Beard styles for men. 111 Best Handlebar Mustache Styles 2018 - Men s Hairstyles List

Men are always conscious about their looks and they want to keep themselves looking impressive all the time. No matter where they go or what event they attend, it’s their top priority to look standout and maintain an impressive vibe that brings everyone closer to them. One thing in a man’s overall appearance that is very important is mustache. Yes, many guys love wearing mustaches in different styles and a popular option is a handlebar mustache. Grown in style, a handlebar mustache adds new persona and style to a man’s charming personality and makes him the center of attraction everywhere. Mens hairstyles with moustache.

90-Degree Handlebar

This is a beautiful look for outgrown mustaches. As you grow up, grow your mustache with you and then they are big enough just get them in proper shape and use some styling product for raising the ends up to form a 90-degrees angle with the face and the mustache itself.

Bushy Old Fashioned Hadlebar Mustache

If you love to do everything in old-school style, this bushy mustache is tailor-made for you. Just grow them up and put them in style. Remember, it’s a grown out look for a handlebar mustache.

A Thin Wisp

If you are not so inclined towards having those fully outgrown mustaches then this one is still a good choice to go with. Known as a thin wisp, this handlebar mustache is not so thick or wide and still creates a perfect handlebar look.

Acute Angle

There is no need for a handlebar mustache to look exactly like a handlebar. Just check out this beautiful style that creates more of an acute still looks awesome.

Cape Buffalo Style

The cape buffalo style features completely rounded ends to create a perfect handle, thick and wide outgrown mustache and a beautiful look overall.

Asymmetrical Mustache

Just as the name suggests, there is no symmetry in this beautiful mustache and still it achieve as a wonderful handlebar look.

Bushy Handlebar with a Chinstrap

This look features the same bushy handlebar that was mentioned above and takes the look to the next level with a beautiful chinstrap. Overall, it looks amazing.

Classical Handlebar

This classic handlebar mustache takes a perfect curve and doesn’t also look so outgrown to give a wild look. So, it’s just spot on.

Extreme Curl

Want to take your handlebar mustache to the next level? Try this amazing look that features an extreme curl achieved with a good styling product.

Full and Thick

Not really a full handlebar, but this one gives a more sophisticated look and still has that little bit of handlebar look.

Handlebar and a Balbo

The handlebar mustache can get as stylish as this one and looks as cool as ever. Combine your beautiful mustache with a perfectly laid out beard to achieve this attractive look.

Handlebar Mustache with a Stubble

Wearing this mustache style with a stubble creates a perfectly casual look. The ends are not fully rounded but still create a timeless look.

Handlebar Mustache

Another similar mustache with a fully grown handlebar worn with a perfect beard, this really is a complete look.

Handlebar with a Chin Curtain

Beautiful handlebar combined with a perfect chin curtain beard, it’s a neat and beautiful look for a man to have.

High Ends

The high ends mustache look is similar to the 90-degrees one described above. But it is a perfectly grown mustache style.

Leveled Ends

This chic look can be achieved with a perfect leveled ends mustache where a typical handlebar is not created rather the look is kept a bit different.

Low Handlebar

This is a beautiful look that can be achieved with a handlebar mustache. Just keep the handles low with this one.

Modern Handlebars

It is true that typical handlebars are popular but modern handlebars are also making their way into the hairstyle industry. This look differs in the fact that we don’t have those curly handlebars but still it’s pretty much the same style.

Natural Handlebar

A natural handlebar is the one that is beautifully swept to a side and doesn’t feature a full-fledged handlebar. It creates a chic and neat style.

Romantic Handlebar

If you want to sport more of a casual look then this beautiful handlebar gives you just that. Combine it with a beard and you make for a perfect mustache style.

Silver Handlebar

Handlebars look special on men with silver hair. And, if you have the same color on your face as well, try achieving this beautiful look.

Slight Twist

This one is a neatly trimmed handlebar mustache that creates a perfectly formal look. There’s a slight twist at the ends to complete a perfect appearance.

