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The Fu Manchu- Pet Styles to Make You Smile

The Fu Manchu is technically the Miki breed “show” cut. What exactly is a Miki, you ask? Personally I believe it’s a Guinea pig with long hair and a hefty price tag. However if you ask Miki owners and breeders it’s either an ancient breed from Thailand or a concoction of breeder by the name of Micki Mackin in the late 1980’s.Whatever their origins be, when grooming these little 3 lb fur balls a smile always comes across my face. How can you not smirk when giving a Kung Fu hairstyle Fu manchu mustache styles.

The Fu Manchu does not need apply only to Miki. I have used it on shih tzu and yorkie type dogs that either the parents want something unique or the dog has a matted face. The hairstyle is fairly simple to achieve.

First the feet are cleaned in the same manner as one does with a poodle. I normally use a #10 on my Miki feet, but a #15 or a 5/8 toe would be fabulous as well. If doing it for a true Miki fanatic DO NOT shave the sanitary. For some unknown reason if a Miki is going the be shown then sanitary may not be shaved. Apparently dingle berries add to the confirmation of the animal.

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After the feet have been properly shaved, I move to the head area. I have used everything for a #7 with the grain, a #7 rev or a #10 with the grain to achieve the look. It truly depends on owner preference. Also, take into account the coloring of the dog. If it is a white or apricot you may want to go with the #7 with the grain or a longer blade so that the head skin doesn’t appear too pink.

The head is very similar to a schnauzer. The trim goes from the area right in front of the eye back towards the body. The neck area is made into a V and stops right at the back of the ear. The top of the head is trimmed to the occiput. Leave the ears, beard and mustache.

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The rest of the body is left flowing and long. If the owner is having trouble keeping the hair properly combed out you can de-bulk the coat with thinning shears

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