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A mustache for centuries has been a display of pride. Often misunderstood, but never underestimated! Long thin mustache.

There is a certain impeccable appeal of a mustache throughout generations which is hard to ignore but it can go wrong… very wrong!

There is an extremely fine line between a stylish and suave mustache look and the bizarre, unclean and wild fur which looks like its consuming your upper lip. So whether you are going for a look which is sophisticated, urban, or royal, it will require significant effort in the styling of your mustache.

Did you know that facial hair such as beard and mustache block 90-95% of harmful cancer causing UV rays and other dangerous effects of radiation? So, not only is it a style icon, it also protects against skin cancer according to studies by the University of Southern Queensland in Australia.

We review some of the best mustache trimmers to ensure that you are able to pull that suave look with the help of some of these amazing modern day tools.

Comparison Table of the Best Mustache Trimmer

Top 10 Mustache Trimmer Reviews

Wahl is an American Clipper brand which has been in professional use since 1919. With an extremely rich history, the brand offers some of the best and #1 beard trimmers and hair clippers in the market today.

The rechargeable Wahl’s clipper is suitable for international usage support dual voltage of both 110v and 220v. Unlike most other made in USA brands, this Wahl’s trimmer is suitable for travel.

The trimmer comes with Wahl’s unique Self Sharpening Technology for its long lasting sharp blades. It is designed to offer an All in One Solution with 4 attachments heads for varying grooming needs. It features the wide T-blade design suited for both beards and mustache trimming.

In addition to this, it is also great for haircuts, touchups, body grooming such as ear and nose trimming, and for detailing your look. This can be an ideal gift item for any occasion.

The most incredible thing is its unbelievable runtime of up to 4 hours. It also features a quick charge ability to get 3 minutes of usage with just 1 minute of charge. This makes the Wahl 9818 Lithium Ion+ Stainless Steel Trimmer simply amazing. A truly multi-purpose performance oriented trimmer which is built to last for multiple usage.

This multi-purpose tool by Wahl’s is capable of delivering advanced performance through its lithium ion plus battery. The high tech design and the powerful shaving, cutting and trimming on offer is made possible by Wahl’s patented blade design. The series heads and guide combs allow you to get a truly head to toe grooming experience.

Wahl 9818 Lithium Ion+ Stainless Steel Trimmer is an incredible product but the durability of the trimmer is not up to the mark of other products in its range. With a more durable build, it can become the very best for users and the lack of wet usage for a premium product is a big disadvantage.

The Norelco Beard trimmer 7200 is an upgrade to its 7100 model by Philips. This model uses an integrated vacuum system which cuts down on the mess you make while trimming. The vacuum is capable of sucking up to 90% of the hair cut off.

Also, the dual cutting blades use the lift and trim technology for a more efficient cutting performance. This is achieved through its high-velocity motor and fan system.

The stainless steel blades operate efficiently with the self-sharpening technology. The design allows it to reach hair and cut it without harming the skin. The trimmer offers an amazing 20 built-in length settings which is 2 more settings than its predecessor the 7100. The various length settings range from 0.5mm – 10mm which is easily selectable using the zoom wheel.

The trimmer uses an advanced lithium-ion battery to deliver maximum power performance for 20 minutes longer than the standard of 60 minutes. The trimmer can also be used while in-charge for those odd emergencies.

The Philips Norelco Beard trimmer 7200 is a significant upgrade from the 7100. It features the innovative vacuum system with powerful suction for making less mess than usual. Overall, it offers a much cleaner trimming experience. With less mess, you will be more motivated in pursuing different styles at any time given that it cuts down on your cleaning time.

The stainless steel blades also operate on a lift and trim technology which guides hair to the blades for an effortless and even trim. The high power motor ensures that you do not have to repeat strokes in the same areas for clean cuts.

As with the Philips Norelco 7100 series, the issue of imperfect plastic attachments are an issue with this 7200 series as well. Also, the durability of the attachments are questionable due to the brittle and fragile plastic build of the attachments.