Thick and Full

This mustache is outrageously thick and full. And, if you want to create a really serious impression of yourself, do sport this one.

Thin Handlebar

Another thin handlebar combined with a beautiful beard. This is your tom boy look that will keep you beautifully in style.

Well-cut Handlebar

A well-cut handlebar is what you need for achieve this beautiful look. The ends are perfectly curled and the overall look is just amazing.

With a Goatee

This is a beautiful handlebar mustache with a goatee to complement the look. Overall, it’s a thin handlebar.

With a Soul Patch

What can be more beautiful than this amazing handlebar mustache styled with a perfectly trimmed soul patch.

Blonde Mustache, Gray Hair and Beards

This can be the look you want if you do not like trimming your beard too much. Add a touch of style by dyeing your mustache blonde. Other than that, keep it all rough and elegant.

Bushy Mustache

Wow, what an amazing and unique look it is. If you love to break the rules and want to try something different then try this beautifully unique look.

Bushy Non-Curved Ends

This is another outrageously grown handlebar mustache. However, it doesn’t really form the handle and is allowed to grow sideways. Overall, it looks great.

How to get moustache

Curled And Blonde

This blonde curled mustache creates a perfect, timeless look. The rounded handlebar just looks cool and unique.

Curled Mustache and Bald Fade back Haircut

If you want a funky look, go for this beautiful handlebar and combine it with some piercings. A beard to complement will complete the look.

Dark Thick Gray Beards

Old men seem to sport handlebars rather stylishly. Just check out the one above and see how beautiful his smile looks with the overall appearance.

Elongated Blonde Mustache

Though this may not look natural but it actually is. The guy has grown his mustache too long on each side and then used some styling product to create a perfect arc.

English Style

This English style handlebar mustache is not really a handlebar but outgrown mustache is kept straight at both ends. Some styling product can be used for keeping it in place.

Medium Thick Highlighted Beards with handlebar

This is a beautifully styled handlebar with a beard to complete the look. The beard is kept medium thick to give it a messy and rough look.

Mustache and Pompadour Haircut

Thin handlebar style mustache combined with a pompadour gives a beautiful and attractive look.

Mustache and Straight Beards on Chin

A perfect style for someone who loves a chic look overall, this thin handlebar mustache looks amazing with a short, straight beard right on the chin.

Mustache combined with Chin Curtain

This is a beautiful mustache that is thin enough to look perfect on a chin curtain. The ends are raised upwards perfectly as well.

Mustache Combined with Combed Back Hair

Short combed back hair combined with this short and beautiful mustache that features a small handlebar look creates a perfect style.

Mustache for the Bald Combined with Thick Beards

There can be plenty of styles that one can wear with a handle bar mustache and this bald man with thick beard is just a perfect example of that.

Mustache with Medium Fade haircut and Beards

Though not a full-fledged handlebar, those small curls at the end look really amazing. The look is completed with a beautifully trimmed beard and an undercut.

O Curved

Medium length messy beard with an O-curved mustache is what you need for a perfect look. You can even wear this look in your everyday routine.

Projected Crescent-Shape

Another creative look given to the handlebar, this crescent style is as elegant as ever.

Short Mustache with Side parted Undercut

Short mustache in handlebar style, the look is chic and unique with beard, undercut and an amazingly unique pompadour.

The Gentleman Style

This really is a gentleman style with a regular handlebar mustache.

Thick Blonde Mustache and Dark Hair

Want to create an impressive look and keep your personality standout, try this bushy handlebar and a stubble.

Thick Mustache and Short Haircut

Thick beautifully textured handlebar combined with a chin strap, soul patch and short hair really creates a timeless look.

Thick Mustache with Textured Hair

Now, this is something special. The mustache is thick and that’s exactly the case with handlebar as well. They are perfectly curved and look beautiful with the overall look complemented by textured hair on top.

