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It goes without saying that there’s nothing quite as manly as a well-groomed beard or mustache. However, no two beards or ‘mustache styles are ever quite the same. While you might be able to carry off a neat goatee or circle beard, you might not find a fuller, thicker beard to work too well. It can vary on many different factors, such as your hair color, the products you use, and the shape of your face. How to make a moustache look thicker.

There’s nothing to say you shouldn’t mix up your facial hair grooming regime occasionally! You only have to look at some of our most famous bearded celebrities and historical figures to get some serious information. In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the manliest mustache and beard styles around, and whether or not they’re worth you growing.

While the mustache might not be seen as fashionable as it was back in the 70s and 80s, it still has a heft of manliness behind it. Think about some of the most famous mustache growers going back decades and even centuries. Teddy Roosevelt, Tom Selleck, Burt Reynolds, and Mark Twain considered the mustache to be among the best facial hair styles. You’ll also be likely to miss it once it’s gone! You’re going to need to treat it well with regular oiling, combing and trimming for the best practical look.

If a mustache suits you, or if you have plenty of upper lip to fill, you may even want to go one step further. The horseshoe mustache is a look of manly majesty – and it’s one which connects your mustache to your chin. You’ll have seen this type of facial hair a lot in TV and movies. Think Sam Elliot or Hulk Hogan – try and find your ideal look somewhere in between!

Stubble is something which hasn’t ever really gone out of fashion. While fuller beards have really grown on us in recent years, you'll still see a wealth of manly stars going for a closer trim. Stubble can be fine or long (which is as close as you'll get to a beard without needing a pair of scissors). Famous people you'll have seen brandishing a cool cut of stubble over the years include Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, and George Clooney. It’s a great look for defined jawlines.

Beard shaving styles

The goatee might not be as trendy as it was back in the early 00s, but it’s still a manly fashion statement. A split goatee suits slimmer faces and is a midway option between growing a mustache and a fuller beard. You simply grow a mustache and a patch of hair on the chin. Of course, this can be cut and modeled to how you like it. Perhaps the most iconic goatee right now belongs to Johnny Depp, but let's not forget the face that likely launched the entire look – Guy Fawkes.

A circle beard is a popular option that’s easy to maintain, but just as manly as a fuller bushel.

This type of facial fuzz can be kept relatively short or grown out to taste and style. It’s somewhat like the split goatee, but instead, you are connecting your mustache and beard in a neat circle. Guys who have rocked the circle beard in recent times include Dwayne Johnson, Bryan Cranston, and Lewis Hamilton. This a beard which will suit most face shapes and types.

Growing a beard out to its fullest potential is something which takes time, effort, care, and the right products. It can be tempting to let things take their course, but a well-groomed, fuller beard can look seriously imposing, and in a good way. Not all guys can grow full beards to their potential, but this isn't any reason to give up on facial hair altogether. Just take a look at some of the other options we've covered! For two different twists on the full beard, consider Jason Momoa or Zach Galifianakis.

Military moustache styles

The sideburn look is fairly niche nowadays, but it’s still a brilliant manly look for the right face. The most famous chops in recent years have belonged to Hugh Jackman, who of course grew them while playing Wolverine on the big screen. This look simply means growing long, thick strips down the sides of your face while shaving the rest.

This fuller beard style is an excellent option for anyone looking for minimal maintenance. Considered a little more unkempt than most other styles on this list, it’s marked by a wide base. It’s regarded as one of the most macho looks around. Oval faces will likely suit this style the best. You’ll probably have seen Conor McGregor rocking this look in recent years.

The Ducktail is a fuller beard style which straddles the line between grooming and going wild. It’s named because – well – it looks like the tail of a duck! It’ll take some time to grow out, but maintenance and styling will be fairly minimal. This type of beard is another which can be styled per your tastes. Stars such as Mel Gibson and Brad Pitt have shown off the Ducktail look over the years.

If you can, growing your beard completely wild can create an incredible look. It’s perhaps sometimes referred to as a ‘wizard beard’ – for obvious reasons. Even though you’re growing your beard longer and longer, you’re still going to need to comb through for practical reasons as well as for style. The best examples? Think ZZ Top or Karl Marx!

Short hair mustache

There are tons of manly facial hair styles to cut and present yours with. These are just a few beard and moustache styles to help you get started! Don’t forget; you’re going to need the best tools and grooming products along the way. Check out the Hunter Jacks store or call a fellow beardy on +1 973 536 1455. Or, drop us an email at
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