Remington is a brand associated with premium grooming equipment and this is one of its premium products for men’s grooming.

The precision power electric trimmer by Remington features a lithium ion battery which is their longest running battery across all Beard, Goatee, and Stubble trimmer also features the sharpest blades by Remington.

Now, all the longest backup by Remington is truly put into perspective considering the fact that it offers up to 4 times the battery life amongst its competitors. Also, the sharpest blades are ensured with at least twice the torque in this trimmer.

The Remington Precision Power Beard, Goatee, and Stubble trimmer offers an incredible 120 minutes of cordless runtime for all your grooming needs. The removable clips allow you to switch between various styles such as the bear, goatee and stubble. The trimmer features self-sharpening blades that are titanium infused providing superior cutting performance.

The trimmer also has an easy to adjust Zoom Wheel to switch between the nine trimming lengths. The Titanium coated Blades make them Strong, Durable and extremely Long Lasting. The quick release blades allow you to remove the blades instantly for cleaning.

The Remington trimmer is a premium product with precision ground blades for the best trimming performance. The extremely sharp blades will allow you to trim worry free of any uncomfortable pulls or snags on a lone or stuck hair. Cleaning is made easy with the quick release button.

The battery life of the trimmer is incredible and the nine length settings will let you explore various styles. The trimmer is not made specifically as a mustache trimmer but its range of 1.5 – 18mm lengths give it the versatility needed. The best thing about it is the long battery life and the extremely sharp blades which is most suitable for beards.

The Remington trimmer is not waterproof and that presents a challenge when trimming in the bathroom. Such a powerful machine which does not support wet use is a liability with its great battery backup.

Well groomed moustache

The Norelco Multigroom 7100 by Philips is an all-in-one trimmer. With its 8 tools, Philips offers a grooming kit with maximum versatility. The turbo-powered trimmer kit is made for users to get the exact style you want.

The all-in-one multi-groomer offers head-to-toe styling with its range of accessories: a metal guard trimmer, body hair shaver, body trimming comb, hair comb, stubble comb, beard comb, precision trimmer and nose trimmer.

The trimmer comes with chromium steel blades that use the self-sharpening design to allow long-lasting performance. The rounded blade tips prevent any potential skin irritation or damages. The multi-groomer comes with 18 built-in length settings for just about any facial hair style you desire. The turbo boost is an additional feature which helps those with rigid and thick hair.

The trimmer comes with a lithium-ion battery with 60 minutes runtime and is fully washable. So you can clean it and use it around the bathroom without any worries of damaging it. The Philips Norelco Multigroom 7100 kit has a 45 day free trial period and is backed by a full 2 years’ warranty.

Philips truly offers 8 tools in one with the Norelco Multigroom 7100 kit. There is a tool for your every grooming need. From combs to trimming, grooming is complete with this all-in-one kit. The blades are made from chromium steel for durability and performance.

There are an incredible 18 built-in length settings to achieve just about any style in any length for your facial hair, beard or mustache. Whether you have rough thick or thin and silky hair, the blades can cut through without damaging your skin. The battery provides the standard backup of up to 60 minutes of usage.

The all-in-one trimmers have one great flaw that is while offering a tool for every need, there are flaws within each department. The trimmer needs to improve on its attachments which are not fitted perfectly and lose their fittings over time. This can be a danger to users for accidents.

The Milano series ER-GB40-S Hair & Body Trimmer by Panasonic is an award-winning product. Panasonic is associated with extremely high quality and the Milano does not disappoint. It uses durable, super-sharp stainless-steel blades for powerful cutting of hair, mustache and beard.

The electric trimmer comes with a dial which allows you to select from 19 precision settings for trimming, sculpting, cutting and detailing.

The Milano is a lightweight trimmer which is heavyweight in performance. The design of the rubberized grip allow maximum comfort and control during use. The waterproofing allows it to be easily cleaned in a few seconds under running water. So whether you are in the sink or the shower, the trimmer is safely usable for wet or dry use.

