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Every Movember, men across the world let their mustaches grow in for a month as part of a fundraising campaign to generate research dollars for prostate cancer. The campaign and its participants aren’t just raising money for a good cause. They’re doing it while having fun, which is one of the core mission statements at Jan Leslie. Jan’s designs are as much about classic style as they are about playful luxury. We believe that a well-styled man doesn’t have to give up his sense of joyful fun, and that’s a significant part of why Movember appeals to us so much. Mustache trend.

But over the past several years, the mustache made its way out of Movember and into the daywear styles of every type of man. From urban casual to boardroom rugged, the mustache became a bonafide trend. Much like any trend, it didn’t take long for industry writers to proclaim that the trend was dead. But have mustaches gone out of favor or is the declaration of the death of the trend premature? Today we explore the rise of the mustache and even give you a few suggestions for wearing yours well.

The Rise of the Mustache Trend: How A Little Facial Hair Became Statement Fashion

Like many things wonderful in the world, most style journalists credit the rise of the mustache trend to Brad Pitt. The mega star began sporting a well-groomed mustache in 2008, and the appearance of mustaches on power players and celebrities alike soon took off. Politicians, lawyers, movie stars … everybody was growing a mustache. The mustache style wasn’t limited to hipster chic. It was well-groomed and perfected for a tailored look. While the Movember Foundation had already been around for four years at that point, 2008 marks the year that the mustache became a common style accessory (to the degree that hair can be an accessory) the other eleven months of the year.

Jan Leslie with fashion experts @rogermazzeo @darionanni in Florence at Pitti Uomo!

As recently as last Movember, Alex Williams of the New York Times Fashion & Style section proclaimed that the mustache comeback was over, even arguing that it never truly started to begin with. In fact, the same article claims that the mustache isn’t just not stylish, it’s fundamentally “not cool.” We beg to differ with you, Alex Williams. At Jan Leslie, it’s our fundamental business to be on the front of men’s style, and our observation is that the mustache is not only still stylish; it’s reaching new heights of evolving as a style.

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Jan recently returned from Pitti Uomo, the pivotal international event for menswear and men’s accessories. Said Jan, “The mustache was as much a fashion statement at Pitti Uomo as were the cufflinks and ties! All of the men in Italy and all of the fashion-forward attendees and designers were wearing beards and mustaches, including Nick Wooster and Nicola Ricci. If two of the world’s most followed men’s fashion icons are wearing well-groomed mustaches, the trend is probably at its peak!”

The Mustache Trend is Alive and Well, But How Do You Wear It Well?

If this article has inspired you to ditch the clean shaven look and don your own mustache, there are a few tips you’ll want to follow for ensuring that you grow and maintain an ideal mustache. Before you begin to grow your mustache out, prepare your skin by using an oil-free moisturizer regularly on your upper lip. You’ll want to soften the hairs as they begin to grow out to avoid unsightly ingrown hairs and even breakouts.

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Give yourself time to grow the entire mustache out before you jump into grooming tricks. We’ve heard it can take as much as two months to grow a mustache out. Patience will be your friend.

Tom selleck mustache style

Once you’ve grown your mustache out, it’s worth a trip to a men’s hair professional for a consult on what style of mustache trimming will look best with your face. Just because you love the epic handlebar, it doesn’t mean that that’s the best mustache for your facial structure.

Finally, once you’ve achieved the ideal mustache, take good care of it. Unlike a tie or cufflinks, you can’t neatly package your mustache away at night to keep it in tip top shape. Stick to a regimen of cleaning and trimming (but not over-trimming) your mustache, and if your stylist recommended it, don’t be afraid to use a touch of mustache wax as well.

The mustache trend is anything but dead. In fact, it’s more ubiquitous than ever, and it’s becoming more personalized by the wearer. With cooler weather heading in to many parts of the country, now is a fantastic time to consider exploring adding a mustache to your look.

Other Ways to Have Style with a Conscious at Jan Leslie

Movember is only one month of the year, but you can be stylish with a conscious all year long. Jan’s limited edition LightningLinks collection benefit stroke and neuroscience research with every purchase. They’re a playful way to lighten up the mood of your style while contributing to improving the quality of care and recovery for stroke victims.

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