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How Do I Trim My Moustache / Goatee?

The best trimming advice we can offer is to always keep your blades sharp. Whether you’re using scissors or a trimmer, dull blades can fray the cut tips of the hair, resulting in split or fuzzed ends. How to groom your moustache.

This is doubly important if you are attempting to grow any length, but even for routine trims you’ll want to be sure you are using the sharpest edge you can manage to keep the hair looking its best.

Think about it in terms of carving meat. There’s a reason you sharpen your knife before digging in, it not only makes the job easier, it makes the clean edges of the cut more appealing. Your barber or stylist may be the best option for routine trims and the occasional touch-up.

If you’re trimming at home, you’ll want to consider sharpening periodically to keep a keen edge.

Famous pencil mustache

What Kind of Brush Do I Need?

This can help subdue flyaways and promote a fuller more manicured look. We’d advise a soft brush for shorter hair, a comb for length. Depending upon what style of moustache you are growing, you may choose to comb the hairs straight down, or to part them in the middle with the hairs flowing to each side of the lip.

Goatee styles typically lean toward brushing straight down, keeping a tight look that draws a distinct shaved line.

What are the Health Benefits of Brushing

Brushing and combing can also stimulate hair follicles and disperse natural oils throughout the hair and skin. A note: you will notice some stray hairs brushed or combed loose.

How to style a handlebar mustache

That’s entirely expected, just as it is with the hair on your head and nothing to be alarmed about. If it seems excessive, you may be combing or brushing aggressively or excessively. Try a softer brush and a softer approach.

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