How to trim a long mustache. 10 Mustache Style Fails

Mustache styles happen to be very much in style right now! My question for you is what kind of mustache style happens to be your favorite or do you find yourself avoiding guys with mustaches? It’s important to make sure that you pick out the right kind of mustache style that looks good on you. Maybe you’re thinking of a rock in roll type of mustache style or some other kind of style but it could end up not looking that great on you. If you’re thinking of a mustache style then you might want to check out these 10 Mustache Style Fails before you decide on what one you would like to have. Crazy mustache styles.

You spin my mustache spiral round, spiral wait, it’s you spin my head right round, right round when you go down, when you go down down. I just can’t help but to think of that song when I see this mustache. Forget the eyes, the hair color, his body features because he had me at mustache.

It’s a tattoo, no wait it’s a mustache, no wait it’s the front of his head, no wait it’s a Mustache Tattoo fail! If you want something different then you might want to think about a mustache tattoo on the back of your head. Just kidding. However, this man obviously doesn’t think it’s a fail and finds it very cool. What are your thoughts of this mustache tattoo?

While I must admit that this is a creative way to have a unique mustache it’s just wrong to me. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s not completed or perhaps it’s because it’s two toned. After looking at it more I think that his mustache has more then two colors now I do see some gray in it. Maybe that’s what he’s trying to hide. Ohhh, a mid life crisis mustache perhaps? Anything to look young and cool.

Why is this called the Pubescent Mustache? It’s because pubescent means covered with short soft hair and approaching the age of puberty. Maybe he’s actually doing both of them at the same time. I am sure that he feels totally grown up with the mustache and doesn’t think he’s just approaching the age of puberty. What are your thoughts? Does it make him look older?

Mustache trimming guide

It’s a bird, it’s a plane no it’s Superman Beard! If you’ve ever wanted to be a superhero but you do not have any talents then you might consider turning your beard into Superman. Not a fan of superman? Don’t worry. There’s also other super hero beard styles you could do such as Batman.

If you find yourself completely unsure as to what kind of mustache you should go after, try the question mark mustache. You can never be in the wrong with the question mark mustache. When in doubt, you can always just point to your mustache. I am sure that you’ll become very famous and rich soon enough with this kind of mustache. Not sure? I’ll just leave it off with a question mark while you’re thinking about it?

I am not so sure if you’ve seen this before or not but for whatever reason, the forehead mustache is starting to become popular. Maybe men just like having two mustaches instead of one? What do you think ladies? Does he look like the kind of man you’d want to marry later on and have babies with? Maybe you’ll have babies with two mustaches that looks just like daddy.

If you want to comb over your mustache or comb over your hair, you might want to check out this mustache. I recommend this one for ages 40 and above unless if you started out with not having much hair. If you find yourself not sure as to what part you should comb over, you can always ask your friends. I am sure that they will be happy to answer.

Imperial mustache

When you’re not completely happy with the mustache that you have or you want to look cool, you might want to consider getting a tattoo on your lips. I am sure that this might help with winning the woman of your dreams. If the mustache tattoo doesn’t do it for her maybe the lip ring might.

A woman’s worst nightmare. The epic brown mustache fail. Need I say more?

You never know when an epic fail might turn into the greatest style ever. Go ahead, show off that mustache rather we think it’s a fail or not. Own it and be proud.
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