70s moustache styles. How To Grow A Mustache For Better Results

How to Grow a Thick and Full Mustache

I’d love to tell you that there are a few tricks to growing a great mustache, but there’s really not much to it (keep reading, though, because I’ll be sharing some important tips that will help you look your best). There’s really only one thing that will make your mustache grow or grow in thicker and that’s time. Yep, you just have let that facial hair grow slowly, day after day, until it finally reaches the length, thickness, and fullness you want. How to have a mustache.

How much patience will you need? That depends how big of a mustache you want and how quickly your facial hair grows. On average, it takes about a month to grow half an inch of facial hair. That sounds slow, but because there isn’t much room between your nose and upper lip, it shouldn’t take too long to grow your mustache to a decent length.

Genetics Play a Role

Be aware that genetics are a factor in facial hair growth. Some men simply can’t grow much of a mustache, no matter how hard they try. Others have to wait longer than average for theirs to grow in.

If you want a mustache, it’s definitely worth trying to see if you can grow one and get the look you want. But know that you might be doomed to patchy facial hair or that you might not be able to cover your mouth with a huge walrus mustache, so you might have to adjust your expectations as your mustache grows in (or doesn’t).

Find the Right Style

Speaking of walrus mustaches (which are definitely not for everyone), you’ll have to decide on what kind of mustache you want. There are tons of styles to choose from, but not all of them are right for every man.

Your personal style is a big factor. Are you looking for something classic so you can look like your 70’s action movie heroes or are you looking for something more extravagant? Are you interested in a small mustache to complement your overall look or a thick, bushy one you hope will make you look older and more rugged?

What you can pull off will also depend, in part, on the shape of your face. If you have a very thin or narrow face, a huge, bushy horseshoe mustache might look out of place. Likewise, a thin French mustache might look a bit silly on you if you have a larger face.

In most cases, your mustache will show you the way. As it starts growing, you’ll get a sense for what will work best, whether that’s letting it go thick, keeping it trim and thin, or curling up the edges.

Don’t Shave It

Let’s dispense with a myth that’s been around for a while and won’t seem to die. Shaving your mustache will not make it grow in thicker.

No one’s really sure how this myth came about, but here’s one guess: your stubble looks and feels different than your fully grown facial hair. Your stubble often looks a bit darker and certainly feels stiffer and rougher than the mustache you will eventually grow. That might fool some people into thinking that the hair is coming in thicker than it did the last time, but it’s just stubble being stubble. It could also be that people who shave off their mustache as teenagers and then try growing a new one when they’re in their thirties see a noticeable difference in the thickness and fullness of their facial hair. That’s not an unusual scenario, but shaving has nothing to do with this; it’s just age. Your facial hair often grows better once you hit your mid-twenties.

The only reason you should shave your mustache is to get rid of it. If you want a thicker mustache, you need to let it grow, not keep shaving it because you think it’s somehow going to magically look better the next time it comes in.

Getting Through the Awkward Part

Your mustache might look a little awkward while it’s still coming in. If you don’t like the way it looks during the transition between bare skin and a full mustache, you can let your beard grow along with the hair on your upper lip.

Having a beard along with the mustache makes it look more appealing even during the stubble and subtle stages. At the very least, it will probably just look like you haven’t shaved in a while. Since maintaining a mustache involves shaving, keeping a clean shave might make it look like the half-grown-in mustache is the look you went for deliberately.

Once your mustache has grown in, you can shave the beard and debut your mustache the in its full glory: thick and stylish.

The imperial mustache

How to Trim and Maintain a Mustache

Growing your mustache is just the first step. After a while, an untamed mustache will start to grow wild and out of control. You’re looking for a precise look, not to look like your facial hair has taken over your upper lip.

Trimming and shaping a mustache intimidates some men, but there’s no reason to worry. All it takes to do it right are a few simple tools and understanding the basic mustache trim.

The Tools You Will Need

Grooming a mustache requires only a few simple tools. These should be in every man’s medicine cabinet, but if you have never grown a beard or mustache before, you’ll probably need to buy one or two of these to get started.

Good Lighting

Alright, so this isn’t exactly a grooming tool, but it’s critical. Giving yourself a good trim is all about precision, and you can’t do a precise job unless you see what you’re doing. With the mustache, there’s an added challenge: your nose and the mustache itself will cast a shadow over some of the facial hair you’ll be trimming.

