Popular mustache styles. 7 Best Mustache Waxes, 2019 (Buyer s Guide for Every Mustache Style)

One of the most popular men’s grooming styles for decades (just look at pictures of your Dad from the ’80s), it was almost killed off in the ’90s/ 00’s obsession with pre-pubescent man-children (thank you, Justin Timberlake). How to line up moustache.

Thankfully for testosterone loaded men everywhere, this manliest of grooming style is firmly back and looking better than ever.

From Henry Cavill’s $3 million ‘tache all the way to the soup-strainer you yourself may be rocking, the mustache is back where it belongs – on your upper lip and riding high in the style charts.

Styling and grooming a mustache is also easier than ever, thanks to the multitude of quality mustache oriented products now available.

In this guide, we are going to help you to navigate a line up of the very best mustache wax products out there right now and help you to find the right one for your furry friend.

Use the table of contents below to jump to the sections most important to you.

Before we get to our shaving brush reviews, in this first section we’ll highlight the features that you should bear in mind while reading our mustache wax reviews.

Remember them, and they will help you to find the right wax to suit your needs, as each feature will be more or less important depending on what you’re looking for in the right wax to groom and style your lip rug.

The hold is one of the most important features – in fact, some would argue that this is the whole point of wax!

We have rated the wax hold level as Soft, Medium and Strong.

There is actually only one product that even approaches Soft as a rating since quality hold is really one of the stand out features of the best mustache wax.

It goes without saying, but if you have an extra long mustache or want to add extra style, look for waxes with strong hold.

2. Scent

We know that scent is important to you guys – but it is also really hard for us to tell you what the scent is in words only!

Come on guys, don’t send us hate mail, we’re doing the best we can.

We’ve described wax’s scent so you have a rough idea of what to expect.

We’ve also included a couple of waxes with no scent, so look out for those if you don’t like much fragrance in your waxes.

3. Petroleum Jelly?

Petroleum jelly can clog the pores causing acne and other skin complaints.

At the same time, it can make the wax easier to apply so we’ve included a few options for you on the list.

4. Price Tag

Anywhere from 10 to 20 bucks is about the price range for wax, so there isn’t a huge variation.

Of course, if you have a big mustache – or just want to keep your grooming budget under the control – you may want to keep an eye on the price.

Also, remember that since wax is a pretty simple product, even cheaper options can still be high quality, simply by cutting back on a few of the extra ingredients and bits and bobs found on premium models.

So don’t write off the cheaper options too quickly.

4. All Natural?

Finally, we know that some of you like an all natural ingredient list because you want natural, organic items in the formula of a product that will be so close to your skin.

We also know that some of you don’t care, so long as the wax does a good job.

So we’ve provided examples of both.

We’re going to kick off our list with this offering from Mountaineer Brand.

This is an all natural, beeswax rich formula that offers excellent value for money and a very good hold level.

Maybe… though perhaps not if you live in Florida.

Who Is It Best For?

A man who is looking for strong and all natural hold and is outdoors a lot.

Key Features

If you are looking for a mustache wax from a manufacturer who places a big premium on all natural ingredients, then this could be the one for one.

We’ve rapped about this in our feature list above, and we know, from the correspondence we get, that all natural is important to a lot of you.

If you’re one of them, this wax could be for you.

Of course, just being all natural is not going to be enough of a feature to make its way onto our list.

Fortunately, this wax from the stable of the Mountaineer Brand of grooming products is packing a whole lot more.

For one thing, the ingredient list is packed out with not one but two quality hydrating oils, which are Almond and Coconut oil.

No, a wax is not designed to provide the same levels of hydration as the best mustache or even best beard wax on the market.

That being said, there is no reason why a little extra natural oil can be thrown in to add a little more hydration power, so it’s good to see.

The pure beeswax formula provides a hold that is perhaps half a level below a truly strong hold.

It does have the power to tame and mold most mustaches, and you can rely on the style you apply lasting for quite a while – though it may not quite have the strength for more outlandish styles like a handlebar.

One thing we do like about this wax is that it has the power to sustain hold during outside wear, especially in cold weather.

Some waxes can really struggle to hold up the promise they give in the bathroom mirror, especially during inclement weather.

As you would expect from a product from the Mountaineer Brand though this is not a concern here.

That being said, and again perhaps because of the mountain origin of this brand, we have heard reports of this wax struggling to maintain that hold in especially hot and humid weather.

If you live in Florida then, you may need to check out some alternatives unless you want a droopy mustache.

They do have an extra firm version in the event that one of the above circumstances applies to you.

For everyone else, this is an all-natural product with a very good hold level.

It also comes in a 2 Oz tin, whereas many moustache waxes seem to come in a 1 Oz tin as standard.

