Mustache. Avengers moustache battle between Robert Downey Jr, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Metro News

The three best friends (Picture: Getty Images for Walt Disney Studios) How many types of mustaches are there.

Wow, this is one doozy for a Thursday morning – who would you rather: Robert Downey Jr, Mark Ruffalo or Chris Evans?

Before you answer, let us mention we’re talking about their moustaches and nothing else.

There seems to be a new battle brewing in the land of the Avengers, after Robert, who plays Iron Man/Tony Stark, issued a real Sophie’s Choice to punters this week.

Taking to Twitter, the actor shared an image of his tickly lip foliage compared with that of Chris, AKA Captain America/Steve Rogers, and Mark – the man we call Hulk/Bruce Banner.

Not taking any prisoners, Rob cut right to the chase as he demanded to know: ‘Ok this time it’s real—Who wore it best, @ChrisEvans @MarkRuffalo?’

The three photos are absolutely magnifique, as well *kisses fingertips*.

Mustache growth

Robert’s is of him at the Iron Man press conference in Tokyo in 2008, while Chris is hanging at the launch of the Broadway play Lobby Hero last year. Mark’s is a throwback with an old portrait shot by photographer Jim Wright.

Obviously Mark was all over that demand, as well, being a man of the internet and what not, as he replied pretty much straight away.

‘I mustache…does quantity count?’ the dad said, using a very dad joke to illustrate said dad-ness. ‘Or different kinds of mustaches?

‘I’ve seen quite a few unique styles over the years.’

I mustache…does quantity count? Or different kinds of mustaches? I've seen quite a few unique styles over the years

Chris is yet to pipe up about his own soup strainer but we can only assume the clapback will be as epic as Thanos’s Snap.

New mustache styles

Fans did throw their own choices into the ring, but mostly it was volunteering other Avengers into the moustache pit. From Tom Hiddleston’s imaginary moustache he’s twirled into our lives, to the face lace Chris Hemsworth has previously sported.

Paul Rudd also owns a pretty impressive ‘tache when push comes to shove.

It comes as we eagerly push forward to the April release date of Endgame, the final chapter in the third phase of the MCU.

There is no promise any of these men will sport moustaches, and there is but a mere crumb catcher (how many more moustache slang words can we fit in here?) possessed only by Robert in the latest trailer.

In the brand new two-minute teaser, Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) has joined her fellow Avengers after Thanos’ deadly snap and makes acquaintances with Thor, played by Chris H.

It looks like Captain Marvel has instantly received Thor’s seal of approval as he smiles and remarks: ‘I like this one.’

Make your mustache grow

Elsewhere in the trailer, Robert as Tony makes an appearance, alongside Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Ant-Man (old mate Paul), hinting that he’ll make his return to Earth after he was last seen floating in the middle of space, left for dead.

Prepare for heartbreak though as the trailer also shows scenes of funerals so Thanos’ snap definitely didn’t end well for some of our beloved superheroes.
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