Beard and mustache designs. Ultimate Guide on Mustache Styling Bossman Brands

Thanks to Movember and celebrities rocking the facial hair, mustache styling is back. All kinds of mustaches.

Most men want to look like Burt Reynolds when they grow their mustache. But all types of mustache styles are experiencing a grand revival. Today most men in Hollywood have rocked a mustache at one point or another.

For the rest of us lesser folk, mustaches are easing their way into everyday life. But why are so many men still intimidated by facial hair?

It might because of the variety of styles to choose from. You could maintain a nice handlebar, or choose a classic Chevron.

It could also be the fear of going for a Sam Elliot look but ending up with a porn stache.

What it is that's holding you back, don't worry. We've created the ultimate guide on mustache styling. Keep reading to find out what mustache works for you, and how to make it happen.

The Basics of Mustache Styling

It doesn't matter what kind of mustache you're going for if you don't have the basics down. These are the building blocks of great mustache styling.

Growing Your Mustache

Good facial hair starts with your diet. Eat lots of foods that are rich in Vitamin A, B, C, and E to grow strong hair.

Exfoliating your face once or twice a week will help remove dead skin cells. This will keep your face clean and unclog your hair follicles.

Above all, stay hydrated! Nothing about your body works well if you're dehydrated, even your facial hair.

Classic mustache

Buy Some Good Wax

Mustache wax keeps your facial hair looking sharp instead of unkempt. That's why you need to invest in a good pot of mustache wax. Remember to use it with a light touch, or your mustache will look fake.

Train Your Mustache Hairs

Have you ever tried to move the part in your hair from one side to the other? It takes a while for your hair to get used to its new location on your head. That's because you've trained your hair to lay in a certain way.

You have to do the same thing with your mustache. Depending on your mustache style, comb it in the direction you want it to lay every morning. For example, if you're going for a handlebar mustache you need to train it to part down the middle.

Using a comb and wax will help train your mustache, but it still might take a while.

Keep It Clean and Moisturized

Shampooing and moisturizing your facial hair will keep it soft and clean. It will also help you avoid that annoying dandruff at the edges of your mustache.

Use beard oil to keep your facial hair soft and easy to manage. Your skin will appreciate the extra care. Plus your girlfriend won't complain anymore about rough hairs.

Use a Blow-Dryer for Maximum Effect

Blow-dryers can help you get the mustache you've always wanted. This tool gives your facial hair volume and makes it easier to style.

Use it to heat up your mustache wax so that you can work with it. Style your mustache the way you want, then switch the blow-dryer to cool air. Use the cool air to dry the wax into the perfect shape.

How to Style Different Mustaches

Before you get started on growing out your hair, find out what mustache looks best with your face shape. Then check out these tips on mustache styling.

Images moustache styles

The Chevron

This style is also known as the Selleck mustache. It works best with straight hair. The Chevron is also a good way to make your coarse hair look neat.

Grow out your mustache until it brushes the top of your upper lip. Then trim your facial hair so that there's a neat line following the upper part of your mouth.

The Cowboy

The Cowboy is the mustache style worn by Ron Swanson of Parks and Recreation.

It's a longer, unkempt version of the Chevron. Instead of trimming your mustache to the top of your lips, allow it to grow until it touches your bottom lip. You won't have to worry about keeping this style too neat but trim it up once in a while so you don't look lazy.

The Handlebar

The Handlebar is a retro favorite. To achieve this look, let your mustache grow until it's over your upper lip. Then using mustache wax and a comb, part your hair over the middle of your lip.

Spread the wax over your whole mustache (use the comb and a blow-dryer), then twist the ends up into a curl. For a tighter curl, use the end of a pencil or pen.

The Walrus

If you want to channel the spirit of Teddy Roosevelt, then you want a Walrus mustache.

To master this look, you need the length of a Cowboy mustache and the styling of the relaxed Handlebar. Grow your mustache until it hangs over the edge of your lower lip. Keep the center of your facial hair trimmed, like a horseshoe shape.

Then using wax, a comb, and a blow dryer, wrangle your facial hair into two equal parts. You can use the wax to turn the ends of your mustache up, or let it hang.

Asian mustache styles

The Pencil

If anyone wants to dismiss the Pencil mustache, remind them that Erol Flynn and Clark Gable wore this style.

The Pencil needs a lot of mustache styling. Trim your mustache above your lip, and part it down the middle. Then keep trimming the bottom until you achieve the thickness of a pencil.

Make sure to keep your style even. Crooked mustaches will look extra silly here.

The Dali

For an untraditional look, learn to style the Dali. Named after the surrealist artist, the Dali is a Handlebar on steroids.

Grow out your mustache the same way you'd grow a Handlebar. But instead of trimming it to match your upper lip, let it grow all the way to your chin. Then part it in half, and apply wax so that it sticks straight up.

Want to Learn More About Facial Hair?

If you're looking for more mustache styling tips, then read our blog. We have articles on the best beard oils, mustache waxes, and styling tips.

We also have a whole page devoted to grooming tips, so that your mustache always looks great.
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