Horseshoe moustache. Learn How To Grow The Most Fascinating Mustache Styles

Mustaches are great facial additions to help men improve their looks with little effort. The difference is always clear when you compare the picture of a man with and without his beards. A simple trick to achieve a manlier look is to grow a mustache. How to pencil mustache.

If you’ve made up your mind to finally grow a mustache, getting the best style for the shape of your face is the most important step to take. The right style of mustache would enhance your facial looks in more ways than you can imagine.

It may look quite easy but do not be deceived, you cannot just leave the growth of your mustache to chance. To get the best type of any mustache, you need to be intentional about the process. Those fancy mustaches you see around did not just drop down from nowhere; they are products of conscious efforts.

Things might get confusing while choosing the style of mustache that would be best for your face. I hope to make things easier for you by discussing different popular mustache styles in vogue and how to grow them. Take a few minutes to read through this article which discusses the top ten types of mustache styles. Growing that style you want is possible!

I shall be discussing these mustache styles and how to grow them.

10 Best Mustache Styles For Your Face Shape

Chevron Mustache

The chevron mustache is also known as the Ron. It is impressively thick and was made famous by Tom Selleck, Ron Jeremy and Freddie Mercury. It was a major part of the American culture in 1970-80s.

It is one of the most well-known mustache types because of its simplicity. It is also very high in demand. You might have probably seen chevron mustaches around you because this V-shaped patterned mustache suits quite a lot of people. Here’s what chevron mustache looks like.

If your mustache covers the whole upper lip and the ends of the mustache neither cuts down nor up, it would be classified as a chevron mustache. To get the chevron mustache, the beards are cut off. The hairs above the upper lip are the only ones left in this style. It is quite easy to rock the chevron mustache because it requires minimal maintenance.

Chevron is a mustache style that is very easy to grow and groom. It is thick and big and sits on the top of your lip. This is a great mustache that always displays itself stunningly. Go through the following steps to learn how to grow the chevron mustache.

You must remember to trim any stray hairs. Rinse off your face with cool water. Towel off and then apply a hydrating aftershave, lotion or balm to help soothe your skin. Use pomade to keep your mustache look great and attractive.

Horseshoe Mustache

This is another one of the classics, which have been referred to in recent years as “the Hogan”. It was reintroduced by Hogan, a legendary wrestler in the 1980s. It is also called the biker mustache.

A horseshoe mustache can be easily recognised. It is a full mustache that covers the upper part of the lip while passing through both sides of the mouth to reach the lower jaw. This connection between the upper lip and lower jaw gives it the shape of a letter U that has been placed upside down. The hairs connecting the upper lips and lower jaws are called the whiskers.

It is easy to confuse the horseshoe with the Fu-Manchu mustache. However, they shouldn’t be mismatched. The Fu-Manchu is grown only from the upper lip while the sides remain shaven.

Do you have a long face and you wish to know the mustache that suits you best? I suggest horseshoe mustache as the right fit.

Here’s a brief summary on how to grow this style. You are to allow your mustache grow in a natural way. This include letting the tails of the mustache grow down your face by passing the sides of the mouth. This means you would have to let a part of your beard grow while shaving a large proportion off. This would make it look like the mustache is actually growing downwards.

In simple words, let’s take it step by step..

Pay attention when shaping the borders of your horse shoe mustache and use a trimmer to maintain a nice even length.

The Walrus Mustache

This mustache got its name from the animal called Walrus. The style resembles the whiskers of a walrus, hence the name.

The walrus mustache is unapologetically bushy and it is defined by whiskers that are thick, extremely bushy and roll over the mouth. This is one particular mustache style for super confident men.

An original walrus mustache will be profusely bushy. It will grow down over the top lip and cover up a significant part of the mouth, though the most sensational walruses will run down at least past the bottom lip. At times, it even goes all the way down to the chin.

Walrus mustache doesn’t require any fancy styling per se. You do not have to curve the ends or make any elaborate design. It’s just a simple, bushy, rugged mustache.

If you don’t fancy chevron or horseback mustache, try growing walrus mustache. How do you grow a thick walrus mustache? I would be going through the steps in a moment.

Before stating these steps, there are few things you should keep in mind. Walrus mustache take a long time to grow, you need to be able to grow thick and coarse facial hair. If the growth of your facial hair is usually slow and thin, the walrus style might not be for you.

Old school mustache

The walrus generally looks best if you have a broader, rounder face than if you have a skinny long one. With this in mind, here are a few steps to grow a walrus mustache.

You’ll be looking manly and confident sporting your new walrus mustache. While you can absolutely wear your walrus as it is, there may be occasions where you want it a bit out of the way (an important date perhaps).

No worries! You don’t need to trim it after all the work. Rather, just use some mustache wax to work it into your mustache and then comb into the shape you need. Push up just a bit to create a flare above your lip. This would make it look neater by making it stay in position.

Handlebar Mustache

A handlebar mustache is a mustache with particularly lengthy and upwardly curved extremities. This mustache style is named for its resemblance to the handlebars of a bicycle. It is also known as a spaghetti mustache because of its stereotypical association with Italian men.

