Best movember mustaches. Horseshoe Mustache Beard Style - The Beard and The Wonderful

You don't need a time machine in order to properly live out the history of the horseshoe mustache. Your spaghetti westerns, 70's movies, village people bikers, Fu Manchu, and Hulk Hogan fantasies can be revisited by just growing a glorious horseshoe mustache with or without the beard/soul patch, and you can head back to them good old days. Horseshoe mustache.

And if you drop the goatee beard/soul patch element, then it is also a great look if you’re heading to a costume party as Hulk Hogan (Although this works best if your hair is blonde).

How to grow a Horseshoe Mustache

Grow your mustache as normal but when shaving allow the mustache tails to grow in a natural way down your face. This is actually letting part of your beard grow but shaving it so that it looks like the mustache is extending downwards.

How to grow a Horseshoe Mustache & Soul Patch

Grown your mustache and beard as normal for 2-3 weeks then shave the cheeks and shape the soul patch so the mustache grows down the face and does not connect to the beard element. It will give the look of a mustache connected by 2 pipes or tails heading down your face. Also shave your neck and relevant under chin hair.

Styling & Maintenance of a Horseshoe

Some people like the horseshoe as a mustache only and some keep

Modern mustache styles

You will need a good safety razor to keep both sides of your face

smoothly shaved and keep those pipes well formed.

Use a good beard trimmer to keep the mustache, pipes/tails and beard at

Dont let the facial hair bleed down onto the horizontal part of your chin or down your neck

Short mustache

The width of the pipes should just follow a similar width to the mustache height up to around 8mm (1/4 inch) and it should be shaved on the inside in line with the edge of your lips.

Type of faces suitable for the horseshoe

If you have quite a long face then the Horseshoe with it's long tails can make that face look even longer. Conversely if you have a short, squat, fat, wide, or short face then this style can make it look longer.

Don't fancy a Horseshoe? Not to worry there are plenty of other beard styles out there

New indian beard style

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