That big size, along with the low price also means that this is a very good quality mustache wax that is also extremely good value for money.

Grave Before Shave is a company we are very fond off, and they have seen products placed highly in some of our previous buying guides.

Here, they are bringing a quality mustache wax with a very unique aroma.

Who Is It Best For?

Any man looking for a wax that allows you to change up your styling on the fly.

Key Features

When it comes to discussing the stand out features of this wax, we have just got to start with the scent.

We have to do this because it is both one of the biggest potential strengths, but also a potential weakness of this product.

The scent is pretty… unique, let’s put it that way.

It is a quite heavy cigar scent with a subtle vanilla undertone.

How to have a moustache

To some people, this is going to invoke an aroma of deep luxury and a very attractive style of hyper-masculine fragrance.

Other people though will disagree!

We can’t tell you if this is a good or a bad scent because frankly, the aroma is such an objective thing.

But you’ll know better than us whether the woody and smoky scent of the cigar is good or not.

If not, move on because there are plenty of waxes out there with a scent you will like.

If it sounds nice to you stick around.

There is, of course, a whole heap more to this wax than just the scent.

The ingredients list, for example, gives a good idea of the other good features of this product.

We have beeswax deployed here as the main hold giving ingredient – though do note it is backed up by petroleum jelly.

Essential oils are also here for a limited level of hydration, and it is great to see Jojoba Oil here too – that stuff is dynamite for healthy hair, and we love to see it on an ingredient list.

There is another cool feature to this mustache wax, and that is the fact that it does not dry as stiff as some other waxes.

This is credit where it’s due, probably due to that injection of petroleum jelly in the formula.

In practical terms this means that whilst this wax dries to provide a decent hold, it’s only a semi-permanent style.

That means that you can change up your style on the fly, adjusting your mustache shape or appearance long after you actually applied the wax.

That’s not something you can do with every moustache wax out there, so if that sounds like something that appeals to you, certainly take a closer look at this product.

We should also point out that this wax is crazy cheap.

Yes, it is the standard 1 Oz tin, but it costs less than any other product on our list today.

Invented by a Fireman, this high quality and hand poured mustache wax provides a very strong and long-lasting hold.

It really is an ideal mustache grooming product which is also fragrance-free.

Is it the best option for you though?

Who Is It Best For?

Any man looking for a strong and long-lasting hold and/or any man looking for a quality wax with no artificial fragrance.

Key Features

There are a couple of stand out features with this excellent wax from Firehouse Moustache.

First of all, since we spent so much time discussing the scent of the product above, let’s be fair and kick off with the scent of this wax first.

This wax has a scent of… nothing.

Now, that is not to say it has no smell, that’s not true.

But what we actually mean here is that there has been no fragrance added to this wax.

Just as with the last product, this is potential strength and a potential weakness.

If the wax’s fragrance is important, if you want it to smell great – then this may not be for you.

On the other hand, if you don’t like having a strong aroma on a product you wear directly beneath your nose, this could be a winner.

Then there are the people who don’t really care about the scent of the wax too much either way.

For those people, we would suggest that this wax could be a real winner, especially if they are looking for a product that provides outstanding strength of hold.

Its inventor was John Pitts, a fireman from Mississippi.

He worked long and hard to perfect his homebrew, DIY mustache wax into one that delivered the strongest possible hold – and oh boy did he succeed.

If you have a mustache that other waxes have struggled to tame, or if you are looking for a style like a Handlebar that requires super high levels of strength then this wax should interest you.

In addition to that though not only is this product very strong, it is also very long lasting.

Not only is it long lasting though, but this is a wax that does really well in hot and humid conditions – perhaps not a surprising feature in a product designed by a fireman!

(So unlike the Mountaineer Brand wax we looked at above, this wax is very much recommended for residents of Florida. God bless that state.)

Unfortunately, not everything is sunny in the firehouse, however, and there are a few things to know about this wax.

First of all, it is not cheap.

Yes, it is hand made in the US, that’s great.

But it is also the most expensive wax on our list today.

Secondly, it is a little on the dark side.

It does dry pretty clear, but it can leave some mild coloring especially around the roots of any gent with a lighter colored mustache.

But third is the fact that John Pitts has kept the natural ingredients list a closely guarded secret.

Whilst we doubt that there is anything worrying in here, it makes it hard to recommend the wax to, for example, men with sensitive skin.

Come on Mr. Pitts, even KFC isn’t as cagey about their chicken recipe anymore.

Apart from that though this is a quality wax that could be especially appealing to anyone looking for extremely strong and long-lasting hold.

Yes, we know this is a beard wax – calm down!

Truth is, we’ve included this wax because it serves a purpose that no other mustache wax on our list is quite able to do.

