French beard without mustache. How to Make Your Beard and Mustache Connect - The Beard and The Wonderful

A question we get asked a lot is, "My moustache doesn't connect to my beard". This is a very common problem which whilst is mainly down to nature, it's a problem that can be fixed! Mustache and beard.

Connecting your mustache to your beard can be a headache simply because everyone is different. Some guys sprout hairs from a young age and need a daily shave while someone several years older still struggles to grow a bit of bum fluff.

If whatever you have tried has not solved the tricky problem of mustache will not connect to the beard issue and those connectors are staying bald, then we are here to help. If you are wondering whether the solution is to grow the mustache hair or sideburns long and make a 'hair bridge', or even just embrace the gap then read on.

So the first thing you need to rule out is whether it is an age issue. Puberty starts around 12-13 and goes on in some men until 20 or so. Some men will not fully grow facial hair everywhere until this time. If you have ruled this out and determined that this is not the issue then it could instead be one of the following:-

Genetics - Your facial hair can grow at different speed and density depending on your genetic genetic makeup. If hair does not grow between your mustache and beard then it may just be you.

Mustache beard style guide

Health - Make sure you have a good healthy diet, without too much drinking and smoking. Take a good vitamin & mineral supplement to help promote hair growth in the areas connecting your mustache to your beard.

Patience - Different people have inconsistent and uneven beard and mustache growth. Sometimes it can grow out patchy to begin with and the bald areas fill in later. You could have an unnatural share of hormones across your face, especially testosterone. This can cause hair to grow at a different speed on different areas. Give your face a good few weeks before you decide that you cannot fill those pesky gaps.

How to Make Your Beard Connect

If you find that none of the above is the reason for the lack of growth and your mustache still does not naturally connect to your beard, then you have a few options:-

Fill the Void - You can just let the hair on your mustache grow down to meet the top of your beard. This will cover the unwanted gaps that are between the mustache and beard. This will then give the look of a fully connected mustache.

Mustache model

Let it Grow - Let the hair grow and do not trim or shave the facial hair connecting your mustache to your beard.. Some people have really slow growing facial hair that grows at different speeds and cycles. So stop trimming your beard and mustache completely for a month or two and see if there is growth in the patchy/bald areas.

Get Creative - If your baby face just does not like hair in certain areas then forget the full beard and look to other styles and see what works best for your growth pattern. Maybe just stick to a goatee or Chin Curtain. Maybe just have a beard or mustache rather than both. There will be a style that is perfect for you as an individual, just go and find it.

Take a Biotin supplement - Many believe that Biotin can increase the rate your hair grows. If you your beard and tache do not connect then a vitamin & mineral supplements is worth a try.

Wait it out - For many people it's a waiting game until the facial hair between your moustache and beard grows to the length you want. This process will vary by person. Some people start experiencing growth on previously bald areas in their mid 20's, 30s, or even 40's when the hair suddenly grows a lot thicker and healthier than before.

Petite handlebar mustache

Take Care - Make sure that you look after both your skin and the facial hair. Patchy hair can be due to poor circulation or nutrient make sure you exfoliate every couple of days, take a multi vitamin and mineral pill daily, and make sure you use a good oil to nourish and feed both the skin and one below contains Hemp and Jojoba oils both proven to help with hair growth.

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