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New season, new wardrobe and let’s not forget about a new look. And while men can change their looks with new hairstyles every few months, it’s just not possible with the beard. Because, first – it takes months to grow a beard of full size and second – if you have grown it with so much patience then it’s only fair that you rock your new beard style until your heart is content. Of course, that depends on the length of your beard and all that. But one thing you might not have counted on was a perfect beard made just for your face shape. Believe it or not, but not every beard style suits every face shape. And that’s why today we will see Beard Styles for Oval Face so your beard style indeed suits you. So let’s start with Men’s Facial Hair Styles for Oval Face. Round face mustache styles.

What Face Shape Do You Have?

Before jumping on the beard styles train, why not make sure that you indeed have an oval face. “Hey man, what are they talking about all these face shapes for beard styles these days? I don’t get it!” I’m sure some of the men might have muttered things like that and for all of them, this is the perfect opportunity to clear this confusion. Let’s have a brief talk about your face shape.

There are different face shapes such as round face, square face, rectangular face, triangular face, oval face, etc. Since we are talking about oval shape here let’s start from there. A man with an oval face will find the length of his forehead as same as of his chin with a little more stretch. And yes, you are one lucky person with the oval face because almost all hairstyles and beard styles work for you. Round face is equal in length and width of the face while square faces have defined jawlines and minimal curves. Here are some cool beard styles for the round face. Rectangular faces, also known as oblong faces are longer while triangular faces are slightly on the longer side.

Being a man with an ideal face has its perks. Start with the light stubble that will give you a five o’ clock shadow and will give you that sexy roguish look.

Moustache design trend

If looking for a sleek and effortless style then try a mustache and chin strap beard style. You will have to shave off almost all of your face except the mustache and the hair along the jawline. But you can make your variations like this. Got a shaved head? Well, here are some great beard hairstyles for you to rock.

Talking about beard styles and not include goatee will be like the biggest crime ever. After all, who doesn’t like that sexy Tony Stark look? But goatee styles vary a lot such a simple goatee and then there is a prominent goatee that includes the face full of hair with only the goatee grown thicker.

Speak of longest of them! Or at least as long as you want. Garibaldi beard can be anywhere from three to twelve inches long with the thumb rule that it must have a round end.

French man mustache

Mustache Styles for Oval Face

You know about short beard to rock on your oval face until you grow long facial hair and get that wild look with longer beard styles. But amidst this, don’t miss out on the joys of different mustache styles that will enhance your look. Here are the mustache styles that are perfect for oval faces.
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