How to shape up a mustache. How to Style Short Beard Accompanied by A Long Mustache 2019

Facial hair certainly adds a lot to your overall style. If you have grown bored of the more traditional facial hairstyles that most people make use of, then it might be time to try something a little bit different – combine a short beard with a cool long mustache! Trim moustache with beard.

One look that is starting to gain traction among young people is having a shorter beard that is accompanied by a longer mustache. It definitely makes you stand out in a good way, and it can be a fun style that will give you the youthful look that you’re desiring.

Short Beard and Long Mustache

Before moving forward with this style, you need to understand how to style short beard with a long mustache. It actually is not going to take too much work for you to look really great with this style. With a little bit of style preparation, you will be feeling confident walking out of the door each morning. Take a look at this simple step-by-step guide that will teach you everything you need to know about pulling off this style.

Keep Beard Relatively Short

This style is going to require that you keep your beard relatively short. You can go about this in a couple of different ways. Many people choose to keep their beard very close to the face when achieving this style. Your beard can either be just a little bit more grown out than stubble or you can keep it at around 2 cm of growth.

It should be easy to maintain your beard since you are keeping it so short. You will not really have to do much to your beard each day aside from using your beard trimmer to keep it at the appropriate length. Depending on how fast your beard grows, this could necessitate that you trim your beard very frequently. This is an essential part of styling the short beard and a long mustache, so do your best to keep your beard very short and tidy.

Beard with short mustache

Trim Mustache with Scissors

You will be allowing your mustache to grow out much longer than your beard with this style. Depending on how far you want it to grow, you may have to give your mustache some oil in order to promote the proper growth. Mustache oil gives your facial hair the nutrients that it needs to grow strong. Most people who want to go with this style are interested in pulling off at least a minor handlebar mustache, so you will want it to be able to grow out a fair bit.

In order to keep your mustache grown out to the right length, you will need to trim it with scissors. This part can be tricky for some people. Use your best judgment to keep it symmetrical, and do not be afraid to use a ruler so that you can keep things looking perfect. A small pair of beard & mustache trimming scissors will be appropriate for this.

You should be able to allow your mustache to be several centimeters longer than your actual beard for this style. Some people even have the mustache portion of this facial hair style go several inches longer than the beard. It really is up to you. As long as you are styling it properly, it should look really nice.

Comb and Style Mustache with Wax

Growing a classy short beard and long mustache can make your look manlier than ever. Of course, you need to comb out your mustache to keep it looking nice. Using a small comb, you will need to comb it out in the morning before styling it to your liking. Styling the mustache is going to involve using some mustache wax. You need to give your mustache a bit of hold so that it does not look wild and out of sorts.

Mustache covering upper lip

Just a bit of mustache wax should be fine to style things very well. A little dab will be enough to give your mustache a bit of a hold. You can have your mustache stick straight out toward the sides of your mouth or you can have it curl ever-so-slightly like many people enjoy doing. Decide which way is going to look best and go for it, as the wax will make it easy to style things to your liking.

At this stage, if you feel like a mustache won’t look good on you and want to get rid of it, here are some articles for you:

Go Out and Greet the World

With this done, you are completely ready to go out and greet the world. Your new facial hairstyle should not be too tough to maintain, and it will look fantastic. The toughest part of this style is keeping the mustache trimmed to a length that you like with the scissors. As long as you are willing to put in the effort, this will be a very fun facial hairstyle that will keep you feeling confident.

Here are some short beard and long mustache styles to give you some inspirations.

Mustache grooming tips
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