Is it the right one for you?

Who Is It Best For?

Any man who needs a wax that delivers deep hydration and a little TLC to a mustache that needs a little help and care.

Key Features

As you may know, if you’ve read many of our other buying guides, we like to throw a few curveballs onto our lists.

This product, a beard wax, is our curveball today.

Uh-huh you heard us, we’ve put a beard wax onto our list of mustache wax – yeah that’s right, we’re pretty crazy.

Which moustache suits me

Don’t worry though, this is not an ordinary beard wax.

It is, in fact, one of the best beard wax products on the market right now – and it is especially well suited for mustaches too.

In particular, it also means that this wax is ideal for mustaches that need a little tender loving care.

That, in fact, is why we have had to include a beard wax on our best moustache wax list.

We always like to put a product that can be useful for men whose facial hair need a little boost.

We do this because we’ve all been there before.

You can do all that and still have bouts of flaking (or “Beardruff”) and itchy beard, facial hair or skin.

It’s nothing to worry about, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, it happens to every man with facial hair from time to time.

When it does happen you need to tackle it from every angle, and a wax with excellent conditioning and hydrating can be a key weapon.

Trouble is, because of the way they are made, a normal mustache wax may not be able to help you out here.

Beard wax and this offering from Seven Potions is a prime example, are usually packed full of oils that are perfect to treat a sickly beard.

In this case, here we have coconut oil, palm oil, jojoba oil, and peach kernel oil – we even have some beard butters in there in the shape of cocoa butter.

That is a very impressive natural ingredient range there – and they are all totally natural and organic too.

That’s awesome, and can be really helpful in soothing a dry and itchy mustache.

One thing to bear in mind is that as a beard wax, this product is not going to give the same level of hold as a dedicated mustache wax, so don’t expect to tame an extra long mustache.

But if you need a little healthy boost for your ‘tache, this could be a great investment.

Next up we have a wax with a short ingredient list and pretty non-descript packaging.

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover though, because there is a quality mustache wax hiding beneath that plain exterior.

Who Is It Best For?

Any man who needs a very, very strong level of hold

Key Features

This stuff is the Incredible Hulk of mustache wax.

No, we don’t mean it will hulk out in rage if you annoy it, nor do we mean that this wax comes with a free pair of the strongest pants in the universe.

What we mean is that this stuff is strong.

This wax from CanYouHandleBar is all about the strength, which you may guess from the company name actually.

It’s almost like they are asking the other waxes that very question.

The answers will range from a possible to a definite no.

But the answer to can you handle bar with this wax is a big, yes, and that really highlights the key stand out feature of this product.

The Handle Bar, if grown and styled correctly, is nothing less than a feat of gravity-defying engineering.

The cement that holds the mustache together is, of course, the wax, but few beard and mustache waxes actually have the strength level to hold it.

This wax is a powerful exception.

But of course, you don’t have to use it just for a Handle Bar.

If you have an interest in mustache grooming and even facial hair styling, this product can be a key weapon in your styling arsenal.

It has the strength to support and hold nearly any style you can think of grooming your beard and mustache into.

It could also be very useful for simply taming a longer, thicker or wilder mustache or beard.

Where another wax may keep things together for a few hours, this beast will lock down even the wildest of face fuzz into a manageable and good looking mane.

It’s obvious that the strength of the wax itself is its main selling point, hence why we’ve banged on about it so much, and thought up that great joke about Hulk’s pants.

Well, we enjoyed it anyway.

But that is also doing something of a disservice to this wax because there is a lot else to like about it too.

That plain packaging is actually a good symbol for this product in general.

It has an ingredient list that is nice and short, stretching to just six ingredients.

It even has no added fragrance – although the Lanolin and coconut oil in the formula adds a very mild but pleasant aroma to the wax.

It is pure, simple and very effective.

It is slightly harder to apply than some other waxes, mainly due to the high concentration of beeswax that has been crammed into this tin.

You need to spend a little extra time warming this wax before you apply it, or you may end up with some clumping in your ‘tache.

But for that little extra effort, you are getting a truly quality wax here with unsurpassed strength of hold.

From one of the plainer looking waxes on our list, next up we are going to look at one with the coolest marketing campaigns around.

Behind the WW2 bomber nose, art and goofy free guitar pick though there is a quality moustache wax to enjoy here

Who Is It Best For?

Any man looking for an easy to apply wax that leaves a strong but natural looking finish.

Key Features

First off, we really like this company!

Stache Bomb just make products that are fun, and sometimes that is exactly what you want – a product that you actually enjoy using.

Is that too much to ask for?

Better than that though, but the wax that is found beneath the cool pictures and gimmicks is actually really, really good too.

