Mustache 2016. The Horseshoe Mustache How To Grow It Cool Men s Hair

John Rich with his horseshoe mustache. Horseshoe mustache.

The horseshoe mustache was most likely first popularized among cowboys working in the American West. This mustache gets its name from its appearance. When fully grown out, it looks like a horseshoe hanging upside down. It is similar in appearance to the Pancho Villa and the Fu Manchu, though distinctly different from both.

How To Grow A Horseshoe Mustache

To grow a proper horseshoe, the hair must be allowed to grow out full on the lip. From the corners of the mouth, the hair is allowed to grow full in two lines that extend down to the jaw line. No hair is to grow past the jaw line. If it hangs down below the chin, one has grown a Pancho Villa.

This style differs from the Fu Manchu in that the hair is connected to the cheeks and chin all the way down. The Fu Manchu grows strictly from the corners of the lip and hang loosely down, usually below the chin.

Handlebar mustache trend

The cheeks and chin should be clean shaven everywhere except where the mustache is growing. This will help to accentuate the shape and form one is trying to achieve. Most men try to keep the sides running down to the jaw line thin. However, it is acceptable to allow this area to grow as thick as the hair on the upper lip.

Many men believe that all it takes to grow a mustache is to stop shaving the whiskers off the upper lip. While this will generally work to get one started, it reaches a point where it must be trimmed and maintained daily to keep it from going wild and spoiling the look. This is especially true when one wants to grow a particular type of mustache such as the horseshoe.

Some mustaches can be worn with a full beard, a goatee, a soul patch, or other type of beard. This is not really one of them. It might look good with a soul patch if the person has the right facial shape, but in most cases, should be worn alone with the rest of the face shaved.

Mustache style chart

Before investing a great deal of time in growing and maintaining this style of mustache, one should determine whether the look is one that will work for him. This can easily be determined by leaving stubble where the mustache will be allowed to grow while shaving the rest of the face. This will create the line the hair will take when grown out fuller.

Horseshoe mustache is one of several styles available that have become popular enough to merit their own names. It is closely akin to the Pancho Villa and the Fu Manchu, but distinctively different. This style can trace its history to the old west in America. It was popular enough to earn a name based on its appearance rather than on what famous person wore it.

Pictures Gallery Of Famous Men With Horseshoe Mustache

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