The trimmers also comes with a cleaning brush and a charging stand for great look on your bathroom. The unit is easily storable for travel. The trimmer is an 8 in 1 tool to cover all your grooming needs from 1 mm to 10 mm lengths. It also comes with a Gillette razor for a completely clean shaven look.

The Panasonic Beard Trimmer ER-GB40-S for men is powerful and versatile. The design of the blades at a 45 degree angle is not noticeable to look at but is felt while using it. The ergonomic design and the sure-grip gives much needed control during precision trimming and detailing of mustache.

The waterproof unit allows easy wet and dry use and cleaning is also effortless. The easy-open water drain design makes sure that the unit is not harmed with cleansing and maintenance. A cleaning brush is included for cleaning the blades while being used to get rid of stuck hair. The Milano is an all in one trimmer for both the mustache, your beard and full body grooming.

The Milano by Panasonic could use some much needed upgrades for its plastic guards which may or may not be perfectly fitted. Plastic fittings also wear easily through regular usage, so an alternative material maybe a viable option.

An All-in-One multi-groom kit by Hatteker is a complete groomer with 5 attachments for beard, hair, ear, precision detailing and body grooming. The beard trimmer is adjustable between 3, 4, 5 & 6 mm combs and the hair trimmer is adjustable between 1 to 16 mm combs.

There are additional trimmer combs for trimming your face, body and head for achieving any style you want.

The trimmer comes with self-sharpening stainless steel blades for sharp cuts and zero skin irritation. The blades are high performance and long lasting. The trimmer is safe for wet use as it is completely waterproof. The blades are non-corrosive and water resistant for wet use, easy cleaning and durability.

The unit uses max lithium battery for 60 minutes of runtime and also supports USB charging. A LED display shows a lock indicator and the battery capacity in minutes of usage remaining. The trimmer comes with a one year manufacturer warranty with 100% satisfaction guarantee form Hatteker.

The Hatteker trimmer is not just a beard or mustache trimmer but a full body groomer. It can offer precise smooth trim for your facial hair on various lengths as well as effective body hair removal from arms, legs, head etc.

The full sized trimmer is perfect for clean, straight lines even through the thickest of hairs without any potential skin irritation. The trimmer is able to quickly remove unwanted hair without nicks or cuts. The USB connection port makes it chargeable with any adapter. A complete men’s trimming kit at a much more affordable price than the big name brands.

While the Hatteker offers it all at a budget, it lacks the significant battery backup needed for such a multi-purpose trimming kit. Battery backup of the unit is in need of a massive upgrade for competing with brand name products.

Yet another Philips product on our list, the third to be precise. Philips is truly one of the most reputed manufacturers of electronic gadgets. This Philips Norelco Beard, Head and Body Trimmer uses its trademark lift and trim technology for guided and more precise cuts.

It also uses the self-sharpening steel blades to get all the hair and none of the skin, avoiding all skin irritation and other issues.

The stainless steel blades are double sharpened to get more hair with every stroke and the 17 built-in precision length settings allow maximum versatile styles ranging from 1/64 inch (0.4mm) to 1/2 inch (13mm). The setting are easily changeable using a zoom wheel. The body combs make it possible to deal with body hair to exact lengths. The specific short & long hair clipping combs are perfect for short and long hairstyles.

It supports both corded and cordless use with advanced lithium-ion battery for 70 minutes of cordless runtime. Being fully waterproof, it is washable and useable with running water.

This Philips Norelco Beard, Head and Body Trimmer is made for complete face, hair and body grooming needs. It allows you to get a stubble, a short or a long beard and do that for you mustache, hair, and body parts. The lift and trim technology is efficient and easy on those with sensitive skin.

Pencil stache

The self-sharpening steel blades are durable and needs no visible maintenance. They sharpen themselves and deliver sharp cuts throughout their lifetime. With its range of options, your mustache does not get the individual attention you seek from this trimmer. Philips delivers yet another good performance Norelco trimmer with this beard, head and body trimmer.

