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Whether you’re looking for ideas for Movember, or fancy making a bolder statement with an definitive list of the 10 best mustache styles should give you plenty of inspiration.You’d think such a small piece of facial real estate would have limited options right? WRONG! The mighty moustache has countless possibilities. From the gravity-defying Dali to the unruly Walrus, there are mustache styles for everyone. Best mustache names.

1) Chevron

The no-nonsense daddy of moustache styles!

Bold, without being foolhardy, and easy to keep in check.

The Chevron-wearer calls them how he sees them, wearing his moustache thick and wide as a monument to manliness itself.

Characteristics: thick and wide, covering the border of the upper lip.

Famous stache sporters:Tom Selleck, Freddie Mercury

2) Handlebar

A gentlemanly number with undertones of eccentricity and individuality.

The handlebar wearer is the perfect gentleman. Always standing when a lady enters the room, without exception.

Equally, he is most likely plotting elaborate acts of villainy!

Characteristics: a heavily styled tash, grown long and bushy to allow the ends to be curled upwards. Can be worn large or small (the “petite handlebar”).

Type de moustache

Famous stache sporters: Rollie Fingers

3) Horseshoe

If a man with a chevron don’t take shit from no the horseshoe wearer might be inclined to shove it back down your throat whilst shouting “whatcha gonna do brother?!”

This moustache style is popular with bikers and heavy metal icons.

It’s big, bold and bloody brutal.

Characteristics: a full moustache with vertical extensions down the side of the mouth to the jaw line (also known as the “pipes”). As the name suggests, it resembles an upturned horseshoe. Not to be confused with the fu-manchu (below).

Famous stache sporters:Hulk Hogan, Bill Kelliher

Named after the eccentric artist Salvador Dali, this gravity-defying tash is an art piece in itself. Not for the moustache novice; styling aids, care and precision are all essential. The area of growth is comparatively tiny to other moustache styles, but with great length. For a true Dali the rest of the face must be silky smooth, so that it stands out in all its surrealist glory.Characteristics: a narrow moustache, originating from a very small area of growth on the upper lip. The points are grown long and curved steeply skyward with liberal use of wax or other styling aids.

Famous stache sporters:Salvador Dali

5) English

The stache that built the British Empire. Perfect for those who commute to work in their Lancaster bomber, or enjoy a spot of cricket on the weekend. It is a broadcast to the world that they recognise your God-given right to look so damn good!Characteristics: A tidy centre separated by a distinct parting, with long whiskers either side. Shares many similarities with the handlebar, but instead of curling upwards, the tips are styled straight outwards.

Men with mustaches

Famous stache sporters:Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (author of the original Sherlock Holmes novels)

6) Toothbrush

Once popular among a 1920s working class, despite its minimalist and tidy nature, this moustache style is now not for the faint hearted. Thanks to its most famous of wearers – Adolf Hitler – this stache has become a truly iconic symbol……(albeit for the wrong reasons).Unless you are adorning your best Charlie Chaplin costume at a party, this tash is likely to attract some unwanted attention.Characteristics: A thick moustache, shaved to about an inch wide in the centre. Famous stache sporters:Charlie Chaplin, Adolf Hitler

7) Pencil Moustache

A most stylish, yet mysterious of moustache styles. This bold, yet conservative number screams sophistication.Characteristics: Thin, narrow and closely trimmed. Carefully following the line of the top lip. The centre can be styled in a number of ways, whilst maintaining a pencil-like thinness.

Famous stache sporters:Clark Gable, John Waters

8) Fu Manchu

Synonymous with ancient Chinese wisdom….(and intergalactic villainy). This bold stache escapes the confines of the face to flow freely below the chin. Due to its extreme length, like an ancient parable this tash teaches patience and dedication.Characteristics: Beginning on the top lip, its whiskers grow very long so as to hang down on each side of the mouth. Not be confused with the horseshoe (above), the corners and sides of the mouth are shaven with all hair originating from above the lip.

Famous stache sporters:Ming the Merciless, Dr. Fu Manchu

9) Walrus

If the Dali is a refined art piece, then the Walrus is an almighty roar from atop a tall building. This animalistic tash is worn by men with an appetite for life.

Sometimes considered the stereotypical “Mexican moustache”, the strategy is simple: keep growing until you have eclipsed your mouth.

This may make eating and drinking a little challenging, but the hairy excellence you will have achieved will far outweigh such minor concerns.

Spanish moustache style

Characteristics: large, bushy, hanging down over the lips, often covering the entire mouth.

Famous stache sporters:Mark Twain, Teddy Roosevelt

10) Freestyle

As it sounds, this one is for the innovator.

Let your imagination run wild and realise it in hairy sculptural form!

Characteristics: as mustache styles go, it is not really possible to put in a box….(other than it does not fit into any of your typical moustache categories). Anything goes; whether it be in the shape of a knife and fork, or a set of cat’s whiskers.

Famous stache sporters:Gandhi Jones (multiple winner of the freestyle category at the World Beard and Moustache Championships)

These are just the top 10 mustache styles, there are many more! Though if you’d like to style your stache into any one of these styles, get the best mustache wax!
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