The handlebar mustache. How To Grow A Thicker Mustache: Be The Mustache Legend You Wish To Be

The mustache is the facial hair between the nose and upper lip. The social acceptance for mustached men becomes gets higher by the day and the reason behind it is not quite surprising. Simply put, it enhances the appearance and says a lot about the personality of a man. How to do a mustache.

There are diverse styles of mustache out there and it would take just a few trials to find one that would fit you perfectly. One thing remains necessary though, you would need to grow very thick mustache to be able to experiment with the styles. Some mustache styles even demand that you grow your mustache and make them thicker.

This article therefore focuses on how to grow a thicker mustache. I hope to give you recommendations on how to grow a thicker mustache and also recommend some useful products that would help. Growing that tiger mustache is definitely possible.

Grow A Thicker Mustache With These Simple Steps

Do The Psychological Preparation

The first few weeks of letting your mustache grow fuller than usual would come with a fair share of awkwardness. Your mustache is not going to spurt out all at once and those days of initial growth are going to raise some questions. It has been discovered that most men give up on growing a full mustache because they can’t deal with the initial disapproval from people.

This makes getting yourself mentally prepared the most important step in growing a thick mustache because confidence matters a lot at the start. Make a decision to sport your growing mustache with confidence. You should also be prepared for the itchiness that comes with the initial stages of growing a facial hair. Making these psychological preparations would prevent you from shaving your mustache midway between growth.

Let Your Beards Grow

Beard and mustache are closely related and it is almost impossible to grow one without the other. It is necessary to let your beards grow as this would cause a faster mustache growth. Mustaches grow slower than beards so I advice you don’t shave it off at all if you’re aiming for a thick mustache.

Some people believe that frequent shaving makes the facial hair grow back faster, this is not true. I recommend that you stay away from shaving your facial for about a month if you want a thicker mustache.

Moreover, letting your beard grow alongside your mustache would greatly reduce the awkwardness that comes with leaving your chin bare and having a growing mustache.

Stick To Your Preferred Pattern

Mustaches tend to grow out of pattern if not controlled. Letting your mustache grow without a pattern might reduce the rate of its growth. There are various mustache patterns you can choose from but I advise that you choose a style that allows you to grow a full mustache. Some of these patterns are:

These patterns allow you to grow your mustache in a thick width and breadth. Once a pattern has been set, style your mustache by brushing regularly in the chosen direction. This would enhance faster growth. Choosing the right pattern is an important step on how to grow a thick mustache.

Use A Facial Hair Growth Product

Although the likelihood of having a thick mustache is largely determined by genetics, using a mustache enhancing product can also be useful. I recommend that you use products made from natural ingredients. You should also avoid products with carcinogens.

Popular mustaches

Most beard growth product might help to grow your mustache but it is preferable to use products made specifically for mustache growth. Some factors that you should look out while choosing your facial hair product are:

Using the right product is a great step on how to get a thicker mustache if you’ve got scanty ones.

Feed Yourself With The Right Food

Generally, having a thick mustache has a great deal to do with what you eat. The chance of having a thick mustache is based on your hormone level, particularly testosterone. Hormones act faster in the presence of the right diet. This implies that significant attention should be taken to what you feed your body.

I suggest that you eat foods that contain high amounts of vitamins and proteins. Proteins are essential for testosterone build up while vitamins are important for its action. Taking large amount of water regularly would also get you one step closer to a fuller beard. In summary, you need to eat well so as to supply your body with the nutrients necessary for facial hair growth.

Avoid Stress And Exercise Well

As much as feeding well can help you grow thicker beards, you need to hit the gym a couple more times if you plan to make a significant increase to your mustache. This is because exercise leads to a surge in the level of testosterone in your body.

Getting quality sleep and generally avoiding stress would help the activity of this hormone. To a very large extent, the thickness of your beards boils down to the level of your testosterone. While you may not have control over the amount of these hormone that your body produces, you can definitely encourage it to make more.

Hormone Therapy

Now you know that the thickness of your mustache depends on the level of testosterone. Most suggestions therefore focus on increasing the level of this hormone. It is most likely to have tried all of these steps but your mustache still hasn’t grown thicker. I advise that you try going on a testosterone therapy if this is the case.

