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Casually getting ready for Movember's "Shave The Date" during a Shavecation at Kimpton Solamar Hotel. Movember styles 2015.

Sock Prostate Cancer! (Photos by Chandler Donoho)

Truth be told, a mustache is an inconvenience. Granted, they look good on some gents. Staches were de rigueur in the 1970s—especially if you drove a white van with no windows, or were connected to the adult entertainment industry. But with apologies to Al Gore, since the creation of Movember in 2004, growing a “Mo” once a year has become an inconvenient truth.

The Movember Foundation encourages men to grow a mustache during November to raise awareness and research funding for men’s health issues like prostate and testicular cancer. The Mo’s we grow are visual cues to create dialogues that encourage guys to schedule an annual check-up and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

This year will mark the 13th time my upper lip has gone fuzzy for the cause. But never one to be a martyr when a silver lining is in reach, this year I’m kicking off Movember with a Shavecation.

Yep, call the marketing department. I’m coining a new phrase. You’ve heard of vacations, staycations and even babycations. A Shavecation is when you check into a hotel or resort with the intent to clear your mind, charge your personal battery and prepare to become a proper Mo Bro.

Best moustache for bald head

The rules of Movember

For the record, there isn’t a Movember police force roaming the land. But there are guidelines for growing a Mo:

1. Shave clean on November 1, the day known as “Shave The Date.”

2. For the rest of the month, shave the rest of your face—except for the part that will constitute your stache.

3. Participation in Movember does not technically include goatees or beards (No-Shave November is a completely different, less-demanding charitable operation). A Mo should not connect to any hairy parts located on your chin or your sideburns.

4. People will ask, “Hey, man, what’s that thing on your lip?” Tell them it’s a Movember Mo. When applicable, engage in a conversation about men’s health.

Mustache types and names

5. Sell your Mo. Ask people to donate to the cause. For example, you can go to and make a tax-deductible donation on my official MO Page. See how easy “the ask” is?

My Kimpton Shavecation

I’ll be doing Shave The Date at San Diego’s Kimpton Solamar Hotel. This Shavecation will give me time to mentally prepare for the rigors of facial-hair maintenance and care.

The Solamar, and sister property the Kimpton Hotel Palomar San Diego, are taking care of Mo Bros and Sistas. Since 2015, they’ve offered a #FlashYourStache program that rewards mustache-minded guests with giveaways. See this link for details.

One more thing that some resort getaway time will lend a Mo Bro—neophyte and veteran alike—is the ability to plan the Mo that you’ll wear all month. I’ve gone with character-driven Mo’s in the past, including Ron Burgundy, Creepy Rob Lowe (from the Direct TV commercials), Kid Rock and The Kingsman.

Preferred styles vary based on personality and facial-hair-growth ability. Consider:

Thin mustache

The Chevron. What Tom Selleck still rocks. It used to be called a Magnum P.I.—back before a remake of that classic TV show came out with a blasphemously un-stache-y lead character. Like Ron Burgundy’s flavor-saver, The Chevron should be well-groomed, maybe even waxed.

The Horseshoe. Runs longer down the side of your face. Is more rugged and requires less shaving and grooming. Warning: The Horseshoe can be somewhat scarier to the general public, and even loved ones.

The Pencil-Thin. This sliver of hair just above the upper lip is straight outta the 1940s—fashionable worn by the likes of Clark Gable, though Brad Pitt has given it a go. Doesn’t require a bush of hair like The Chevron, but does call for more grooming than The Horseshoe.

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