Moustache styles for round face. 10 Types of Mustache Styles That ll Be Trendy in 2019

Nowadays along with the beard and hair, keeping different mustache style has become a fashion. From the below discussion you will get some tips to grow and maintain your desirable mustache. How to shave a pencil moustache.

First of all, you have to clear the doubt whether you want to cultivate mustache or not. It may change your look in a drastic way. So, to get a more mature look, you can choose a mustache style that is well adjustable with your face.

With the properly chosen mustache, you can have the desired look you wished for, otherwise, it may give your face a bad appearance. And the most important thing is to maintain your mustache with proper care.

How to Take Care of Your Mustache

To make a healthy desirable mustache, here we come with some tips that can be followed.

Let The Hair Grow

It is the first step for having the mustache. When the hair grows in the whole face, you can trim it regularly without the mustache region. At the earlier stage, the facial hair may not be thick. Don’t lose your patience and wait until it becomes thick.

Trim Unwanted Hair

When the facial hair has grown, trim it to get the perfect shaped mustache you have chosen. It is important to have patience while growing it and avoid to shave too much to get thick hair. Rather let the hair grow naturally.

Military mustache styles

Accelerate The Hair Growth

In addition to the previous point, balanced diet, proper sleep, maintenance, cleaning facial hair regularly are also important for the healthy growth of mustache and to avoid the facial skin complications.

The maintenance is the biggest issue when your mustache has grown. For taking good care of your mustache you can follow the tips discussed below.

Trim To Remove The Unwanted Tips

Routine wise trimming is important to remove the extra hair and to keep the mustache in the right shape. Scissors or machine equipment can be used to trim to cut the unwanted hair.

Clean Regularly

For the healthy growth, hair of beard or mustache needs proper care. And for that, cleaning the hair is the must. Mustache may become dirty during eating food or by the dust. So you need to clean your mustache by washing it with neutral soap regularly. You can also use baby shampoos for the dry and flaking skin under the mustache.

Keep The Perfect Mustache Shape

Alignment of mustache is another issue. To keep the perfect size, shape your mustache’s end with suitable waxes and ointment. And also to control the appearance of the mustache, natural oils can be used which moistures the hair and make it shiny.

Simple beard styles

The crucial part of the mustache is to choose the best type which goes well with your face shape. You also have to consider the hair type and the most important thing, you need to be confident with the type of your mustache.

Mustache Styles for Different Face Shapes

Some people love to keep the mustache with a beard and some wants to keep without a beard. Let’s have a look at different types of mustache styles with different face shapes and pick the best one for you!

Mustache for Round Face

In round face, the chin looks fatter because of the lack of angles on the face. So if you have a round face then shouldn’t try short mustache, rather choose longer mustache which will stretch your face and your face will look a little thinner and.

Mustache for Oval Face

Almost every mustache types go well with this face shape. You can choose longer, shorter even curved mustache if you have an oval face.

Mustache for Square Face

A square face has many angles, for which it is also known as “macho look”. Though all types of mustache go well with this face shape, a thicker mustache is the best option rather than a fine mustache. You may also like popular Fu Manchu mustache.

Thin handlebar mustache

Mustache for Triangular Face

With the triangular face, it is recommended to make your mustache a little thinner and more drawn because of the several face angles and get the traditional look.

Different Types of Mustache Styles

Here, we’ve collected 10 top mustache styles which are more popular among all the guys of all ages. Have a look:

Walrus Mustache

Pyramid Mustache

Pencil Mustache

Imperial Mustache

Horseshoe Mustache

Handlebar Mustache

Fu Manchu Moustache

English Mustache

Dali Moustache

Chevron Mustache

Now it’s upon to you what type of mustache you want to grow. Along with the tips, consider your own view to cultivate the suitable mustache you really desired for!
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