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We “mustache” you a question: are you participating in No-Shave November/Movember? To celebrate the fun month-long holiday that also raises awareness for men’s health, we’ve pulled together a list of titles that deal with the cultivation—or lack thereof—of hair. Even if you can’t physically grow a mustache, you’re going to want to “shave” this list for some fun reads. Movember styles 2015.

First up we have The Inspirational Moustache by Studio April and Ziggy Hanaor, published by Cicada Books . Celebrating the mustache’s return to popularity, this book combines gorgeous photographs with key grooming tips for the ultimate mustache.

One Thou sand Mustaches by Allan Peterkin and published by Arsenal Pulp Press takes readers on a journey through the cultural history of the ‘stache. Not only that, it’s also a handy guide to the many different styles of mustaches, from a handlebar to a Fu Manchu.

Old school mustache styles

Unshaven: Modern Women, Natural Bodies by Nikki Silver and Tina Horn and published by ThreeL Media / Stone Bridge Press , is a gorgeous photo book that celebrates women who choose not to shave. Whimsical, defiant, naturalistic, and sensual, this book will make you think about the regulations society puts on hair.

Looking for a fictional tale involving a mythical mustache? Check out The Mustache Man by Priya Ramanathan and Garima Gupta, published by Karadi Tales . Full of fun, laughter, and mischief, this picture book has gorgeous illustrations and features a mysterious mustachioed character.

How to grow a full mustache

Happy No-Shave November/Movember!
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