On some levels, it is quite a basic wax, with the smallest ingredient list of any product we’ve looked at today.

All it contains is beeswax, fragrance and petroleum jelly.

First of all beeswax – lots and lots of beeswax.

Old timey moustache

That means that this beard and mustache wax provides a very high level of hold.

Second, we have a simple but pleasant fragrance.

It is actually a very fresh kind of smell, with pine dominating but a nice citrus undertone.

So far so good, and then we get to the old petroleum jelly.

We’ve talked about this several times already, but petroleum jelly has its good points and its bad points.

If you really don’t want a product that contains it, then move on to a different wax – there are plenty of products on this list that don’t contain it.

If you don’t mind it though, it does serve a good purpose with this product.

Specifically, it means that this wax is very easy to apply.

The jelly helps to make the wax softer and it also helps it heat up better.

You need only very limited warm-up time before this bad boy is ready to go – and that can be a very useful feature indeed.

In addition to this, this wax also gives a very good finish.

Firstly as we said it is very strong, making it perfect for use as a styling wax.

We also really like the overall finish that this wax produces.

It’s not greasy or stiff, despite that strong level of hold it can generate.

If we had to label it, we would say that it gives a good “natural” finish – it’s really hard to actually tell that you are wearing any product in your ‘tache at all.

We should point out that if this product has one weakness, it is one that this wax shares with the Wicked Witch of the West – a real aversion to water.

It is nice and easy to wash out in the shower though, which is a plus.

But it is also easily washed out by rain and sweat.

Something to bear in mind if you are out in the elements a lot, or play a lot of sport.

All in all, though, this is a quality and easy to use wax that lives up to its fun image.

We’re going to finish up our best moustache wax reviews section by taking a look at an offering from a real stalwart of the male grooming industry, Honest Amish.

Who Is It Best For?

Men with an interest in a more styled looking mustache.

Key Features

One of the key features is, well, it’s from Honest Amish!

That means that you are getting the guarantee of quality that label brings.

It is in fact very impressive, and much to their credit, that now, more than 35 years since their first grooming product hit the market, Honest Amish is still one of the most popular brands when it comes to mustache grooming and facial hair styling.

Oops, there’s that word again – beard.

Yes, this is primarily a beard wax, or at least it is marketed that way.

But it is also one of the lighter beard waxes out there, and to us that makes it fine to use on a mustache.

It also means that this product can bring some of the benefits of being a beard wax in a mustache world.

For one thing, as we saw with the Seven Potions beard wax we looked at above, this wax is packed full of more oils and butters than you will see in moustache wax.

Whilst we recommended Seven Potions due it’s high essential oil content, that made that wax like a medicinal Band-Aid for a sickly mustache, we are recommending this product for a whole other reason.

We are putting this wax forward as a perfect option for men looking for style in their mustache.

That is due to the high butter content in this wax – specifically beard butter.

When this butter is combined with the high proportion of wax in this product, you are seeing a style tool being born.

The wax provides strength, whilst the butters provide hydration, luster, and body.

Basically, if you want to simply tame your mustache and contain any frizzy hairs or split ends, this wax is probably a bit too much.

If however, you have a solid idea on just what you want to do with the style of your facial hair, if your mustache is just as much a part of your appearance as slipping on a new shirt or box-fresh sneakers – take a look at this wax.

There is of course also the fact that this is an Honest Amish product, something we touched on above.

That means, above all else, quality ingredients and here that translates to a wax that is packed out with all natural and organic ingredients.

Be warned, it does take a little while to warm up prior to application.

That can add minutes to your grooming regime, but if you have the patience you are going to end up with a high-quality wax perfectly formed to help you achieve any mustache styling dreams you may harbor.

So there you go, that is our list of the best mustache wax products on the market right now.

The next question of course though is how do you use your new wax?

If only someone could write the definitive guide on how to use your new wax…

The most important thing is that your mustache is clean, so we would suggest giving your mustache a good scrub with a quality beard shampoo.

At the same time, you also need to ensure that your wax is warmed. This will help you to get the wax out the tin in the first place, as well as making it easier to work into your beard. You can put the tin in a bowl of hot water, near a heating vent or even blast it for a minute or two with a hairdryer.

Once your mustache is clean and your wax is warm, time to get to work. Remember you only need a very small amount, probably about the size of the nail on your little finger. Scoop this out and rub it between your thumb and forefinger to make sure it is as soft as possible.

Apply to the center of your mustache, and work outwards toward the tips. Work the wax evenly through the hair, working clumps into the hairs as you find them.

Style your ‘tache into whatever you want it to look and then hit the streets to show off your new face fuzz.

Got a question about finding the best mustache wax?

This could be the right place for it.

Overall rating page: 3.8 / 5 left 650 people.

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