Handsome man with mustache. 35 Funny Pictures Of Animals With Mustaches

A mustache has the power to transform a face, case in point being all those leading men who have played major roles in so many movies. In some cases, the effect of the mustache is so heavy that the whole face can also become unrecognizable, but in case of animals, the effect is distinctively funny. Yes, animal faces take on a comical mien when there is a mustache involved. Why so? Actually, the reasons for the funny picture that an animal makes when a mustache is involved is due to the combination of the cute place with a mature and serious feature like a mustache. Types of mustaches pictures.

Most of the animals that we know of have really cute faces where their expression is not something that is studied and well thought out. The result is that the expression is usually spontaneous, honest and in most cases innocent. However, when we think of mustaches, we tend to associate this feature with a grown man who is trying to look or probably is serious and even mature. This antithetic combination of an innocent expression with a seemingly mature feature like a mustache is bound to generate some guffaws.

On many animal species like the walrus, the mustache is a natural endowment and is present with a distinctive look. This mustache style is so distinctive, that one of the styles of mustache that is sported by men is actually labelled the walrus style. This animal has a ponderous seriousness that somehow manages to make the mustache look both suitable but still are sure that many of our friends in the animal world have mustaches on them and do generate a really funny picture.

Classic mustache styles

Whiskers anyone? The things is that some species of animals like the ones in the dog family, have whiskers and this also adds to a funny aspect when you look at it. In many instances, the whiskers tend to twitch and move when the animal is question is moved by some emotion or the other. It almost makes it look as if the animal is twitching with some intense emotion which can bring on some laughs as this makes for a funny animal picture and that too one with a mustache. On some cute dog breeds like Chihuahuas the mustache is something that is so funny and cute that one cannot but laugh at the way they look with these almost ridiculous feature.

A cat is one creature that is vain and attractive so much so that one cannot help looking at these feline creatures. Even these creatures make for funny animal pictures with mustaches when they wear a smug expression on their face when they feel that they have gotten away with something or the other. Cats and their whiskers look smug when they have had some milk that has been kept away from them or filched some cream. They tend to lick their chops when they have had a dinner or meal that they feel was forbidden to them.

Mustache ideas

Since the very idea of an animal picture with a mustache is so funny when seen in nature, sometimes human beings take it a step further. They set out to add the mustache to the animal in question so that they can get a good photo opportunity to click some funny animal pictures with mustaches on them. Cute squirrels, rabbits, pigeons and many other animals get a makeover and look really funny.

In fact, if you go out looking for animal pictures and stuffed animals with this mustache feature on them, we are sure that you can find many such funny pictures.

Mustache styles with beard

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