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Are you looking for the best Trending & Do-able Short Beard Styles for Men? Short Beard styles are an ideal option for a stylish No Shave November. They are the most trending style of Men’s Fashion. Mustache for face shape.

They are fashionable and very much office friendly. But, are you wondering which beard style is best suited for you as per your face shape? Then, first of all, you have to determine your face shape. Look at the picture below and identify your face shape. Or, you can measure your face length as I have explained below:

How to determine your face shape?

First measure your eyebrow arch length from one side to other,

Then your cheekbone arch length,

Then your Jawline length up-to your chin, (double it for calculation)

And lastly, the length of your face, from the tip of your forehead to the tip of chin.

Now as per your calculations, you can determine your exact face shape

If all the measurements are almost equal sized, you have a square face.

If Length of the forehead is longer than your jawline you have a circular face.

If face length is the longest then you have an oval or oblong face

If you have your jaw length and face length almost similar and your forehead and cheekbone length almost similar, you’ve got a rectangular face.

Now, once that you’ve established which face shape you have, go ahead and check out the best short beard styles for that particular face shape.

Goatee beard without moustache

Check out the different Doable Short Beard styles for Men trending in 2018


Short Beard Styles has seen a lot of changes in the recent past. From Stubble styles to Van Dyke or others, here is the list of best Short Beard Styles for Men belonging to all age groups. The list is broken into 5 categories for your convenience. You can choose your favorite short beard style as per your choice and flaunt it this No Shave November.

Short Beard Styles for Round Face

A round face has soft hair and jawline. Since your face has a general roundness to it, you can try out beards which give an angular look to your face.

Like the Boxed Beards or Van Dyke Beard style. You can also try to keep a Goatee. However, if you are growing a stubble, do keep your sides short and well trimmed always.

This angular, lined and neatly trimmed beard looks very handsome on you guys.

Check out the best short beard styles for Round face

Light Stubble

Medium Stubble

A medium Stubble, which is neatly trimmed and is moisturized regularly is a perfect beard style for round face.

Horse Shoe Mustache & Soul Patch

Horse Shoe Mustache gives you that rugged look, which is just what is needed to give a seductive makeover to a round face.

Boxed Beard

Short Boxed Beard is among the latest Beard styles for men, which gained popularity because it’s very much feasible and perfect for office goers.

Van Dyke

Van Dyke is a unique Beard style. However, when sported on a round face, it takes away from the curves and gives your face an angular and sharp look.

Balbo Beard Style

Balbo Beard style is a very popular beard style. This style should be preferred by you if you are thinking on getting a new look, this time.


Goatee is ever popular and of course, needs no introduction. Get the popular bad boy look with the different kinds of Goatee written below.

Moustache model

Half Goatee

Patch Goatee

Short Beard Styles for Square Face

Since square faces have roughly similar angles on all the sides, a broad forehead along with a sharp and broad hairline & jawline, you guys must have fewer sideburns. Sideburns block your face.

So keep it trimmed even if you are going for a stubble look.

You guys look the best with popular chin beard styles like the Goatee or Circle Beard or Chin Strap, which gives a softer tone to your otherwise angular face.

Check out the best short beard styles for Square face

Circle Beard with perfectly trimmed sideburns

Patchy beard with handlebar mustache

Dark Shadow-line Beard style

Royale Beard

Chin Strap


Patchy Goatee

Full goatee

Anchor Beard

Mid length Beard and Spike Hairs

Short Beard Styles for Oval Face

An oval face is actually quite similar to a round face, except it is a bit longer towards the chin.

Did you know, Oval is the most common of all face shapes! Hence almost all beard styles look great on these guys.

However, a lot of regular maintenance, shampooing and Beard Oil is definitive to avoid bursting whiskers.

Check out the best short beard styles for Oval & Oblong face

3-day Stubble Beard

Horse Shoe Mustache

Original Stache

Chevron Mustache and light Stubble Beard

Chin Dimple Short Beards

Short Beard Styles for Rectangular Face

Rectangular Faces are generally long faces.

They are quite similar to Oblong face, however, still a bit different. Rectangular face shapes rock the full sides beard styles.

One such popular style is the Mutton Chops. Rectangular faces are generally thin faces and hence, sideburns help to give a fuller look.

Walrus moustache how to grow

You guys can also try out the Lazy Celebrity look with disheveled hairs and longer chin goatee like the actor Brad Pitt.

Check out the best short beard styles for Rectangular face

Mutton Chops

Friendly Mutton Chops

Vintage Sideburns and Mustache

Mustache and Chin strap

5 O’ Clock Shadow Beard

Chin Strap

Lazy celebrity

Brad Pitt’s Lazy Celebrity look is just perfect for Oblong or Rectangular faces. It gives a unique bohemian touch to your modern look.

Short Beard Styles for Older Guys

Salt & Pepper Beardstache

Short Full Grey Beard

This is one of the best trends of Short salt and Pepper Beard styles.

Chin Curtain Goatee

Salt and Pepper Beard

Patchy grey beard and black mustache

This looks so suave and fashionable. This is perfect for silver and black hair guys. It perfectly complements your maturity with age and doesn’t fail to lend you a rugged – active and charming look!

Grey Circle Beard

This beard style complements your age giving you that matured look, which is quintessential of Grey Beards. This is a popular Indian Beard style trend as well.

Short Tapered Grey Beard

Hence, this was the list of the Trending and Do-able Short Beard Styles for men with different face shapes and ages. If you liked this article, then also read my other blogs on Beard Styles and Men’s Fashion. Also share this article, if you liked it on your social media pages. Until Next time!
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