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There is nothing like a epic mustache style that can modify the shape of your face. Having a bit of facial hair can give you a more mature look and make your face more elegant. It also gives your face a manly look. It’s been considering as a very popular street style and been reappearing gradually as a fashion trend. Moustache shaping guide.

It’s an irony that it takes more time to take care and style your mustache then to shave them. So you need to keep in mind that it will take a bit of time and effort before your mustache flourish and take the perfect shape. To guide you through the whole process we have made some guidelines which come handy to style your mustache.

If you never had a long facial hair then you should know that it takes a bit of persistence and determination to grow and shape it. If you want to have a proper and well-brought-up ‘stouche’, you must know that it you can’t have it at once. So you have to be very dedicated and should keep in mind that the first few months will be a little bit difficult and rough. The best way to grow your mustache is to grow the facial hair all over your face. By doing that you can have a thick mustache so that you will not look like a teenager when your mustache comes up. When you get the appropriate thickness of your beard, then leave your mustache and shave the alongside.

In order to get a proper thickness and well grown facial hair you need to follow some rules. At first you need to add various vitamins and minerals or the foods in your diet that will help growing your facial hair faster. Especially, take vitamin A, B, C, E and biotin’s to nurture the follicles and make your facial hair strong inside. Clean your face regularly to fasten your facial hair growth. Also moisturizing your face can give you healthy facial hair. Keep yourself hydrated and drink lots of water to grow hair faster.

Normally beard trimmer and clippers works best for your facial hair, but after you get long facial hair start using scissors to trim your facial hair. While doing it comb your mustache first to get the perfect cut. Make sure your facial hair is dry when you are cutting your mustache. This will help you to cut your mustache according to the proportion you want.

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Styling a beard and mustache

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First timers may find it challenging to go for mustache, this is why having some facial hair along with the mustache might be helpful. Having some scruff will make your mustache look soft and pleasing for those who hesitates to try out recent trends. You have to keep in mind that how your mustache will look depends on how much your hair grows naturally. If your hair growth is slow and thick then it might not look good on you.

Different mustache styles will give your face different looks. Before trying out a mustache style you need to keep your face shape in mind. We have categorized nine popular mustache styles that have been trending now a day, apart from classic to eccentric. You can go for a classic mustache style or you can give your own modern touch to make it look more elegant.

9 Epic Mustache Style

Renowned actor Tom Selleck had made this style more popular, it’s also known as the Selleck mustache. It takes months to grow and take the proper shape. Comparatively clean and easy to try for. But before trying this style you need to keep in mind about the type of your facial hair. Its fits perfectly on those of who has straight hair and the kind of hair that grows fast over your mouth.

This unique mustache style is definitely not for those of who are afraid to try out different and challenging styles. From 19

century this mustache style has been one of the trendiest. This style depends on the growth of your facial hair, which takes approximately five months. By this time it may feel a bit irritating to you, as is comes over your upper lip. Make sure you have shaved your extra facial hair if you want to create this traditional mustache style.

Thin mustache styles

This mustache style became very famous when actors like Brad Pitt and Clark Gable had this style. It’s been known from forties films and it much easier to try on then the Selleck mustache style. You can get this mustache within a month. But you have to keep in mind that you will have to maintain this style repeatedly, so that it looks like a pencil. This style is very neat, easy and trendy.

It is everyone’s favorite one of the most popular street style mustache. Its curved from both sides and makes a curl around your cheekbones. A cool way to have both classical and youthful look with this style is to give a modern hair cut with it. The styling process is very easy. You need to use mustache wax to curl it.

When we hear the mustache name the faces that comes to our mind is Aaron Rodgers and Hulk Hogan. It’s one of the most exclusive and bold mustache styles. If you are courageous and loves to try new things then this is the perfect mustache style for you to try out. To get this style you need to wait for a couple of months. But you need to keep in mind that this style is not for everyone, this needs a certain face shape. So before going for it make sure it suits you.

This mustache style appeared long before when Woody made his appearance in the movie named Toy Story. It’s mainly more sloppy, extended and scruffy version of Selleck mustache style. Try not to make it too neat, rather make it scraggier and less brushed. Brush it up to give it a cut but don’t make it too scruffy. Do not make the cuts too precise.

We weren’t kidding when we said we will give you an extensive idea about the mustache styles. The Fu Manchu style mainly came out of a comic book character. It was inspired from famous comic character Dr. Fu Manchu’s look. To get this style you need to grow your mustache from both sides so that they come to your chin. This style goes perfectly for Halloween. To give it modern look try to take them in another direction.

The style and name came from the famous painter Salvador Dali. This mustache style will give you a more comical look on your face. To make the ends straight use mustache wax and make it look like sticks. According to Dali, his mustache was the best part of his personality.

Well groomed moustache

This exclusive mustache style has been favored by various famous actors. The scruffy mustache is not really very extraordinary and normally escorted by stubble. It is one of the most effortless and stylist to advent for a mustache. It also doesn’t need a long time to grow the facial hair as this style doesn’t require much of your facial hair. You just need to trim your mustache. To get an idea see Johnny Depp and James Franco’s mustache style.
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