The handlebar mustache has a unique way of making a man appear like a gentleman. This particular mustache style has in fact been very popular for many centuries. It was during the late 19

centuries that the handlebar mustache drew the widest public acceptance.

A handlebar mustache is fast becoming an uncommon sight these days. This may be due to the fact that its growth requires some patience and dedication. With some patience and planning, you can have a dignified handlebar in little time. The handlebar mustache is quite classic and here’s what you have to do to grow it.

For a more distinctive handlebar curl, use a pen to twist the edges of the mustache. Maintaining a handlebar mustache requires some commitment on your part but the result is definitely worth it.

Pencil Mustache

A pencil mustache is a rather thin mustache. An easy way to recognise this mustache is that it can be found above the upper lips as a very thin mustache. In fact, it almost looks like it had been drawn using a pencil because its edges are extremely trimmed.

It was made famous by Hollywood golden age stars such as Errol Flym, Clark Gable as well as Douglas Fairbacks and son. Needless to say, the pencil mustache was huge. It would be interesting to know that this style was very popular at a point in history. It was the best mustache style for any man that wanted to look charming.

Pencil mustaches sit low just above the upper lip. The bottom can either follow the natural hairline or be neatened using a razor. Furthermore, the length can extend beyond the corners of the mouth but not more than 1/8 of an inch (5mm).

Thankfully, the pencil mustache is not one for which you need a large amount of facial hair to start growing. You can get a pencil mustache even if your mustache has just begun to grow.

However, do not be tempted to get a mustache style in such a hurry. I advise that you let your facial hair grow as much as possible before deciding on a style to get.

If you already have a mustache, you are at a greater advantage. This style is much more about carving out the shape as thinly as possible. Here is a step by step approach on how to get this style:

Shave the mustache until it looks as thin as possible. You may use clippers to trim down the mustache to the desired length.

While shaving, I suggest you reduce the mustache little by little starting from the base of the nose. I suggest you hold your upper lips down to make the area firm.

After shaving, use a comb and a scissors to make the edges look as thin as possible.

Sometimes, it looks nicer when there is a parting at the middle of the mustache. Use a trimmer to create this central parting.

The biggest setback in getting a pencil mustache is in making sure that lines are straight. I suggest that you seek out a professional barber to perform the tasks listed above for you. This would ensure that the lines of the mustache are not crooked.

Toothbrush Mustache

The toothbrush mustache is a mustache style that is shaved at edges, leaving three to five centimeters of facial hair above the center of the lip. The sides of the mustache are vertical, giving the appearance of toothbrush bristles that are attached to the nose.

The style first became common in the United States around the late 19

century, from where it spread to Germany and elsewhere. It reached the height of popularity in the inter-war years but started to decline after World War II due to its association with Adolf Hitler.

Good shaving styles

Notable names associated with the mustache include the Hitler and Charlie Chaplin.

Sporting a toothbrush mustache is quite simple. There’s nothing complicated about toothbrush mustaches.

To start, let your mustache grow full and thick and then shave it from the sides until it’s more than two inches thick. There should also be space between the bottom of the mustache and the beginning of the upper lip. This area should be clean shaven.

You should put in mind that the trick of achieving toothbrush mustache is getting the mustache to grow thick first. This is important for the mustache to stand out.

Maintaining toothbrush mustache is no different from other styles. While the shape and size of the toothbrush may seem simple, it should be taken into consideration that a toothbrush mustache has precise edges and must be regularly sustained to achieve the style’s precise and unique look.

In the course of growth, it is necessary that you engage in regular trimming because trimming prevents the edges from fraying out. It also prevents the hair from growing untamed and consequently curling over the lip. It is also necessary to use a mustache wax so as to keep the hairs controlled and vertical.

Imperial Mustache

The imperial mustache is another strong, full mustache style of the indistinguishable family from the chevron and walrus. It is difficult to get, yet it will give you a demeanour of eminence and expert with its astonishing look.

Kaiser Wilhelm, the last ruler of Germany was celebrated for the mustache and he is recognized as the reason behind the name of this mustache style.

Now let’s get to it, the imperial mustache comprises of a thick mustache that is supplemented by hair developed on the upper cheeks as far as possible up to the cheek bones.

A typical imperial mustache looks like a Dali mustache. The only difference is that there is no excessive waxing or elaborate curving. If you already have a substantial amount of hair on your upper lips, I suggest that you consider this style.

The imperial mustache needs time to grow. In fact, the first line of action is to allow the hair on your upper lip grow for as long as possible. I would advise that you should be prepared as this might take a few months.

In the initial stages, it is advisable to leave your beards too. This is to help you grow the mustache to its full potential without looking awkward. You would eventually have to shave your beards to achieve the imperial mustache though.

Ensure that the edges of the mustache develop to their maximum because they would be styled outwards. In this regard, I suggest that you should not trim the edges at all. Patience is the key here. Just allow the mustache to grow.

Now that the mustache has grown enough and the edges are long, it is time for styling. You would need to make the edges of the mustache go upward. You would need a wax and brush for this exercise. Wax and brush repeatedly until the mustache stays in the upward position.

