperfections, or barbs, are going to form. You may not be able to see them, but that won’t stop them from stripping your hairs, cutting your hairs, and creating friction in your beard.

Not a great thing when you’re trying to get the most out of your facial hair.

Plus, plastic combs are likely to cause friction and static build up, which will make your beard look more frizzy and out of control. Definitely not the look we’re going for here.

Now, there are other plastic combs which are much better, like Kent combs. These are sawcut, which means a solid piece of plastic is going to be cut into with a saw, and then sanded, which should give you a pretty smooth finish.

But if plastic just isn’t your thing, and you want something that’s going to have some versatility, manliness, and usefulness, here’s your best bet…

A Double Sided, Dark Hard Wood Beard & Hair Comb

The best comb you can invest in for your beard is one that styles and untangles it correctly, works well with balms and oils, looks great, is tough, and is multi-functional.

Enter the Liberty Beard & Hair Comb.

The Wood

Most beard combs are exactly the same, and almost every single wooden one is made from sandalwood.

That’s great, and many people love sandalwood, but when we asked our bearded customers what they wanted out of a beard comb, the overwhelming response was that they wanted something hard and dark.

Since nothing like that seemed to exist (just sandalwood upon sandalwood upon sandalwood, it seemed), we decided to use African Blackwood as our wood of choice.

Hairstyle with moustache

Immediately you’re drawn to the stark difference in appearance, from the light sandalwood tones to the darker, more masculine tones of the blackwood.

Not only that, but when you compare the hardness of these two woods, and therefore the durability of them, you’ll see they’re not even close.

The Janka Hardness Test measures the hardness of wood. Specifically, it measures how much force is required to embed a.444 inch steel ball to half of it’s diameter in wood. Measured in pounds-force, the higher the number, the harder it is to embed a steel ball into it, which means it will stand up better to wear and tear.

This choice of wood not only looks more elegant, but will stand up to every day wear and tear much better than the alternatives.

The Teeth

Some beard combs are double sided but have the same teeth pattern on both sides. What is the point of that? It’s like they’re not even trying to make a useful product.

Most others that have two different sides offer a tight tooth pattern and a VERY tight tooth pattern. One is typically too narrow to be of much use, and they’re so similar there’s really not a lot of choice when it comes to actually using each side to get a different feeling.

The Liberty Beard & Hair Comb offers a tight tooth pattern for short to medium beards and short to medium hair, but also offers a much wider tooth pattern for longer beards and longer hair.

If you’ve got a long beard with short hair, or a short beard with long hair, you’ll be able to switch back and forth between each side of the comb to get the perfect comb.

The VERY tight tooth pattern used in many combs also ends up being so thin that the teeth break, bend, and warp, which we wanted to ensure did not happen to our combs. That ends up providing the same snagging problems as a cheap plastic comb does, and more than that, it’s just a horrible experience to comb your beard with that.

The actually-useful double sided comb we’ve created gives real flexibility while maintaining a high level of hardness and rigidity.

The Look

Most of the bearded men we asked wanted a dark, hard wood, so we delivered.

Much like our beard brush, which is black, we wanted to give this a distinctly masculine appearance that would not look out of place on the bathroom counter next to your beard balm and other men’s skin and hair care items.

Too many “men’s grooming products” look like you borrowed them from your wife/girlfriend/sister/mother, which we think damages the appeal of grooming to many men. Rather than be associated with a product that appears distinctly feminine, some men will forego some parts of their grooming routine, which of course leaves them at less than 100% of their potential attractiveness, which can lead to lower confidence and less success.

Thin mustache beard

With the new Liberty logo etched into the wood, the appearance is subtle, elegant, classic, and definitively manly.

Why Use A Beard Comb

So why do you even care? Why use a beard comb in the first place?

Untangles Your Facial Hair

First of all, it’s helpful for beard and facial skin health to untangle your beard hair, so that no build up is created, and honestly, so that you don’t look like a bum.

Having a comb in the morning after your shower is great.

We typically recommend combing from the bottom up first, to spread all the hairs out and untangle things from the bottom. Then, brush down, putting all the hairs in place and laying them flat. Applying a balm or oil first is recommended before you do any additional styling.

Distribute Beard Balm and Oil Evenly

While I always brush my beard, no matter the length, I always comb it first. Like most products, you can “stack” certain elements and grooming practices.

When you get out of the shower and towel dry your beard, we recommend applying your beard balm or an oil, and then doing the rest of the routine.

So dry off, apply the balm, and then take your comb and comb up and then down. To really get things into place, plus a bit of additional hair and skin cleaning, brush it all down afterwards.

But the comb is a great intermediary step between putting your conditioning product on and giving it a brush. You’ll basically maximize the effectiveness of all the products this way. The balm will be spread out a bit more throughout the beard, and then you won’t risk re-tangling your beard hairs with a brush since the comb will have “calmed” everything down and started the process of lying straight and pointing in the same direction.

Prevent Ingrown Hairs

Similarly to untangling hairs, a comb can prevent ingrown hairs, particularly for short beards.

There’s a real risk that when a short beard grows in, the hair curls on itself and grows directly into the skin, causing irritation and an unsightly red spot.

By regularly following a grooming routine, applying balm or oil, combing with the tight teeth formation, and then brushing, you’ll significantly reduce your risk of ingrown hairs, and also set yourself up for a much better bearded experience by maintaining the skin and hair from the very beginning.

If you constantly keep a short beard, a daily comb can be a great way to make sure you always look great. Having ingrown hairs constantly does not look good and does not speak well to your ability to groom yourself properly.

Handsome man with mustache

Style and Straighten

Perhaps the most obvious and most coveted reason for owning a beard comb, is the ability to style and straighten the beard.

Without a comb, conditioning beard balm, and a brush, you’re at the mercy of your genetics’ beard growing capabilities and style.

Most of us would be better off removing our beards than leaving it un-styled.

So, having a comb is an obvious step in making sure everything is a straight as possible, as even as possible, and styled the way you want it.

We say it over and over again, but naturally you’ll start with a balm or oil, and then use the comb to comb up first, and then down into place. The comb will do a much better job telling your hair where to go than just trying to use your hands to pat it and prod it where you think it should go. The comb also allows you to get an even look.

There are times when you’ll even use your comb as the final styling pass, even though we typically recommend finishing with our brush. The thing is, sometimes you just need the slightly wider teeth that a comb provides compared to a brush, in order to get the straight and clean look you’re after.

The Best Comb For Your Beard & Head

The Liberty Beard & Hair Comb is made of dark ebony wood, which means it’s hard, elegant, and manly. It has two different teeth widths, which makes it useful and perfect for any stage of your styling regimen. It is a tool made for men, specifically designed to succeed where others leave something to desire.

Not only will it serve your beard well, but the two teeth options give you the flexibility to also use it as your hair comb, giving you even more value.

However you use it, we’re sure you’ll agree that our beard & hair comb is the best. And hey, if it doesn’t tickle your fancy for whatever reason, we stand behind our 100% Gentleman’s Guarantee, which means a full refund, no questions asked.

So there’s literally no risk, and more upside than anything else you’ll find on the market. We look forward to serving you.
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