Mustache styles in india. These are the 3 styles of beard and mustache that will be worn in 2019

One of the questions that Google has identified as the most popular in terms of care and masculine style is “haircuts for men” but, also, “styles of beard and mustache in trend”. Both questions confirm that men take care of our personal aspect much more than what is believed. Speaking specifically about how to wear facial hair – for those lucky enough to have a generous genetics – by 2019 the offer is extensive and varied in volumes, lengths and design. Without being limited to strict tendencies; the facial hair (beard and mustache) are the best weapon to wear a much more attractive face, “interesting” and with bearing. How to wear a mustache.

Although trends are dictated in advance, some are not always fulfilled as expected. However, the celebrations, awards and galas at the beginning of the year confirm what we will see the rest of the months as a strong promise of style. Such is the case of the Golden Globes where male celebrities, assist with the best looks, both in clothing and facial hair. During some awards that have already taken place, we could perceive some styles of beard and mustache that will stand out in the following seasons.

We took on the task of identifying the impeccable styles on some red carpets so that you can take it as a manual is style in your next shave.

One of the bets for this year’s Golden Globes was the millimeter beard. For this year, perhaps, it is one of the styles that we will appreciate the most.

Moustache design

Opt for a beard the next day keeping the length of the hair with the help of a razor. With this look, you will avoid the face of a child that appears when we shave with a rake, but you will continue to preserve the cleanliness of the face – although stylized by the shadow of the beard –

The thin mustache continues trying to proclaim itself as the strong trend for spring-summer 2019. However, it is not the only mustache design that we will see in the next season, but it is the only one in slim and aesthetic format. To obtain a result like that of Dacre Montgomery, lower the rest of the beard so that it does not join at the corners of the mouth. The more independent the mustache is, the cleaner the style will look.

For the privileged that can take the opportunity to wear this style is necessary to know the basic rules of how to care for the beard. To keep the volume and avoid “fluffing”, try using wax for facial hair and reduce it constantly.

Moustache march

Although, these styles imposed in the awards season are not only the most prominent, but also the most repeated by celebrities. Do you dare to bring one?
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