If you’ve only got dim lighting in front of your mirror, you need to upgrade your bulbs. Some men find mustache trimming and personal grooming to be relaxing, but it’s not the time for mood lighting. Make sure you’re doing it under bright lights and that you have a clear view of your mustache from every angle.

Mustache Scissors

If you’re thinking of skipping the scissors because you already own a razor or an electric trimmer, you’re making a big mustache mistake.

Razors and electric trimmers can work well to keep your beard trimmed and shaped, but they’re not the right tool for the delicate work involved in maintaining your mustache. You’re far more likely to trim too much or trim unevenly.

If you’re going to grow a mustache, invest in a good pair of mustache scissors. These have small, thin blades and comfortable handles so you can do the precise work of trimming your mustache without aching fingers or wrists.

If you’re worried about poking or cutting yourself with the sharp end of your scissor, you can purchase one with rounded tips (I promise I won’t tell your barber if you do).

Mustache Comb

Mustache combs are small combs with easy to hold handles. High-quality ones are made of metal or finished wood, and some have a folding handle so you can easily tuck it into your pocket and carry it around with you in case of any grooming emergencies.

A mustache comb is not only a great tool for combing your mustache, it’s also a great way to hold your facial hair in place while trimming or to act as a guide to ensure a clear, straight trim. They’re also handy when applying beard oil or mustache wax to your whiskers (more on this later).

Shaving Kit

A mustache isn’t just about the facial hair you have; it’s also about the facial hair you don’t have. Most mustache styles fly solo, meaning you grow it out but keep the rest of your face clean shaven. Others work with your beard (like the anchor mustache or the horseshoe mustache) but require it to be trimmed precisely and maintained well.

So, part of your mustache grooming kit will be everything you need for a good shave. A bad shave can ruin a killer mustache, so make sure you’ve got a good razor (I recommend a safety razor, but use whatever works best for you), a proper shaving product (shaving cream, shaving foam, or shaving soap), and something for post-shave care (aftershave lotion or aftershave gel). Optional, but recommended: a shaving cup and a quality shave brush.

Famous pencil mustache

The Basic Trim

Mustaches come in a lot of different varieties, so how you trim it depends on the look you’re trying to achieve. But if you’re not looking to try anything fancy or you just want to wear an ordinary mustache for a while to see how it suits you, go for the basic trim.

This is a real simple trim with only three steps:

Wash, dry, and comb your mustache

Trim any hairs that hang over your upper lip

Trim any hairs that stick out beyond the edges of your mouth

And that’s all it takes to get a mustache that will look great and won’t scandalize grandma.

Beard Oil Isn’t Just for Your Beard

Don’t let the name fool you; you can use beard oil for your mustache.

Rubbing a drop or two of beard oil through your mustache after every shower will keep your mustache healthy. What does that mean? Well, for one thing, it might make your mustache less itchy. But the biggest advantage is that it keeps mustache softer. You don’t want your mustache hairs to feel like the bristles of a hard brush, especially if you’re planning to lock lips with someone else.

Beard oils are also fragrant, which will not only make you smell nice but since it’s right below your nose you’ll be enjoying a fine scent all day.

The one thing a beard oil won’t do, though, is help your mustache grow more quickly. Every once in a while, someone will claim that it does, but that’s pure nonsense. A beard oil is essentially a conditioner and moisturizer, and last anyone checked, neither of those will speed up hair growth.

Mustache Wax

If you want a handlebar mustache or something similar, you’ll need an extra step: mustache wax. Handlebars defy gravity and the natural direction or your facial hair, so you need something with extra strong hold to keep its shape.

If you decide to use a mustache wax, you should avoid using beard oil on your mustache. The two simply don’t work well together. The wax coating your mustache will repel the oil, and the oil will make it difficult for the wax to affix to your facial hair.


If you ask me, the mustache should never have died. I’m more than happy to see this manly look making a comeback and if you read all the way through this article, I congratulate you for wanting to join the ranks of mustachioed men.

How to make moustache thicker

Remember, the number one thing you need to do is exercise a little patience while you wait for your facial hair to grow in. Growing a mustache takes some time, but I’m confident you won’t regret it.

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