Philips Norelco series has many other trimmers while this may not be the most efficient among the 3 others in this list, it certainly gets the job done. But it is definitely not in the league of those delivering the optimal performance.

The Wahl’s Beard and Mustache Trimmer is a rechargeable beard and mustache trimmer which is very economic. The simplistic design with its 5 different trimming guides make it a very budget friendly option among all the more expensive and big name trimmers.

The cordless trimmer comes with a unique storage stand, a handy mustache comb, a blade guard, a trimming guide, maintenance oil for the blades and detailed instructions for use.

The Wahl Beard and Mustache Trimmer is not a fancy trimmer with tons of features and dazzling innovations. It is a very basic trimmer which is equipped with all the necessary accessories for a complete facial grooming experience. All this at the fraction of the cost of its big name contenders.

The various sizes of the guards and combs are efficient for achieving different styles. The lightweight and simplistic design makes it easy to maneuver and work with on difficult angles.

The Wahl Beard and Mustache Trimmer is a fairly cheap unit among all the other big name manufacturers. But that does not mean it doesn’t offer the goods. It comes with a complete set of accessories for all your basic facial grooming.

The mustache trimmer comes with a mustache comb for setting hair straight before you begin to trim. This makes the hair easier to trim and control while you style your mustache. The battery is capable of providing very impressive backup with just 30 minutes of charge which is less than half of what most other trimmers require for a full backup.

It is an extremely handy trimmer for its price but it is not capable of delivering anywhere the same performance as others. The motor runs very loud and the blades are not as sharp as expected from such a product. Also, the product is not waterproof.

The fourth Philips Norelco series trimmer on the list is the Bodygroom 7100. Not to be confused with the previously discussed Multigroom 7100. This Norelco groomer is a full body groomer by Philips with a 3D pivoting head which runs through the varying contours of your body for the ultimate comfort for your skin while shaving.

The body groomer comes with high performance rounded blades to prevent irritating your skin and adjustable of up to 5 length settings. It is specifically designed for comfortable below the neck grooming such as your chest and abs, under arms, legs, groin area and back and shoulders. So naturally, it is fully water-resistant for wet use in the shower.

The dual design allows both trimming and shaving with the same tool. The 3D pivot head prevents nicks and cuts and gets all hair in a single stroke. It is a great gift for any man with maintenance-free stainless steel blades which self-sharpen for a more precise trim and durable long lasting performance.

The Ultimate Grooming Tool, the Philips Norelco Bodygroom Pro Grooming System is for every man desiring a clean-cut appearance. The Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100 is an ideal choice as an all-in-one groomer. It is suitable for full body use both wet and dry.

The built-in settings allow precise length trimming along with shaving due to its dual blade design. The ergonomic design with its 3D head helps it to glide through even the most sensitive of your body areas. Get superior results for full body grooming with the appropriate comb and length settings. Being a waterproof product it is fully showerproof for use in the sink and even in the shower or during a bath.

An all-in-one body groomer requires a powerful battery backup which is clearly lacking in this Norelco Bodygroom 7100. The battery backup could be much better for a more wholesome performance.

TRYM II is a sleek and modernistic design for a trimmer. It is like the Apple smartphone design for trimmers. It will look absolutely stunning sitting in any bathroom.

The trimmer is made with premium stainless steel blades to offer precise cuts to go along with its futuristic design.

The battery on the TRYM II is decent with a dock which is stylish and practical. The unit comes with up to 4 attachments for achieving various lengths and styles for your hair. It also comes with a cleaning brush, clipper oil and a user manual.

The trimmer is backed by a 2 Year Warranty from its manufacturer and there is a 24/7 customer support for all queries. TRYM II maybe a new name among all the big brands worldwide, it too has global recognition and is trusted by over millions of customers worldwide.

TRYM II offers an ideal combination of looks and performance. The trimmer uses innovative shaving technology and the design of the unit just simply a work of art. The look is sleek and it’s extremely lightweight. The trimmer is designed with professional-grade metal blades to never pull or snag your hair other than efficiently cutting them with every trim.

