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Guys, we here provide you with the best fashion tips before you rush to your stylist for sporting the best beard and mustache style and grooming yourself to perfection. Mustache for face shape.

Look a dapper this season, as you rock the bearded look in its full glory. Whether a goatee or a permanent scruff will complement your looks needs to be considered in accordance with your facial shape and features.

Square Face:

Opt for styles that don’t add to the squarish features of the face. The best style is a beard all over including the mustache as well, that is clipped close to the face.

Avoid Full-length Beard

Triangular Face:

Men with triangular faces have a pointed chin in general. Therefore it is a good idea to grow a fuller beard for that adds weight along the jawline and chin while making them more masculine.

Round Face:

Opt for such facial hair trends that make the face appear masculine and oval shaped. To get the desired effect, you can go in for a circle beard and to add to it, you can sport a mustache that meets up the beard on the chin by continuing along the side of the mouth. It is advisable to avoid sideburns in the said context.

First moustache

Oblong Or Rectangular Face:

For such slender and angular shapes, a beard can help balance the facial features in style as it visibly shortens the length of your face while creating an illusion that your face is more oval in shape.

Oblong Or Rectangular Face

Oval or Diamond Face:

This is the kind of shape that complements any kind of style. In case you are the lucky one to belong to this category, then go in for a goatee or a thin mustache as per your choices, for any style is known to suit this shape.

All type can work with this face.

“Bandholz” beard style goes with Triangle, Inverted Triangle, Oblong, Oval or Diamond face shapes.

Hot men with moustache

“Circle Beard” Beard style goes with Oval and Round face shapes.

“Friendly Mutton Chops” beard style suited for square face shape.

“Imperial” beard style most suited with Rectangular or Oblong Face.

If you are confused which face type is yours, then go for “Clean Shaven”, “Short or Medium or Long Stubble”.

Longer beard requires more care. Wash it regularly with shampoo and conditioner so that it keep soft and clean.

New hairstyle

So next time you make sure to go for the best beard and mustache that suits your face shape.
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