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With Movember behind us, is facial hair still cool? Asian mustache styles.

If it’s okay for Angelina Jolie, then it’s okay for us too! The reigning champion of facial hair — Brad Pitt — looks scrumptious in every hair adventure he peruses. His beard, mustache, or goatee are an exercise in an ever-evolving sense of style.

Now as much as your facial hair might feel like a part of your identity, it’s not. It really should be treated as a trend — something that you can cut, shape, style and shave depending on whats hot (like the hipster-artist ‘stache of Ryan Gosling off-duty) or not (the handlebar ‘stache, baseball hall-of-famer, Rollie Fingers).

A safe starting point for those of you who are engaged in a quest to look your hairy best, is with the classics, so here are five facial hair styles that will keep you on track:

1. Short circle beard

For those with skin that’s prone to breakouts, this is an awesome way to cover it up. It’s also a good way to make a soft jawline appear more masculine.

This neatly groomed, Leonardo DeCaprio inspired look is however, a style that needs a lot of attention. Your maintenance ritual will require trimming, shaving and shaping, and all the accompanying tools for these tasks, meaning, it’s not for the lazy men out there.

Movember mustache guide

2. Goatee

The goatee has evolved from being a section of hair confined to the chin, to being accompanied by a mustache or even slight side growth. It’s a style that is surprisingly versatile, making it very much a go-to-look.

It can be worn in a slightly disheveled fashion or it can be razor-sharp and perfectly groomed. Transitioning from one look to another can be done within a week for men with rapid hair growth.

3. Five o’clock shadow

if your facial hair growth rate is on the sluggish side, this style is going to be virtually impossible to pull off. The 5 o’clock shadow is amazingly suited to men whose facial hair grows extremely quickly.

Just remember, this look is supposed to be more subtle than obvious stubble and it’s a look that it’s much more serious and polished than intentional stubble.

4. Natural colour

If you’re going gray and thinking of dyeing your facial hair, check out pics of George Clooney’s salt-and-pepper look to see how distinguished gray can be before you take the plunge and buy a box of dye.

Proper moustache grooming

Going the au naturel route saves the possible disasters that comes hand-in-hand with a do-it-yourself job and it lends to a more dignified look.

5. Stubble

Bad boy sex appeal, we love it! And that’s exactly the look that the rebellious growth gives. Whether scruffy or well groomed, stubble is always in style that favours any type of guy from the ‘preppy sweater wearing’ man to the ‘slacks over faded T-shirts and torn-up jeans’ kind of a guy.

It doesn’t need half the commitment lent to a full beard and is incredibly low-maintenance but high style facial hair. Although do remember to trim your facial hair regularly to avoid giving others the impression you’ve stopped showering.

With those classics in mind, I suggest heading to the Mandarin Barber for some manly grooming tips and treatments.

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Beard and mustache style 2016

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