The TRYM gets its name from its ultimate offering to users, the trimming which is precise with four trim attachments included. The trimmer comes with accessories needed for up keeping your mustache, beard, and body hair all with a decent grooming experience.

The TRYM II has an amazing design but the battery backup is horrible. It needs significant improvement to its battery and needs to be upgraded to support wet usage since it is a full body groomer.

Things to Consider While Choosing the Best Mustache Trimmer

The comeback of facial hair, whether it’s the beard or the mustache, is truly here to stay. It is just one of those things that men really associate with and women love to see. Whether it is on celebrities in movies or in our regular lives, the sight of men sporting various types of beards and mustache styles has become common.

For most men, no experimentation is needed and the natural style suits them just fine. But many others put in significant effort to pull off a unique look. Some like to find the best match for their face or some just enjoy experimenting with different looks. The mustache definitely has more variations than beards in the form of the chevron, the pencil, the handle bar, the horseshoe, the toothbrush, and many others. Regardless, the key to achieving or maintaining a style is grooming. Here are some of the most essential things to remember while choosing a mustache trimmer at a time when there are innumerable gadgets available in the market.

Proper Training of Your Mustache

No, that’s not a typo! I did say “Training Your Mustache”.

If you ever had a mustache in your life than you are aware of the challenge it may become for your very important and personal tasks. I am talking about everything that involves the mouth such as eating, drinking, flossing, kissing etc. So do not let your mustache become a liability to your lifestyle and let it adapt to your lifestyle with proper training.

Moustache names and pictures

Unlike popular belief, it is not a choice between training and trimming. Just because you are training your mustache doesn’t mean that you can’t trim. The training is more helpful in getting a healthier volume, length and quality of mustache which still requires trimming for perfection. However, there are certain styles of mustache which require pure training and no trimming such as the handle bar. But it is a good idea to train your mustache hair according to your preferred style which helps in achieving your desired look and spending an easier time trimming it.

Step into the Modern Day: Trimmer versus Scissors!

Are you still stuck on trimming your mustache with scissors? Mind you, I own a decent pair of scissors and I have nothing against this marvelous tool. But the modern day has much more to offer! Ditch the scissors and pick up a mustache trimmer as your primary tool. The scissor just one of the many other tools you will need such as a comb. A quality mustache comb with fine teeth, a small & sharp pair of scissors and a good quality electric trimmers are your modern day equipment for men’s grooming. Trimmers offer the chance for you to get an even, straight cut but after finishing, take a look at the mirror, comb your mustache and get rid of the extra hair or two with your scissors.

Repeat this process until you see perfection on your mirror’s reflection!

Best Type of Precision Mustache Trimmer

I highly recommend the abovementioned equipment for achieving each and every style of your facial hair. Now there tons of trimmers available in the market in addition to the best 10 mustache trimmers as reviewed here. So it is important that you pick the right one for your grooming needs. In order to get precision trimming for your mustache, find an electric trimmer without built-in guards. Guards as attachments will give you additional options but those which are built-in will cause more problems. Without a guard, you are able to get a more controlled and precise trim.

Quality of the Trimmer is Important

Do not fall for the trap in thinking that any electrical clipper or trimmer will let you trim your mustache. Just because you have a particular clipper, does not mean that you should use it for every need, unless it is a good quality all-in-one trimmer. For perfect grooming, you need a quality tool and so you must consider a good quality trimmer specifically designed for mustache rather than a generic trimmer.

As we have reviewed some of the top rated mustache trimmers in the market, you will definitely me more aware than before of what your options are. So browse through the reviews and find yourself a quality mustache trimmer along with good quality accessories such as a comb, scissors and mustache wax. Then you will be ready to keep your mustache game on a high!

