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Are you in need of a quality beard trimmer to get the perfect finishing touch? Do you find it difficult to choose the best one from so many options? If yes, then you have landed upon at the right place where you will get information on some of the best beard trimmers for men to buy in India. Indian style mustache.

Since the present market is flooded with diverse products for getting your beard and hair fashioned, it often makes the task difficult for customers to choose the best one that can serve their requirements in the finest way.

Why choose a beard trimmer over regular razor?

A Finely trimmed beard is the best way to show up your style and masculinity. Today’s 21

century men seem to embrace the style of having trimmed beard or funky styles beard that make them look smart and fashionable.

Beard look is in trend for a long time. You can get some iconic examples who set up this mustache style in the mankind long before ages. From sophisticated French cut style to fully grown beard, you can try out different varieties if you have the right tool to do it the way you like.

For men’s facial hair grooming, a beard trimmer offers the best option over the regular razor. In today’s market, different types of models are available from various brands that feature superior trimming technology and attractive design.

Top 10 Best Selling Men’s Trimmers online in India:

With these products, you can try out different styles and actualize beard length as per your requirement. However, for choosing the best one from so many options,you should know collective information about each model which you can get from this article.

So here we start with some of the most popular and best men’s beard trimmers in India. Let’s have a look at them-

Best Beard Trimmer for Men to buy online in India in 2019:

#1.Philips QT4011/15 Pro Skin Advance Trimmer:

Want to trim your beard like celebrities? Then Philips QT4011/15 Pro Skin Advance Trimmer is the best option to try out it, you can experience a smooth shave and trim your beard fast.

Its advanced technology allows you to adjust its length as per your requirement and thus, you can get a perfectly smooth shave as you desire.

It’s skin-friendly blades ensure smooth trimming

Can be used up to 2 months after 1-hour charge

Easily adjustable length setting with lock system

Removable head for easy cleaning

Titanium coded blades ensure superior quality shave

#2.Philips QT4000/15 Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer:

The Philips QT4000/15 Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer gives you the best result every time you shave, and its sharp blades give you smooth shave even after using it multiple times.

So, groom your beard like the way you want and get the perfect casual look that suits your personality.

Skin friendly blades ensure smooth trimming in less time

Adjustable length setting gives effortless trimming

Best mustaches

Easy to clean with detachable heads

#3.Philips QT4001/15 Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer:

Style your beard the way you want with the most advanced Philips QT4001/15 Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer.

It is definitely one of the best branded beard trimmer to buy in India, for its skin friendly feature and easy trimming technology.

Advanced skin-friendly trimming technology ensures smooth shave

Usable up to 1 month after 10-hour charge

Easy to clean with removable head

Easy lock-in length setting

#4.Philips QT4006/15 Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer:

A perfectly groomed beard enhances the personality of a man. So, rev up your masculinity with this skin-friendly Philips QT4006/15 Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer that gives you a smooth shave and perfect trimming experience even after multiple times of use.

It’s skin-friendly feature ensures perfect trimming

Easily adjustable lock-in feature that ensures effortless trimming

Easy to clean and maintain with detachable head

NHT 1047 Pro Skin Advance Trimmer (Blue):

This advanced pro skin trimmer from Nova offers skin-friendly blades and attractive design that work faultlessly on men’s hair.

It comes up with three level of lock-in setting that ensures effortless trimming. Besides this, its cordless feature and affordable cost makes it one of the best beard trimmer to buy in India.

Skin-friendly blades for smooth shave

Cordless trimmer for easy handle

Superior technology for effortless trimming

Additional accessories available

#6.Philips QT4005/15 Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer:

Keep your beard neat and trim with this advanced Pro skin trimmer from Philips.

Trim moustache with beard

It is a skin-friendly trimmer that causes no irritation and gives you smooth trimming even after many uses.

It is a skin-friendly trimmer that gives the best result on all types of skin

Its removable head makes it easy to clean and maintain

Its sharp blades give smooth shave

Adjustable length ensures effortless trimming

#7.Philips QG3387 Multi-Grooming Kit (Black):

Give a complete look to your personality with a perfectly groomed beard and nothing offers the best option than Philips multi-grooming kit.

It is a metal trimmer that comes with 8 adjustable combs which allow you to try different beard looks.

It is a complete water-poof multi-purpose kit

Its Turbo powers give fast result even on thick hair

Applicable on both face and body hair

#8.Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B Men’s Beard and Hair Trimmer (Black):

This Panasonic men’s beard and hair trimmer comes with a pivot head that helps to get a perfect shape. This product is available both in cordless and with cord feature that ensures hassle-free trimming.

Its height adjustment feature makes it easy to use

Applicable on both wet and dry hair application

Floating clutter is available

Trimmer comes with two years warranty

#9.Philips Pro Skin Trimmer Bt1000/15 (1.00) Blue Black:

The Philips pro skin trimmer is skin-friendly that gives you smooth result even after many uses.

Its sharp blades give you the best finishing touch and cut facial hair efficiently and neatly. Its rounded tips and combs prevent irritation on all types of skin.

It is a skin-friendly and gives the best result for any skin type

Different kinds of mustaches

Easily washable with detachable heads

Length adjusting feature that ensures effortless trimming

2 years manufacturer’s warranty available

#10.Panasonic ER-GY10K 6-in-1 Men’s Body Grooming Kit:

This Panasonic ER-GY10K 6-in-1 Men’s Body Grooming Kit is an ultimate option for those who are looking for an all-in-one body grooming kit.

This special kit for men comes with 2 years manufacturer’s warranty and its stainless blades cause no irritation or rashes on the skin.

It is a 6-in-one body grooming kit

Easily washable with plain water

Accessories for body and face grooming available with this one

Quick adjustable feature with lock-in setting

All these products mentioned above are the best beard trimmers for men to buy in India and these are top selling ones as well.

Are these beard trimmers safe to apply on the skin?

Yes, they are absolutely safe to use on any type of skin. Since these cause no harm to the dermal layer of the face or body, it will not cause any kind of skin problem.

By shaping your facial hair without using harsh blades, you are leaving skin completely untouched and thus you can get the perfect mustache look like celebrities.

Standing in the queue and wondering who is that handsome beard-look guy, it is no one other than you. So, check out the list of the best beard trimmer and get a suitable one for yourself!
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