You should note that you can even start this procedure much sooner by wetting down your mustache and brushing the hairs towards the path you need them to go. In any case, you’ll have to utilize wax once the hairs turn out to be full length.

Dali’s Mustache

This mustache style was invented by Salvador Dali in 1954. Salvador Dali was a world renowned surrealist painter. The style was co-invented with Dali’s friend, Philippe Halsman. They were both photographers who wanted to create unusual portraits using mustache as a focal point.

This style of mustache was pretty much invented by Dali. Even back in his time, it was an extreme style but since he was such a unique person, it went really well with his personality.

Very small number of men today have Salvador Dali mustache though it could be a perfect option for those who want to look extra and intriguingly unique. A deeper study would show that the Dali mustache is basically a handlebar mustache with an extra touch. The long and upward curve gives it the unusual appearance.

The twisting at the edges and the thinness gives this mustache style its uniqueness. Nonetheless, this style can still be used if you’ve got the confidence to wear it.

It is not that difficult to grow a Dali’s mustache. As you would expect, the most essential part of growing out this mustache is to stay away from the trimmers. Instead of trimming, you should comb it and wax it regularly.

You would need some patience if you are aiming for this intense look. Your mustache might stop growing after a while so you would need to invest in some good growth oils. You must remember to keep twisting the edge of the mustache as it grows because this is what makes this musatche style what it is.

It is quite important that you shave off your beards regularly so that the mustache would be the main attraction on your face.

How to shave a small mustache

This style is more suitable for men with long faces because it makes such men look like Italians and you would agree that looking Italian is a guaranteed classic look. Sporting a Dali mustache would also make your face appear more symmetrical.

I recommend that men with round faces may try a middle length version of this style because it would accentuate their facial features. However, men with square are not the best candidate to opt for a Dali mustache so I suggest they stay away from it.

To avoid looking awkward, there are few ways you could modify the Dali’s mustache. One of such is to beat down the sharp edges of the twist and make it just a medium length.

Lampshade mustache

The lampshade is a relatively recent term for an age-old mustache.Like the chevron, it is often referred to as a painter’s brush. The difference between a chevron and a lampshade is just in the breadth. Chevron are larger mustaches that grow pass the corners of the mouth. Lampshades however are far more reserved in this sense.

It has sometimes been referred to as a Sherman mustache in reference to the famous general of the same name. However, there is no evidence that he ever wore one himself.

The lampshade is a rather natural style mustache. Its growth is simple and follows the line from the nostrils down to the corners of the mouth. Maintaining this style is almost effortless and requires only a couple of regular trims.

Furthermore, the wearer can keep it slightly bushy or closely cropped if he chooses. Some men even experiment between the two types of mustache by growing it out then trimming it down when it becomes irritating.

This mustache gives you a reserved and intelligent appearance. It is stylish and can blend in almost any occasion you would yourself. How then do you grow this mustache style?

The process of growing the lampshade mustache is very similar to the chevron mustache. The only distinction is that in this case, you would need to allow the breadth of the mustache to be much thicker than it would be if you were growing a chevron mustache.

Tom Selleck Mustache

At a time, this was the most popular mustache in Hollywood. The Tom Selleck mustache style has had its fair share of fame. The mustache was named after Tom Selleck who is a celebrated actor and movie producer. One of his popular movies is the 80’s TV series titled Magnum P where he played the role of Tomas Magnum.

In recent times, the Selleck mustache is still much relevant as the most preferred style for men in crime drama series. Selleck defined the features of this mustache and wore it with pride, making the world fall in love with classic style. It is basically a clean shaved chin with unshaved hair in the upper lip segment with no demarcation of any sort.

Tom Selleck mustache is quite consistent compared to the other mustache styles. It is also easy to maintain since most of its growth is based on genetics.

If you can grow a nice bushy mustache, then there is a high chance that you can easily get a Tom Selleck mustache. To grow this style, allow your mustache to grow into a thick, horizontal patch of facial hair with no demarcation.

Shave off any other facial hair as the mustache is expected to be the only facial hair on your face. This is to make the mustache the centre of attraction on your face.

As I have stated earlier, growing this style would be based largely on genetics. Even Tom Selleck himself conceded to this fact. Nevertheless, if you’re intent on growing this mature looking style but your hair growth seems patchy- there is hope.

Here are some few steps to take:

To maintain this style, you need to carry out regular shaving and trimming so that the mustache does not grow out of shape.


A well groomed mustache can give an indication as to what your personality is like. Interestingly, not all mustache styles can be grown by every man. Every style has its own distinct personality indicators. Whether the goal is to simply enhance your look or make people consider you more masculine, choosing the right style cannot be overruled. I would strongly advise that you know what style fits you the most and stick to it. The shape of your face is essential in making this decision.

You should also realise that there are mustache styles appropriate for different events. You may want to stick to the less flamboyant styles on corporate occasions. However, if you’ve got the confidence to rock any mustache style you wish then let nothing hold you back.
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