How to Trim Your Mustache – A Step by Step Guideline

It is not secret that the mustache is a classy look which suits most men. But no matter how perfect your mustache looks today, it will soon grow into something else in a few days or if you are lucky then after a week. So, it is essential to trim mustache to keep it looking at its best over time. Now, this little act of trimming one’s mustache is not as simple as it may sound. It does however get easier with good quality grooming tools and products. At the end of it all, you will require precision and control keep it well groomed and have the compliments flowing in. So, we present to you a step by step guideline of how to trim your mustache… Let’s get to it!

Regardless of a trim or in any case, the number one rule is to keep your mustache squeaky clean at all times. As a proud mustachio owner and especially when getting ready for a trim, you must have a comb. A comb is one of the most essential grooming accessories for your facial hair both your mustache and beard and not just your head. But be sure to pick out a comb that is extremely fine for your mustache. Small combs usually are fine-teethed for facial hair and it is handy to keep it in your pockets.

So before you start to trim your mustache, you should be cleaning it up. You can use shampoo and conditioner to soften up your hair and make it easier to control. Then after it is completely dried, comb through to find the exact length of it. This will show exactly how much is access and what you need to trim off. The combing also allows you to get a cleaner and straighter cut.

Yes, you read that right! Your lips play an extremely important role when trimming your mustache. Simply put, following your lips ensures that you’re within the guideline of a clean mustache style. During this step you need to make a “Poker Face”, that is with no expressions, a blank look! If you are a scissor kind of guy, then that’s your tool but I prefer the modern day tools. The mustache trimmers come with no guards and require precision to ensure that you don’t chop it all off.

So, when using scissors, make small snips following your lip line and when using a trimmer, gently press along the lip line to cut and then pull away. It is a good idea to always work from the sides to the center to ensure that your shape is never off and mirrors on each side.

Once you have established the edges of your mustache according to your preferred style, it is time to trim the top. This is a tricky part, as there is the complete dependence on your preference of whether you like it to be thick and bushy or light and thin. So use your scissors or mustache trimmer to cut off any hair which is too long, stood or any other awkward position. Using a mustache trimmer is best since you can use the trimmer’s length settings to get an even cut throughout without any effort.

The length and the thickness depends on your style but be sure to clearly separate it from your nose and avoid that awkward confusion with your nose hair.

So now that you have trimmed your mustache, you must comb it again to make sure it all looks in tune. So keep brushing and checking for any awkward hair to straighten up the line and check that the volume of the mustache hair is consistent with your style. Use scissors to cut off the odd hair. Turn your head in every angle to get a 360 degree view of your mustache.

The very last step of the trimming process is achieving the style. Now that your mustache is all trimmed up, you need to style it. Use your brush, trimmer & scissors and once that is done, move on to a styling wax, cream or gel for your mustache. Now this all depends upon the style you’re going for. For most styles, once you have trimmed up, you simply clean up and that’s it. While some other styles require twisting and shaping and waxing to get the fancier look.

Some Tips to Remember

The following are some very useful tips which are very easy to follow for styling your mustache.

Also, remember to always avoid any such activity to save yourself from the potentially drastic accident while using your mustache trimmer that may force you to shave off your precious mustache!

Regardless of what happens between you and your trimmer, always remember that it will grow back sooner or later, so don’t be too hard on yourself!


Regardless of which style you apply with your choice of the best trimmer for mustache, the important thing is that you are satisfied with your look. After all the experiments of however many different styles you have tried, if you like the way it looks on you then that satisfaction will show!

If you are not sure of trying a different look, then simply don’t!

Flaunt your preferred style with confidence. Using the right tools, the best trimmer for mustache will only help you to achieve the perfect grooming for your mustache. It’s the way you carry it which will make you happy.

So, we have thoroughly reviewed some of the best mustache trimmers, the expensive ones and the cheap ones, the simple ones and the tech savvy ones, all in an effort to get you a majestic mustache. If you are sporting a mustache then make sure it is groomed perfectly. The tangled, messy and wild look for a mustache is just not appealing!

Put in the time & energy to keep it looking fine using specialized tools for your mustache.
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