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No beard style or outfit can do what a moustache can and there are certain mustache styles which have been around for decades. Popularized by famous actors, TV personalities, dynamic rulers and others, these are styles that have gone through very little change and still maintain tremendous appeal. Short mustache styles.

There are a couple of popular mustache styles that can be easily experimented with, so if you have facial hair growth, style your mustache taking inspiration from some of these classics and you will not be disappointed.


Extremely easy and elegant, this is a moustache style that is iconic and trendy. It is one that sits just on top of the lip and keeps your look versatile. Trying this moustache does not require extensive effort as the thin structure of the moustache keeps maintenance low.

Mens hairstyles with moustache


The horse shoe is moustache that entails a thick moustache with two bars extending downwards up to the chin. This is a moustache that will test your shaving and grooming skills and keep you on your toes. This is a look that is stylish and exudes the vibe of someone who pays attention to detail.


This is a style that has been an ultimate favourite for most men for many years. The handlebar has curved tips which spiral towards the cheek bones and draw attention to your moustache entirely. You will need a little bit of moustache wax to style every day and make sure your look is on point. Dab a little mustache wax to wind each end outward and create curved ends.

Proper mustache


This famous moustache which gained immense popularity after Tom Selleck wore it, relies on coarse hair and can take a considerable amount of time to grow. It is best for men with straight facial hair and can be achieved by trimming the longer hair short and keeping it just above your lip. Try this one to look more refined and dignified.

These are a few different mustache styles that will change your look, amp up your style quotient and make you look more glamourous. These styles add an edge to your personality and present a sophisticated and groomed demeanour. Groom the mustache regularly to keep the look alive.

French guy mustache
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