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Anthony Marzilli demonstrates the comb over scissor cut. - Heather Killen Mens hairstyles with mustache.

Scissors Over Comb barbershop is the newest business in Kentville to make a buzz.

Ever since Anthony Marzilli and Brittany Buchan opened the doors the first week of July, their business has been clipping along. Marzilli specializes in a traditional scissor over comb style of barbering that he learned in Italy.

“I pride myself on never touching a person’s hair with my fingers,” he said. “It’s a traditional Italian technique that is becoming a disappearing art.”

The hair is lifted and supported by the comb, then deftly snipped in small, fast cuts.

Marzilli, originally from Italy, learned this style in an old-school apprenticeship. He began learning the business by sweeping floors and lathering faces, and when he could be trusted with scissors and razors, he learned the cutting edge techniques.

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He brought this old-world technique along with him when came to Canada, opening and operating a barbershop in Toronto before coming to the Valley.

“It took me no time to learn the technique, but it took me years to be fast,” he added.

He estimates that he has probably given more than 100,000 haircuts over his career and really knows his way around the cowlicks and thin spots that confound less experienced cutters.

He has now teamed up with Brittany Buchan, who started cutting men’s hair about two years ago. She says she loves the casual atmosphere of the barbershop.

Anthony Marzilli and Brittany Buchan, of Scissors Over Comb barbershop, are the newest business to make a buzz in Kentville. - Heather Killen

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“I was learning to be a stylist and when it was time to cut men’s hair, I knew I had found my niche,” she said. “I thought this is what I want to do. I started following some barbers and watching their techniques.”

Now she is picking up pointers from Marzilli. While they both offer trims for men and women, Buchan usually takes the lead with women’s longer styles. The pair specialize in short, clean looks that are finished off with a straight razor.

Men’s services include military cuts, beard and mustache trims, close shaves, and, of course, haircuts. The shop also carries an assortment of soaps, lotions and products like beard oil and balm and mustache wax.

“We carry local producers whenever we can, we want to support this community,” Marzilli said.

“We want people to bring their skin and hair products here to sell, we won’t take commission. When one of us does well, we all prosper. Someone taught me how to be a barber and this is my way of paying it forward.”

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If you go: Visit Scissors Over Comb at 379 Main St. in Kentville
Overall rating page: 3 / 5 left 617 people.

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