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In today’s society, men with beards are not just a tradition but a way to express themselves. If you do not have one and you are planning to grow a short beard, you must know some facts about trimming techniques and the ideal beard length (it should vary from 1 mm to 4 mm). Next comes the hair growth boundary or neckline. Keeping it uniformly shaped will decide the fate of your overall beard look. Here, we list some cool beard styles to develop a better understanding. French cut mustache.

A popular short beard style goes well on men with a narrow chin and intense growth including men with shaved head. It demands minimum 4 weeks to design and a get a trending look just like Robert Downey Jr. (the Iron Man).

Circle Beard (French Cut)

An attractive beard style suits oval and round shaped faces. Here, facial hair is present only around the mouth, including a small portion of chin and rest is shaved off. Recently, Leonardo Dicaprio, a Hollywood actor, and a real swagger carried circle beard even to the Academy Awards.

Extended Goatee

It is a combination of short beard and mustache with removed sideburns. Here, the scope for improvisation is extensive as you can change the trimming angles to get the desired styling. Goes well on square and oval shaped face, shaping is possible only if you have grown short stubble.

Heavy Stubble

It is another good beard style for all face types, offers short facial hair length along with a rough look. You have got options here, go for either medium or long and professional ones, the latter one demands a little extra care and time. Most women found short stubble beard sophisticated and charming, according to a new study by science magazine.

Mustache options

Short boxed beard

A modern short beard style offers an elegant and classy look. Here, the cheekbones are highlighted with a thin strip of hair along the jawline adjoining the whisker circle beard. It may have an elongated look as well as salt and pepper style.

Van Dyke

It looks good on men with a narrow chin, like Johnny Depp, (your favorite pirate – the Jack Sparrow). The design originated in the 17th century, by the famous painter, Anthony Van Dyke. It defines a combination of goatee and mustache, regular trimming of hairs on the neck, cheek, and sideburns are must.

Tight Beard

A different beard style that strengthens not only a man’s character but also enhances his persona. It demands attention as you grow it, the facial hair should be shorter along with tighter hairline. Goes well with short hair and offers a smart look.

Tapper Beard

A look that goes downwards in a tapering manner and can be adjusted according to your choice. Grooming around your neckline, cheeks, and lips, keeping around 1-2mm length in a straight line will result in a good short beard style. If you want a slimmer look, you can taper it from the bottom of the side hairline.

How to grow a twirly moustache

Thick Pointed Beard

It is one amongst many goatee styles that helps you flaunt your mustache with an air of confidence. It gets accompanied with a denser goatee in an angular fashion, covering the entire chin. Face cut here is of little importance, and trimming techniques is responsible for the overall look.

Friendly Mutton Chops

If you do not want a bold or provoked look on your face, but still crave for that Wolverine look, then go for friendly mutton chops. Let your beard grow through your jawline and shape it as per your requirement. Just make sure that your chin and upper lip must be cleaned regularly.

Pencil Beard

Do you crave for that contemporary look on your face? Then grow your beard having a combination of thin circular beard along with a chinstrap. Its thickness should not be more than half an inch. Frequent shaving around the area should be maintained to perfect this style.

Zappa Beard with Long Moustache

Popularized by the famous musician Frank Zappa, It requires a lot of patience and courage to handle, as it carries a little off-beat styling. A long thick mustache that grows downwards along with a fat goatee demands a couple of weeks to grow.

Long mustache styles

Faded Beard

A sexy beard style with wide variations, you can get the look by trimming the thick bristle, which fades out to a thin shave. The texture varies upon the taste, preference, and facial hair growth. The sculpting gets easier when you have an eight weeks mane.

Short Amish Beard

Go for Amish Beard look, if you want a traditional Christian style. A traditional Christian style appears as long beard with no mustache, but these days, the description has changed a lot. People now like to keep short beard style with a thick mustache.
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