Good looking moustache. Hipster Mustache Shapes: 40 Styles for Designing Logos, T-shirts

As promised here is the second installment in our Photoshop custom shapes series featuring hipster style. This second set features 40 hipster mustache shapes that you can use for designing logos, business cards, or t-shirt designs. Mustache shapes.

Like our previous hipster hairstyle shapes, 40 cool hipster mustache shapes in various shapes and thickness. In case you haven’t seen our first set yet, then we are inviting you to also check out our set of hipster hairstyle shapes.

Mustache has been associated with anything cool and hip. Thus, the use of mustache as a design element has been growing. You see them in logo designs, on billboards and signage designs, and even on website headers and blogs. Below is a preview showing some of the hipster mustache shapes in this set.

Meanwhile, if you wish to collect more of these design elements, then visit our Photoshop custom shapes archive.

Mustache grooming


This set contains a total of 40 vector shapes contained in a single CSH file for Adobe Photoshop. To get this set, just download the zipped file (download link above) and install it in your Photoshop program. To do this, simply go to the file you downloaded, and then extract the ZIP file first to get the CSH file. Once extracted, simply double click on the CSH file and it will automatically install in your Photoshop program. This procedure works with Adobe Photoshop CS3 and later versions.

Another way to install the CSH file is to manually load the shapes on your Photoshop program. First, make sure that the custom shape tool is selected on the toolbar panel. And then, go to shape tool option, click on the settings icon (gear icon), click “load shapes”, select the CSH file you extracted and click “load” to load the shapes.

These hipster mustache shapes were created in Adobe Photoshop CC so they are compatible with CS3 and later versions of the program. Below is a preview featuring all the hipster mustache shapes in this set.

Best mustache for round face

TERMS OF USE: As with our other resources, these hipster mustache shapes are free for personal, non-commercial purposes only. Also, please refrain from making them available for download outside of this site. If you want other people to know about these freebies, please refer them to this original post. Also, HOTLINKING to the archived file is not allowed.

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