Thick Waxed Mustache, Thick Beards and Medium Haircut

This is a real gentleman look and can be worn on formal events as well. The waxed mustache is combined with a thick beard that is trimmed cleanly.

Dali and fu manchu

Thick Waxed Mustache, Thick Beards and Pompadour

This waxed mustache is combined beautifully with a beard and pompadour to achieve the final look. You’ll really rock it.

Thick Waxed Mustache

Another thick waxed mustache, the look is complemented by a bushy beard that is not neatly trimmed. It creates a beautiful carefree look.

Thin Mustache Combined with Thick Beards

The thin and thick combinations always work wonders and that’s exactly the case here with this mustache-beard combo. The handlebar mustache is kept thin, straight and curled upwards to achieve a perfect look while the beard is thick and casual.

Thin Mustache with Faded Sides

Another thin mustache but the overall look is so different as it is complemented with a beautiful pompadour with side parted faded hair.

Waxed Mustache, Long Beards and Slick Back Haircut

If you have thin hair, sporting this look will give you a beautiful overall style with combed back undercut. It will be great for just about any occasion you want to wear it on.

Here are Some more Ideas about Handlebar Mustache

This is a beautiful chin curtain and a simple handlebar with not much of a curl on the ends. The thin look complements the overall style beautifully.

The guy is wearing a slight variation of the bushy handlebar as all over there’s wildly grown mustache but there are minor handles on the sides.

Another thin mustache with handlebar and a slicked back hairstyle, the look is perfect on a party day.

Perfectly curled bushy mustache with handlebar, it looks cool with beautiful chinstrap and soul patch.

This is a different look to the handlebar mustache as there are not circular ends or anything that may be outgrown. Overall, it looks cool.

Thin handlebar with a short beard on the chin complemented with a soul patch, this can be your cute everyday look.

Clean and beautiful, this is a modern day guy’s look who loves wearing mustaches in style.

Bushy rough mustache is always a great way to make your own style statement. With hair on top trimmed to the scalp, this beautiful mustache style is perfect for any middle-aged man.

For young men this is a timeless look with handlebar mustache. The beard gives a unique vibe to the overall appearance.

This is another unconventional handlebar mustache that grows longer downwards and maintains its thicker look.

Handlebars work perfectly even with grown out beards as well just like this one in the image. There’s short slicked back hair on top with an undercut to complete the look.

Another bushy and textured handlebar mustache with a beautifully trimmed, long beard. It’s a wonderful look overall.

Handlebars can’t be more attractive than what they look when worn with a stubble. A small quiff on top and a beautiful undercut in this picture is something really amazing.

Another slightly different look of a stubble with long slicked back hair, this is a gorgeous one with a perfect handlebar.

Beard styles can vary and so do the mustache styles. This is a thin mustache with ends not curled up like many of the styles described above, and a beautiful beard completes the look.

Even black men can sport this wonderful mustache style. In fact, they’ll find it rather easier to make those swirls at the ends due to rough and tough nature of their hair. Wear a funky hairdo on top and combine the look with handlebar and a beard, you’re surely up for one hell of a look.

Your pompadour can’t get any better than this. Combine the look with a beautiful undercut, bushy handlebar mustache and a beautifully trimmed beard. It’s a perfect look for grown ups.

Long hair everywhere, if you are into such uniquely styled hair, this look is perfect for you with a handlebar. But remember, the handlebar is blended into the beard to achieve the overall look.

Growing your top locks long? Try this beautiful handlebar style for your mustache and complement it with a nice little goatee. You’ll rock the look for sure.

If you like slightly stuffier mustaches then you must not overlook this style. There is nothing so fancy as fully rolled over ends, rather it’s a simple and straightforward look.

For those who like to wear handlebars and still want to keep it thin and simple on the sides, this is a perfect look.

A nice mustache with a grown up chin strap, this is a beautiful look for middle aged men.

Long grown beards can be perfectly complemented by this beautiful long and bushy mustache. Overall it looks great.

