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Growing a mustache greatly accentuates your personal style and brings out your personality. A well-groomed moustache can add an edge to your overall look and make you look charismatic. There are some mustache styles like ‘The Chevron’ which have been around for decades and being relatively neat, have been adorned by stylish gents all over the world. How to rock a mustache.

There is no denying the fact that mustaches are in trend and depending on the type of ‘stache you decide to pull off, can make you look confident, dapper and elegant. And if you use the right kind of product on your mustache, there is really no end to how fashionable a mustache can look. The Cinthol Beard face wash goes a long way in removing the dirt of your mustache and the particles that tend to get stuck in it. The Beard face wash is a multipurpose face wash.

We bring to you the latest mustache styles that are fashionable and will require minimal personal grooming.

Cool beards and mustaches

The painter’s brush mustache looks like a brush over your upper lip and extends beyond the lips on both sides. This is a mustache that requires daily maintenance and owning a pair of mustache scissors is a necessity. A light beard goes very well with this mustache style.

A mustache style that is trending and highly fashionable is the imperial. With your upper lip getting covered and the ends twirling upwards, this style is not one that everyone can pull off. The hair on the cheeks are in continuity of the mustache and are usually bent upwards. A stubble works best with the imperial making you look classy and charismatic. A good mustache wax or a beard balm will give this mustache a great hold.

The chevron mustache

A tapering mustache style that stretches to both ends in pointy line, this is a mustache that needs grooming and maintenance. You will need a good mustache wax and also a mustache comb to make sure this mustache grows towards the corners of your mouth. Shaving off the hair under your mouth and around it is a necessity when growing the English mustache.

A rugged look with a little tuft on your upper lip and also one below your lip right in the center is how you grow and groom a scruffy mustache. For someone who is not keen on a very tidy and neat look, this mustache style is perfect and draws attention to the jawline.

Perfect mustache

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