Hormone therapy is the direct use of hormone supplements in form of drugs. This supplies the necessary amount of testosterone and causes your body to respond to the normal actions of the particular hormone. In this case, it includes an increase in the rate of facial hair growth.

Hormone therapy should be used only as a last resort as it could have some side effects.

Products That Can Help You Grow Thicker Mustache In Little Time

Growing a thicker mustache at a fast rate is quite possible with the use of the right product but getting the right product can be daunting. To ease your search, I have made a list of a few products that can help you grow thicker mustache at a fast rate.

Short beard without mustache

To every man, a well developed and attractive hair growth is important and Beard Grow XL brings the good news? Beard Grow XL is a completely natural mustache growth supplement that contains iron. It is quite useful in creating a surge in the growth rate of your facial hair, particularly the mustache. Beard Grow XL protects your mustache from side burn and curbs the growth of necks.

I recommend this product because it is works pretty fast and is completely non-hormonal. It is a highly effective natural supplement. Its effectiveness reaches the degree of polishing and thickening your mustache, thereby helping you achieve that manly bearded look.

This product will be of great benefit to those whose mustache looks paltry. If you think the growth of your mustache is rather slow, this product is for you. This is one good product that is remedial to tardy mustache growth.

Another fascinating benefit of Beard Grow XL is its reparative therapy. This product can make you go from a man with sparse mustache into one with full polished mustache. It will help you achieve a healthy looking thicker mustache that stands you out from the rest.

Do you wish to rock a dense mustache with nice smell? To you, transforming that scanty mustache you’ve got into a fully packed mustache might seem like an impossible task. Your belief would definitely change when you use GROW Maximum XXL Beard Growth Accelerator. This product supports facial hair growth through its hair follicle activation serum.

It would interest you to know that during a 2014 study, this product was scientifically proven to be sixty percent more efficient than minoxidil (romaine) for hair growth. This makes this product second to none in speedy mustache growth. Moreover, monoxidil comes with its side effects.

As I’d stated earlier, this product is an alternative for men using monoxidil and a better one to be precise. The most amazing part is that it works for all hair and skin types for growing beards and mustache without skin irritation, bumps, rashes and the likes.

It also comes with a very nice smell that makes your mustache even more attractive. Do not be bothered if your skin reacts negatively to some products as this product is 100% safe for a sensitive skin.

Are you tired of seeing a scanty mustache when you look into a mirror and hope to do something about it? Then I recommend prophet and tools beard oil. It is a common beard product that has delivered fast facial hair growth over the years. This is a multipurpose beard oil that conditions and increases the speed of mustache growth.

Prophet and Tools Beard Oil is also packaged with an additional pocket sized beard comb that can be carried around freely. It also comes with an eBook on beard and mustache care that discusses how to effectively use this product to give you the best results.

Victorian moustache styles

This product increases beard growth speed for fuller facial hair. It also generates thicker, less patchy and fuller mustache. This product adds a natural shine to your mustache without making it look or feel greasy. The product contains all natural ingredients such as:

It can also be used for as long as 24 months making it very durable.

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Thicker Mustache

Mustaches do not appear overnight, they take time to grow. In fact, they take much more time than beards do. The growth of mustaches depends largely on individual genetics. Mustache is a common feature in adolescent males but then, not all males have it and some have it thicker than others. So how long does it really take to grow a full blown mustache?

Generally, for an average man, a mustache takes about three to four months to develop. This also, to a large extent, depends on how frequently you shave. If you wish to have a thick and luscious mustache, then you must stay away from shaving for a minimum of three months. The hair on your chin grows three times as fast as the hair on your head, but it grows differently and mustaches take a bit more time to fill in. Overall, it all depends on your genetic makeup.

Also, vitamins like A, B-complex, D and folic acid help in quick growth of your mustache. You can increase the rate of your mustache growth by following the recommendations I gave earlier on.


A thick beard accentuated with an even thicker mustache is an easy way to make a quick first impression. Once you know the style that works for you, there’s no limit to the social benefits of facial hairs.

A thicker mustache has much more to do than just making you attractive, it also provides some health benefits alongside. Facial hair protects your skin from excessive radiation thus protecting you from cancer. It also reduces acne and keeps allergens away from your skin thereby making your skin appear healthy. It also protects the skin underneath from bacterial infections.

If you admire other men with mustache and wish to grow it yourself, there’s nothing stopping. Take the first step today.
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