Chin Curtain is always a great style to wear with handlebar mustache and that’s exactly the case here. If you have neat and clean hairstyle with an undercut, this look will be the perfect one for you.

Combine a handlebar with a beautiful goatee style and the final look is just amazing.


This image sums it all, even your pet will love the look you’re wearing with a fine handlebar and beard.

Chinese men love to wear thin handlebar and if you’re from that part of the world, this is the look you should definitely get.

Now, it’s not that simple to grow a handlebar as big as this one. But once you’re able to achieve that length, you can always use a styling product to style it this way.

A handlebar, goatee, stubble or a soul patch, call it whatever you like but this really is a cool look to have.

As mentioned earlier, beard styles can be as unique as you like and this one really is a great example of that. Achieve an all different look by combining this beard style with a handlebar mustache.

This old school look is for those who love the styles that used to be popular in 70s and 80s and features a simple and thin handlebar that looks as cool as ever.

Full grown beard that is trimmed to achieve a perfect look with this handlebar that is swept to the sides creates a perfect look overall. A simple hairdo on top adds charm to the overall look.

Just another handlebar mustache with beautiful sleek beard style, it’s a perfect look to achieve.

This ducktail beard looks awesome with the beautiful mustache in handlebar style. On the top there is simple side swept hair to complete the look.

Here we have a Bandholz type beard that is complemented beautifully by a thin, textured mustache. The ends of the mustache are perfectly curled to achieve the final look.

This stubble plus handlebar is a common style to achieve in your everyday routine and it looks amazing.

Combine this goatee with a beautiful handlebar style mustache and you make for a really chic appearance.

Straight spiked hair on top and stubble on face combined with a beautiful soul patch, this handlebar mustache style is just timeless.

Bushy mustaches never go out of style and if you have combined it with a handlebar style then you can rock every style of facial hair. Just look at this picture hair and you’ll have a clear idea as to what we’re talking about here.

This full beard with fine cut mustache in a handlebar style looks different on reddish brown hair as depicted here. You can always count on this style when looking for something new to try out.

This is actually a unique look that you may not find everyone wearing should they choose to go with a handlebar mustache. Nevertheless, there are many who wear it and flaunt their uniqueness.

This is another cool style for a handlebar extended to the sides. The cleaned shave is complemented beautifully by this amazing curvy look of the handlebar.

Thick handlebar with straight ends and a soul patch makes for a perfectly flawless look.

This extended goatee style beard looks perfect with a handlebar mustache. It creates a unique style statement and makes sure that you rock the look everywhere you go.

Fully grown up beard with a beautiful top knot and a handle bar mustache is what you need for a gangster look.

Another unique beard style with the same handlebar that is finely trimmed to create a perfect shape.

This bushy handlebar is a bit different in the fact that the curls on the ends are not making a perfect handle shape. Rather they are first twisted inwards and then the ends are shaped outwards to achieve the final look.

Full beards are always a great source of complementing the look of wonderful handlebars. You can either style them up conventionally to make those beautiful curves or just extend them downwards to blend in the beard.

Roughly grown beard with a perfect handlebar mustache, you can’t ask for a better combo. The hair on top are swept backwards to create a perfect look.

With a grown out chinstrap this beautiful mustache is what suits old guys to keep them in style.

Perfect stubble with a soul patch and an amazingly beautiful handlebar mustache, this look has it all.

Want to grow your beard long? Try this look with a handle bar style mustache and bring out that manly vibe.

This simple bushy beard and same style mustache with a handlebar is perfect for a casual day out.

Combine your extended goatee with a beautiful handle bar mustache to achieve this beautiful look.

You can’t ask for a better and elegant look than this one. Beautifully side swept locks complement the mustache perfectly.

So, if you are looking for styles you can wear with a handlebar mustache and different variations of the mustache itself then pick any of the ideas given above to rock the look. It will be a great experience for sure.
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