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Do you know what will happen next Tuesday? That’s right! It’s the beginning of November… or, as all of us pirates know, Movember. Grow yer mustache – if ye haven’t already – and raise awareness of oft overlooked men’s health issues like prostate cancer. If ye want to know more about Movember, ye can check out this link: www.movember.com Movember mustache.

Now, if yer all ready to jump in headlong and support men’s health by growing yer stache, ye probably need some advice on how to best go about it. Don’t fear, the Cap’n is here to help.

Some swashbucklers prefer a thin, distinguished-looking mustache, while others opt for a full-on, virile Tom Selleck look. Unfortunately, pirate, it ain’t completely up to you. The type of mustache that looks good on you is dependent on the density of yer mustache hair. Yer first step should be to let yer mustache grow for a bit… and then ye can determine what type of stache suits not only yer mug, but also the density of yer hair and the shape with which it grows.

Once ye let it grow for a bit, ye can – and should – trim it. Lads, this is the important part of this article. If ye don’t remember anything else, remember this part, and it’ll save ye lots of heartache (and ridicule).

South indian moustache style

The most important aspect when it comes to trimming yer mustache: never, ever, ever trim yer mustache too high above the top lip. A mustache should always, always, always sit on yer lip – not float an inch above it. What ye should be doing is using a fine-toothed comb and brush yer stache towards yer lower lip. With a good pair of scissors – the Cap’n recommends actual barber scissors – ye can then trim the overhanging edges. (The mustache hairs, which extend below the lip line.) Ye wanna pay special attention to the mustache hairs on the corners of yer mouth, ‘cause those annoying scoundrels tend to end up in yer mouth when yer eatin’ and drinkin’.

Ye also need to keep the proportion of yer kisser in mind when styling yer stache. If ye have rather large lips, ye want to also have a rather large mustache. Otherwise, it will look out of proportion. And a large mustache can make large lips look a bit thinner. If ye have very thin lips, ye don’t wanna have a large mustache, ‘cause the stache will overpower yer lips. Not something ye want to have happen.

Ye also don’t want a lopsided mustache. That can happen especially with styles that don’t quite reach the corners of the mouth (the end of yer lips). Be very careful when trimming this style. The Cap’n recommends using the end of yer kisser as a guide and getting to work with a ruler before even thinking about trimming.

Mustache ideas

Hope ye’ll enjoy the fall season and try to support Movember for yer fellow pirates.

As always, if ye have any questions, The Cap’n and his crew are only an email away.

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